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  1. PresaCan

    2017 Gen 2 VMAX Stock Exhaust Trade/Sell

    Hi I have a complete stock exhaust off a 2017 with 5000kms (O2s, SAS, Cat, Bolts, etc). It’s boxed bubble wrapped in excellent condition. Looking to trade for ? Want pics message me Thanks
  2. howlin89

    Corbin seat trade

    Looking to trade my corbin seat for a different seat. Seat is showing normal wear but is not worn out by any means. I just got the bike and don't really care for it is the only problem. Thank you for your interest and feel free to call, text, or pm me at 208-625-1307.
  3. D

    Trade stock seat for Corbin

    Anybody want to trade me your stock seat for my Corbin with a plug? It's got a couple rips around the back from rubbing on the backrest mounts and from the reflector plate in the grab rail, but is in great shape otherwise. Let me know. I only want to go back to a stock configuration for a...
  4. Fire-medic

    Cosworth Vega V-8 SB Chevy trade for a bike

    Not mine. Didn't a member have something similar they were working on? Here's one already done. 1976 Cosworth Vega only 3,508 made between 1975 & 76, all original except for V8, Black on Black, Mirrored finished, V-8, big cam, 4bbl carb...
  5. Savage99

    Looking for VMAX; have FJR 1300 to trade

    Looking for a VMAX. Have a 2003 FJR 1300 to trade. Bike is located in Rochester NY. In excellent condition. Has only 7,300 miles. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. S

    Exhaust trade or sale

    I have a set of Dale Walker Holeshot slip-ons. Would consider trading them for basically any style exhaust set up or i would also just straight sale them. Open to offers. I just want something with a little more roar.
  7. V

    Looking 4 Gen2,have Stratoliner to trade

    07 Liner,north Florida,super clean,babied,garage kept,over 4k in upgrades incl Corbin bags..Pics avail,can add cash to deal..This is a BIG V-twin cruiser w lots of room,confort..randy 904-477-3835
  8. O

    trade wheels?

    The wheels on my 05 are powder coated to match the red flame fairings and going full carbon fiber. Does anyone with Black wheels want to trade? EXCELLENT condition or want to sell their black wheels?
  9. S

    TRADE Delima - Advice wanted

    TRADE Dilemma - Advice wanted Mods, if this is in the wrong place please move as appropriate. I have a question about a possible max trade and would love the opinions of some of you Vmax aficionados :) I currently have an '05 20th Anniversary Vmax (1310/2000 badge) that is in pristine...
  10. D

    Stage 7 needles for stock - trade me

    Like it says... Send me your stock needles, and I'll send you my stage 7s. Pm me.
  11. Joken

    Progressive 440's Trade?

    I have a set of black progressive 12" 440 i would like to trade for a set of black 440 in 13", anyone want to drop there rear by a inch? Lmk. Thxs
  12. E

    Gen1 trade for Gen 2

  13. M

    2008 Yamaha FJR for sale or trade

  14. M

    2003 Vmax, 4sale or trade?

    2003 Vmax with almost 7000 miles. I would give it a 9 out of 10 overall and I tend to be very picky. I searched for over a year to find one this nice. As you see in the pic it has the desirable stainless Super Trapps. New tires and battery. It also has the factory tall back rest and other small...
  15. W

    Should i trade or not?

    I am new to this site and do not yet own a vmax. I currently own a 2003 Harley fatboy and it/is was way underpowered so I also bought a GSXR1000 and needless to say it took care of my speed issues. I have recently been looking seriously at a new2014 vmax but would need to get rid of my other two...
  16. donnelly317

    trade is it worth it?

    Well im going to be upfront about it because I have no clue the value of some things on the old Max. Kenom is looking for someone to trader stage 7 kit carbs with pods for stock carbs, airbox, and all vboost stuff except the the vboost controller.. im wondering if its worth it to me.. he is...
  17. ninjaneer

    guy wants to trade ???

    :ummm::ummm::ummm: so read the listing and then have look at the third pic. exactly why does he HAVE to trade? i mean, right? if you can afford one of those? :rofl_200:
  18. RaWarrior

    Trade my sissybar/rack for your fabrication....

    So here's an interesting proposition.... I took the OEM sissybar/luggage rack off my bike a while ago. I never really cared for the look and never have passengers anyway. It's in perfect condition. However, now I have the gap between the two rear grab bars. I was going to list this up in the FS...
  19. acammer

    OE Carbon Fiber tins - to paint, or trade for rough tins to paint

    Well, I pretty much knew from the get go that I would be doing paint on this bike at some point, and as I'm starting to line up what I want to do, I'm trying to decide if I should just use my OE carbon fiber tins, or if those are rare/special enough to bother trading them plus some cash for some...
  20. CaptainKyle


    I have a guy wanting to trade me this 1973 Norton commando for one of my Max's. Its a cool old bike but needs some work from sitting & needs tires. I just dont think I really need another project but I like the old bike. I guess I will make up my mind in a couple days.