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  1. Machine1964

    Upper master cylinder secrets

    Alright, the upper clutch master cylinder. I bought all the new parts,cleaned it thoroughly and assembled it according to the manual. My question is how do you stop it from leaking where the lever goes in? I've assembled and disassembled it 5 times and each time I start to bleed it it starts...
  2. Slamfire

    Upper cylinder color?

    I'm thinking about painting my motor this weekend since its giving rain. The only real bad part is the upper cylinders under the valve covers. They have basicly started turning white from the lack of paint. On a 97 would the upper cylinders be gloss black or flat? Any tips? The motor...
  3. P

    help! How do you remove the blank bolt with no grooves at upper triple trees.

    Hi, I was just about to tear down my forks but then i saw this: How am I supposed to remove this kind of bolt? The service manual shows a regular allen bolt...
  4. timscues

    Rubber Cover Upper Front

    While putting my ride back together I just pull out of the box this big rubber portector or shield, It looks like it goes up front by the CDI and neck? any ideas
  5. R

    Alternate Rear Shock Upper Mount

    Well this is my first post to the forum, and I have a '97 Max that I've had for about 2 months. I love the bike. But I now want to make it ME. I'm looking to lower the bike right now about an inch or so. I can do the front fork lowering mod, that takes care if the front part of the bike. Now...
  6. KJShover

    Upper instrumentation/windscreen

    I've been getting an early start on the mods this winter, because I've increased my classes to graduate a semester sooner and I'm saving my winter break to do the bodywork, paint and the clear covers done on the bike. The upper instrumentation is not much bigger than the instrument cluster...
  7. SpecOps13

    My New AR-15 Upper, 45 Win Mag...

    I spent several months researching the large caliber upper choices Ron Williams can do. :biglaugh: Ron built this 45 Win Mag Upper for me over the past few weeks. He tested it with a modded AR Mag, 230 gr Hardball and Power Pistol Powder that burns near 100% at the 16" muzzle. I made up a...
  8. vmax2extreme

    CHEAP FIX R UPPER 1985 on craigslist

  9. warbeast

    Upper shock mount tie downs

    I have seen these things before for the cargo nets on my friends max at work but can't find them anywhere on the interwebs. I don't know what they are called, otherwise I wouldn't be in this situation, but would appreciate if anyone could help me find where I can get them. They mount on the...
  10. 02Moneypit

    Front upper motor mounts

    Ok boys and squirels im about to ask a question to what i made get made fun of or maybe not,does anyone know if you can remove the threaded rod that carries through the top upper motor mount that i think is used to lock the upper motor mount bolt in place.I want to remove this from my 02 as i am...
  11. 2stangs69-91

    Lost a upper rear shock bolt and aluminum washer..help

    :bang head: Argh !! Lost a upper rear shock bolt and aluminum washer. Does anybody have these off a parts bike they can sell me? The upper spacer is the thick brushed aluminum one. Thanks hit me up on e-mail [email protected]
  12. OU812

    Upper throttle cables

    Well... Gonna be changin' out both top throttle cables here within the next few days... Any tips ? Is this a pain ? Any suggestions wold be GREATLY appreciated. Nice here in Oh. and don't wanna down for long ... Gotta be springs n #@it in there...:bang head: Thanks ... Also, did the...
  13. Vee4DFW

    Upper frame inserts

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the frame inserts that clip onto the frame just behind the dummy tank? I've seen them on several Max's on the net but I can't seem to find who makes them.
  14. mikemax04

    Upper Management

    Any of you guys have one of these at the place of employment? LOL
  15. C

    WTB Upper backrest

    I am in need of a top half of backrest and pad for my Vmax. Does anyone have a spare?