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  1. Fire-medic

    AMC/Jeep El Camino-Ranchero style vehicle

    Ever see one? Evidently, AMC in the early 1970's decided to investigate building one. They chose an AMC Hornet as the basis, and built two prototypes. One used the OHV inline-6 cyl that served Rambler/AMC/Jeep so-long. Another prototype was the 360 cubic inch AMC V-8 Hornet based vehicle. The...
  2. Fire-medic

    ATV accident with Fire-Rescue vehicle

    Why don't people keep ATV's and dirtbikes off the streets? They are becoming a big problem here in So. Florida, running on the streets, running stop signs and red lights, and dying when they hit something. It's becoming a weekly occurrence, the dirtbike rider or ATV rider dead or seriously...
  3. Warp12

    - Vehicle Title Search for Dad's Old Bike?? -

    This is probably a super-duper-longshot. I figured someone here might be pretty familiar with title searches on vehicles, so I thought I would ask. I wonder if it would somehow be possible to find out the VIN # of the first V-Max that my father bought in 1985? I don't have the VIN, but of...
  4. C

    My track towing and shop vehicle.....

    I know you guys all love my " I just bought it " videos.......Well atleast 2fear does lol. This is my 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2 ( 318 ) 5 spd with a 12 bolt 3.92 trac-lock or whatever Dodge calls their posi rearends. It came from Texas, 76,000 miles grandpa truck. Clear coat is peeling bad. I am...
  5. rebar

    Safe method to buy a vehicle states away? Need to cover my ass

    I want to buy a Van in florida. Iv already sent $500 cashiers check and seller removed the craigslist ad. Now I have to travel to drive the Van back home, but when I called my counties treasurer, they recommended I get the title and get plates here in Iowa Before I go. County told me I cant...
  6. rebar

    Good vehicle shipping transport companies.

    I bought a van out of state and even though the owner has agreed he would store the van for a month so I can get a cheaper plane ticket.. I'm still wondering if a Vehicle Shipping and transport company would be a better choice as I don't need to see the vehicle. Its paid and mine. I know its...
  7. G

    Vehicle identification number

    Hey fellows, can anyone tell me if the VIN on my 01 Max is stamped into the frame somewhere. I actually sold the bike and the guy that bought it is trying to get it inspected for registration and they telling him that the sticker on the frame is not good enough. I'm sure it's probably stamped in...
  8. clintard

    Help with vehicle purchase, what do you think?

    Hey guys ive decided i need a new daily driver as my old bonneville isnt cutting it anymore. I found a real good deal on a truck out of state, about 10 minutes from my family there. Im going to have my uncle test drive it, and if nothing shows up i will have a reason to go see the folks when i...
  9. clintard

    Rip-Saw bada55 offroad vehicle

    I stole this from the yahoo boards but oh well i figured you would all enjoy it. You can find more videos and info about this thing here: Edit:second link