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  1. racerboy

    07 Fuel pump relay

    Well, after replacing a slew of electrical components in the hopes of staving off any future issues (preventative if any), warming it up, everything seems good, heading down the road, then it starts to die as if running outta fuel. Mang!! Plenty of fuel, cant roll the throttle it will die but...
  2. RaWarrior

    Looking at an '07

    https://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/d/yamaha-vmaxlow-miles-excellent/6403975028.html This popped up not too long ago. My favorite color combo, last year of the gen1's, low miles, looks bone stock and unmolested (aside from some goofy led lights that would immediately be jettisoned). What...
  3. vmax2extreme

    '07 in VA for $4600

    https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/mcy/6004029097.html 15k miles and all stock....
  4. T

    Please help want 4-4 exhaust 07 vmax

    I want to get a setup like these pics for my 07 vmax any help or advice, on where to shop or how to search, or just overall suggestion on how to get my pipes to look like these pics would be greatly appreciated...
  5. C

    Nice 07 Vmax lots of mods for $7500

  6. Conman

    Can an 85 become an 07?

    Hi, I'm chomping at the bit to buy an older Vmax. First I would like to know if the parts that were updated between 85 and 07 can be easily thrown on an older Vmax that didnt originally have them (eg. front forks, ignition system, brakes, etc). Also, can the updates that fixed the 2nd...
  7. B

    dead Vmax 07

    ok this is the second time she left me stranded and was hoping for some help. I turn the key, power on and no power. battery fully charged and the battery is only a year old. Last time I pulled the battery put it on the charger only to find it fully charged, put it back in and she fired right up.
  8. gleno

    Mster cylinders on all models '85 to '07

    Can anyone tell me if the brake and clutch master cylinders are the same for all model 1985 through to 2007:ummm: Were there any changes between countries:ummm:
  9. Z

    07 Suspension Help

    The PO of my recently purchased 07 did a few mods and I am trying to decide how to proceed from here. He installed radial tires - Front 110/80-18 and Rear 180/55-17 both Avons and changed the rear shocks to Progressive 418 11.5" but did nothing to the front forks. When I test drove it it seemed...
  10. P

    WTT 07 Harley Super Glide for Vmax close to central Iowa

    I have a buddy getting out of riding and wants to sell his Harley and I've been looking for a 05/06/07 Vmax for awhile. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.:a014: 07 was the first year for the 96 inch engine. 9xxx miles, FI, 6 speed, Rush slip-ons, hwy pegs, never down or dropped...
  11. jayterrence

    89 vmax replaced with 07.

    1998 vmax replaced with 07. Another VMax , my 1998 Silver and Black, met with a little old lady making an illegal left hand turn and looking the other way, and panicking and stepping on the gas instead of the brake, the result was me leaping off to save my foot and ended up with my bike landing...
  12. B

    07 runnig rough

    Hi all I have a 07 vmax that is spitting and sputtering when I try to maintain any speed. Doesn't do it when accelerating or at idle.
  13. Sonoran6

    Stock 07 VMax vs 06 ZX6RR

    My friend wants to race me. He has an 06 ZX6RR (the 600 not 636) the only mod done to his is a 46 tooth rear sprocket. Exhaust and everything else is stock. The question, is should I put some money down and bet, or should I just race for fun?
  14. a113ycat

    Found an 07 NOS today

    I was at a dealership doing some business with them today and there is was. 2007 VMAX NOS!! NO miles never serviced just assembled and rolled onto the show room floor and there it sat. I am thinking of trying to buy it to go with my 85. Then I would have the first and last Gen 1.
  15. badbrd

    newest 07 vmax

    I bought my 2007 in spring of 2009 at a local K.C. Missouri dealer with 12 miles on it!!!!!!! So the question is what is the last serial # on the 1st gen Vmax? mine is 001564.
  16. Geek_Law

    QUESTION: Are body panels same for '90 and '07 maxes?

    I'm thinking about buying a newer max, and then taking all my body panels and moving them over to the new bike, and moving the stock panels from the new bike to my old bike, then selling it. Does that make any sense? I want to swap all the cosmetics of my '90 max to an '07 max. This is a...
  17. C

    what would be the best and the cheapest oil i can use for 07 vmax?

    ive always used yamalube but im kinda strapped for cash and dont know any alternative oils....plz help!
  18. Maxedout

    Looking for a driver side backrest on my 07'

    Any direction would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance , Ray
  19. John R

    '06 or '07 Vnax Wallpaper

    I had an '06 Vmax wallpaper on my computer that i got from the Yamaha website back in '06. I lost it and now I can't find it on the internet. Did anyone download and keep it that they could send me or post up here? Maybe someone knows where I can find the wallpapers on the internet? Thanks.
  20. Jayhawk

    '07 FI Max worth a look

    Wow, someone really needs to sell this beauty. eBay link