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  1. 2

    Parting out 2001 VMX1200 -SOLD-

    Hi Guys, Had a little accident last week on my baby and I am walking away from riding. I am parting out my 2001 MAX CARBON FIBER 55K runs awesome! Bars and side cover damaged. Please text or call if interested in any parts. I am in Chicago suburbs Joe 815-630-1476
  2. TB99Max

    Interesting 2001

    This isn’t mine but just wanted to show you guys.... kind of a different look for a Vmax. It’s a 2001 with 21k miles and he wants$4500 kind of high
  3. TB99Max

    2001 with 8400 miles

    This has been up for sale for sooooooo long! I want it so bad and was trying to talk my my into it and then parting my bike out to recoup some of the cost. Or buy it and part it out but I don't think I would have the heart to do that! As you can see this guy has a TON of money tied up in this...
  4. TB99Max

    2001 35k miles $8500!!

    Found this on my local Craigslist...... looks clean and has a lot done but good luck on the $8500!!!
  5. N

    2001 Restored VMAX Huge Price Reduction

    I am reducing my price from $6500 to $5000 (firm) for my restored 2001 VMAX. Please see my listing in the thread below. Am buying into an airplane cluband need the cash! Best offer over $5000 takes it or the first with $5000 cash in hand!
  6. retrostude

    2001 on radials 3500

    35k miles, supertrapp exhaust, rear Kosman weldup 18 x 5. Michelin Pilot Road3 radials 160/60r18 rear 110/80r18 on stock front. Corbin seat, beefy fork brace, very strong. Looks sounds and handles awesome. Will deliver within reason yes I'd ride it. Cosmetics are not perfect but easily could be...
  7. N

    2001 VMAX--Only 19,167 Miles!

    I bought this bike a few years ago and have spent well over $10,000 on restoration and "modernization" and have only put a few thousand miles on it since. I'm moving on to an airplane. Fenders, wheels and tank cover professionally painted by an autobody shop. Rear wheel modified to accept...
  8. CaptainKyle

    2001 Vulcan 750

    2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 only 7600 miles. It looks good for the year but is by no means perfect. It has a new battery , the tires are good & it runs & rides great ! The previous owner drilled the baffles so it is a little louder than stock. $ 2,000
  9. Specs95t

    2001 VMax for sale Albany NY $3500 to forum members -SOLD-

    So I took my wife on a ride down to the Poconos last weekend and found out that it is time for a touring bike. So I just picked up an FJR1300... I have had my VMax for just over a year and have put 5000 plus miles on it. Total mileage is just under 24,000. Mods: Progressive springs and...
  10. N

    2001 vmax for sale

    "Restored" 2001 VMAX. Less than 20,000 original miles. Wheels, fenders and "gas tank" painted by Eckoff's Auto Body (Ossipee, NH). ($600). Rear wheel modified to accept radial tire. ($650). New radial tires.New rotors and discs. New OEM exhaust. ($900). New Maxgasser seat. New braided steel...
  11. F

    2001 Vmax exhaust end caps

    #1 Report Post Old Yesterday, 02:16 PM Fawad is Junior Member Join Date: Aug 2016 Location: Milton Posts: 3 My VMax: 2001 black My other bikes: None Default 2001 Vmax exhaust end caps I have a 01 Vmax with stock exhaust but previous owner put after market end caps on it. I...
  12. F

    2001 Vmax exhaust end caps

    I have a 01 Vmax with stock exhaust but previous owner put after market end caps on it. I lost one of the end caps and now looking to buy one or a set. Anyone have a clue where to look for. Attached is a picture of the end cap. Thx Fawad
  13. G

    2001 Vmax OEM Windscreen

    I have a like new 2001 Vmax oem windscreen for sale.
  14. R

    Rear tire and wheel 2001 vmax

    I have a used wheel and tire for a 2001 vmax the one side is very good the other has pitting and oxidized chrome. No dents or other damage.

    2001 Vmax in http://fargo.craigslist.org/mcy/5562601169.html MN

    Doesn't look bad at all if you are close to Perham MN. http://fargo.craigslist.org/mcy/5562601169.html
  16. Woody

    Brand new 2001 GSXR 1000

    This bike was purchased new, Trailered home and parked in the guys living room for the last 14 years. He never even titled the bike, it has (0) zero miles. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/mcy/5195501184.html
  17. blaxmax

    2001 in so cal

  18. G

    2001 VMAX - Seattle

    I have a 2001 VMax that I'll be posting for sale on various sites but thought I'd post here first. The bike runs great with one exception - when sitting in traffic on a hot day the bike warms fast (more than usual) and it begins to idle very rough. Other than that the bike looks great and runs...
  19. bboy5818

    Trouble Starting 2001 Vmax

    Hi, * I have cleaned the carbs and changed the plugs of a 2001 Vmax that sat for 10 years. I can get the bike running and it runs great once its been started. It also starts right up if its warm. The problem I am having is with cold starts. In order to get it started cold I usually have to...
  20. CALI-gula

    2001 VMAX: Pick-up Coil or Ignitor?? Need verification on Ohms read...

    A couple of days ago, I went out to my 2001 VMAX, it started, but then within a couple of minutes died. It's mostly all stock save for the SuperTrapp exhaust; it started great, got to the end of the driveway to let it warm a bit as usual. After running about a minute there was a significant...