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  1. J3_Driver

    V-Max Belly Pan / Chin Scoop w/ Mounting Hardware -SOLD-

    The title pretty much sums it up. Fiberglass chin scoop removed from an '85. There are 2 chips in the gelcoat on the front corners, see pictures. Will ship from Prescott, AZ. Make me an offer.
  2. D

    Belly pan

    Hi there, i have a 2007 vmax with forward controls (with toe/heal shifter) Are there any belly pans that would be able to be fitted with this setup please.. Cheers.
  3. J

    Fatmax belly pan install.

  4. J

    Help identifying this belly pan.

    Anyone know who makes this bellypan? And/or where i can find one?
  5. A

    belly pan pics

    I have engine guards and considering one of the exactrep's that will work with them. Any pics installed of the cruiser belly pan? Only one on their site and it's not a very good pic. Others with engine guards as well would be nice to see. It is unfortunate Fatmax is no longer available
  6. derwood

    For sale max belly

    I have this mracing belly fairing took of the 09Max has one very small crack in back should be able to see in pic. If I can't sell it here may just keep it. these are 350.00 new. So make me an offer here's the web site Thanks Darren
  7. D

    V max 1200 Belly pan

    Good afternoon, does anyone have or know where i can get a belly pan for the v max 1200?
  8. J

    belly pan...yay, or nay

    I'm looking at this Belly Pan for my bike. Questions- does it help keep the bike planted at high speeds or lift the front end and make it handle worse ? Does it cool better ? OR does it just look pretty. Please chime in and give me your thought on the ones you have used, and is it worth...
  9. Barry barker

    used Belly pan unpainted

    SOLD used Belly pan unpainted Sold black belly pan with brackets, ready for paint or not. No idea who made it, maybe someone out there can identify it. One small burn spot on the lower portion. $75.00 delivered to the lower 48. Pretty hard to mock up a belly pan without an engine and...
  10. jims-max

    Belly Pan Advice......

    I'm thinking about a belly pan from this guy..... Any experiences.. good or bad?? anyone recommend of any other manufacturers?? It appears I can keep my engine guards.
  11. C

    Ratcatcher belly pan anyone?

    Hey after a long 3 months I finally got my bike back!!! I am psyched. During the last 3 months one of the jobs that the restorer had to do is install a ratcatcher belly pan identical to the one exactrep is selling. You can see this here...
  12. CustomMax

    Anyone seen the belly pans with lights?

    I was looking at new possible mods over the winter and I came accross a belly pan that had a light on each side( perfect for nighttime pothole avoidance) but I can't find it again and if i'm going to have it done for this year I gotta find it quick before my other parts come back from paint. If...
  13. 95spfldmax

    Those of You with the FatMax Belly Pans.....

    For the guys who have had the FatMax belly pan mounted to thier bikes for awhile......and I guess.....applies to other belly pans as well...... I just got mine and am fitting it up and prepping for paint and was wondering.......on the front surface did stuff get kicked up from the front tire &...
  14. pinnacle

    drag from belly pan?

    just curious i asked the question in a previous post but never got a answer will a belly pan that is fairly closed off in the front cause any significant drag on the bike maybe causing decreased gas mileage or affect the handling in any way?
  15. pinnacle

    belly pan installed

    so i received my belly pan from extracep and painted it up to match the rest of the bike i like the look of it as i have not seen many vmax up here in edmonton sporting them. i am curious though has anyone gone through the trouble of adding some mesh in the openings in the front to make them...
  16. pinnacle

    belly pan options?

    hey can anybody suggest a belly pan that will work with the engine guards still being able to be mounted on the bike.i looked at the fatmax but it looks like it will interfere with them so looking for other suggestions.
  17. Diablotin

    belly pan opinion

    I was searching for a nice sporty belly pan. I ended up with those 2 ones for a budget less than 200$. What do you think guys ?
  18. daves86vmax

    ebay belly pan

    anyone know anything about these belly pans on ebay?
  19. S

    Belly Pan Installed

    I purchased a full belly pan from FatMax last year and I put it off because it didn't have the case saver cutouts and my honey do's had priority:bang head:. I finally had the time to remove my case savers and modify the belly pan with cut outs. Well, it only took me about a year, but it's done...
  20. vmax190

    fat max fender and belly pan

    does anybody have either one of these on their max? i'm picking both of these up from the body shop saturday, just curious to see what they will look like. dave