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  1. firebolt

    Birthday Ride

    Well, I'm 41 today. 17 years ago this evening I was being wheeled in for emergency surgery to repair about as badly of a broken leg that you can have before they decide to just cut it off and give you a titanium one. It was due to being t-boned by a car on a beautiful old Shovelhead that the...
  2. blaxmax

    Happy Birthday Mr. Morley

    :happybday: Thank you for your time and priceless information, Very much appreciated.
  3. rusty

    Happy birthday Dannymax

    Happy birthday Dan-o:thumbs up:
  4. maxrom

    Happy birthday USA

  5. sufidancer

    Happy Birthday America

    Thought I'd start little thread of all the things we can be grateful for in this patch of dirt we all call home! We I think have the best looking female soccer team.
  6. C

    Happy Birthday Bking Mike

    You rotten crusty turd! Todd
  7. M

    Clint's birthday

  8. marsmax85

    Happy Birthday Vmax Mike

    Hope you didn't I'd let that slide did you ... Big 50:punk:
  9. rusty

    Vmax birthday cake

    Somebody went to a lot of trouble getting this right:biglaugh:
  10. VMAX1260

    Happy birthday Sean

    Sean happy birthday. hope you have a great time with your family. hope everything comes true and best hopes for your son. Greece sends all best wishes :happybday:
  11. maleko89

    Happy birthday to Frank Buckles!

    He's the last living U.S. WWI vet. He turned 110 years young today.,0,2008458.story
  12. max_caper

    Happy Birthday old timer

    Hope you have a great birthday and many more to come. Blaine
  13. D

    Happy birthday max caper!

    hope you have a good one!
  14. mattness

    most awesome birthday present ever

    my painter friend, the 56 yr old guy with a pony tail that used to ride harleys but likes my vmax.. the one that paints bikes for 350 who almopst lost his house and his car because his shop had no work and he only makes 8 an hour... said hed paint a cartoon of me on my truck for my birthday...
  15. Bill Seward

    Happy Fricken Birthday!

    OK, I hit the big SIX-OH today. That's not the point of the thread. (but where are all the birthday cards, guys??) The real reason for the post is that it's also the bikes "birthday" today. If you assume the bikes birthday is the day it was sold or first ridden, my Max is 25 years old today...

    My " birthday "

    TODAY IS MY " BIRTHDAY '' ," VALENTINES DAY " , THATS WHY I'M SO GOOD IN BED.. :th_love031:'' & I AM IRRESISTIBLE TO ALL WOMEN ! :biglaugh::punk::rofl_200:.. EXCEPT MY WIFE ! ..:confused2:
  17. vmax626

    My birthday today

    Well today it`s my birthday and I`ve hit the big 5-0 so we just went out for a little dinner and then back home for a little cake and thats pretty much it. but here`s some pics anyway.:th_party33: (The sad faces are just for a laugh) yeah right !!!! LOL. <<Dave>>
  18. D


    warm wishes for a happy birthday....ride safe!
  19. J

    BIrthday present

    I picked up my Givi windscreen today, my early bday present. Cant wait for the snow to melt and try it out. Left on my list of to do's....Tires, fork springs & seals, and then hit the road. MELT SNOW MELT!!!!


    TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY , I FEEL LIKE I'M "60" FROM THE WAIST UP , & "17" FROM THE WAIST DOWN ! IS THIS NORMAL ?...:biglaugh:...:wkwk:...:th_love031:..." LOL "...