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  1. Regular Guy

    Mind BLOWN!
  2. 6

    Curious to know what causes a blown piston on a vmax?

    Just wondering what could of caused one of my pistons to blow. I have an 04 vmax with 6000 miles on it. I'm the second owner and it's being serviced. Then while riding with my friend and his gsxr600 we were racing and cruising around 100+mph then on the way home "pop" there goes one piston and...
  3. T

    Blown air seals on forks

    Hi All I've just taken delivery of progressive springs for my 88 and I'm fairly sure the air seals are blown. I've noticed a lot of you run with no air anyway, BUT is the air damping integral to the rest of the forks operation? In other words if I don't fix the seals will it matter? Thanks in...
  4. HiSpd

    1500 Tourmaster V-Max -- blown head gasket

    Hola! It's been years since I've been here... ...used to be VMOA member 320... I hope all's well with you crazed VMax riders. I've been holding on to my 123k mile 1990 V-Max (bought Feb 1st, 1993, at 10am) for 10 years since the head gasket blew. The bike has 123,000 miles on it. It was...
  5. redneksoldier

    Blown Final Drive

    If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have none at all. Out riding a few days ago. Cruising about 40mph or so and I hear this loud ratcheting sound followed by a clank. I felt the vibration in the foot pegs associated with the sound. I pulled over quickly and began checking out the bike. Could not find...
  6. KJShover

    Double blown goat

    Now this looks about different. Nice work, but definitely different.
  7. J

    mayby a blown headgasket

    Hi all vmaxowner, i have a blown headgasket but i can not determine which head it is (front or back) is there an easy way to find out:ummm: i will only chance the one that is broken sinse it is only 2years since major engine build.
  8. T

    Blown Master Fuse

    My Vmax lost all electrical power while driving, I pulled the master fuse and it was blown, as soon as I put in a new 30 it blew even without the key on I believe! Any ideas... regulator, stator.... some other item? I know it could be a bad wire but it has only lost the battery a couple...
  9. RagingMain

    ???Blown Head Gasket???

    I have been having overheating problems for a while now and am starting to suspect a blown head gasket. Symptoms 1. Old Radiator Cap lifts too soon and lifts when under throttle with temps as low as 180* 2. Replaced with new radiator cap and still lifted early, 200*, and under throttle a...
  10. KJShover

    Blown and turbocharged
  11. vmaxride06

    Great Sounding Blown Bike Member?
  12. gunrunner

    Got Blown off the road today .

    Decided to go for a ride around the lake today . Left home it was fine blue sky and no wind then half an hour into my ride it was blowing like fuck i was having trouble keeping the max upright as there was strong wind gusts , now at this point i was thinking of turning back but deciding that it...

    Blown Max for sale expensive. would be fun to go for a scoot tho
  14. B

    Sick Vmax - Blown engine?

    I was in second to last gear and passed a truck at maybe 70 MPH tops never noticed the tach as I was up and down so fast , I continued to ride about 20 miles and started to notice a lack of power and the exhaust sounded way different. I pulled into a gas station and noticed the bike could barely...
  15. Rusty McNeil

    Blown up tranny????

    Well, I think I finally did it. After finishing my new clutch and double D mod the bike ran and shifted perfectly, I put about 150 miles on it since Friday and no problems other than I'm really not getting used to the lever effort like I though I would. Normal riding was fine but trying to...
  16. shawn kloker

    blown fuses

    Hey why does my turn signal blow the fuse everytime I turn it on?LOL! Just kidding I can figure it out.