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  1. drdyno

    OOPs!.. I spilled my beautiful Max!

    I have (had) a nearly perfect example 2005 until I lowsided it in December. Only minor damages to the tune of 2100$. Hagerty paid promptly on my zero-deductible and now I'm having difficulty locating some of the parts I need for this one. In particular, the original right side crash bar with the...
  2. Killjoy

    Made an impulse buy...

    So I bought this running 1989 harley flhtc electraglide with a side car for $1500...
  3. Osiris

    Looking to buy Frame supports

    Looking for frame support / braces , black is prefered but not a must.
  4. Fire-medic

    buy a cool car for not much $, vehicles need work

    If you live close to Detroit, I'd be looking at what this guy has, to see about picking up a project: Ron Dauzet, a Michigan man whose...
  5. M

    Pre-VMAX Owner - about to buy

    Hi Experts and Gurus, I have my lustful eye on a 96 VMAX 1200. It's been holed up near a beach but still looks good and rides well. Registration has run out. What do I have to look for to ensure I do not buy a lemon? Thanks for you help.

    Rehab a 1st gen corbin or buy a lightly used original seat ???

    97 Vmax 24k : the bike came with and still has a used up 1st gen Corbin seat. Well the seats had it the cushion and skin is worn with some tears. So Ive decided to either rebuild or replace with a original Vmax seat via ebay. Im 270lb and when i see the original vmax seats i think great for a...
  7. A

    Best cdi I can buy??

    Need a link to an upgraded cdi.. put in the R1 r/r and COPs kit ..
  8. S

    Looking to buy a Vmax!

    Hey all, This is my first post on here! I currently ride a 2004 gsxr 750 but im looking to get into a vmax. I have a few questions for you gen 1 owners. How is the transition coming from a sport bike to these bikes? Ive been riding on the street for 3 years now and riding dirt for 10 so I know I...
  9. rebeltaz83

    Looking to buy a 96

    96 v max, purple. Two brothers full 4 to 1 exhaust, power commander 3, passenger back rest. Other than that stock with brand new tires. 48,500 miles. Doesn't run, according to current owner the fuel pump went out back in April, and he got back surgery before he could fix it. It's rough, sitting...
  10. dannymax

    Need a Go-Fund Me site to help buy bird food

    They're getting huge!
  11. G

    Hi all. Looking to buy. Need some advice

    Jeff in Sk, Canada here. 36 yr old male. 10+ years experience riding, but Im NOT a wrencher. My old man has been my mechanic for years, so forgive the lack of savvy! Anyhow, currently riding a 76 CB750 after selling off a Z1000 years ago. Lost my love for biking , but now I am finding I...
  12. vmax2extreme

    Would you buy one of these?

    Hello fellow Vmax owners. I am getting ready to run a batch of new VMAX hats and wondering everyone's opinion on the hat. I've mocked up a few colors with embroidery, but I plan to use the original font which will be digitized off the first hat shown here. Please let me know your thoughts...
  13. L

    I want to buy an exhaust for my vmax, new or used,

    I'm from Portugal and want to buy an exhaust for my vmax 1200 2003, Exhaust , slip-ons,...., I accept any offer. :hmmm: Thank you very much,
  14. marsmax85

    salvaged title good idea to buy or not

  15. U

    want to buy a set of rims -which brands available ?

    Hello all I want to buy a set of rims to my vmax -which brands available (in the USA)? I am thinking about: Front – 17” for tire 120/70 – I think it’s a 3.5” rim Rear rim (I am planning to buy sean morlys 3” extended swingarm) so I can go to 190 . so I am thinking about 6” (+\-) rims… did...
  16. D

    To sell or not? Someone buy it!

    So I made a post about what happened to my bike, the only severe portion of which was an electrical fire around the ignition, and somehow they didn't total it. With that said, Morley says he can get me the parts I need for around 150-200 from what I remember. With that, the bike has a ton...
  17. T

    With new Gen2s available for $15K or less, at what point is it better to buy new?

    This is a spinoff of my other thread. I've been shopping pretty hard for a Gen2. I've found '10s listed for as little as $11K and I've seen several low-mile '14s go for around $12K on Ebay. It kind of seems like a no brainer--a '14 for $12K makes better sense than a '10 for $11K, since the...
  18. T

    Would you be hesitant to buy a bike that's been "stored" like this?

    I'm in the market for a Gen2 Vmax. I found a '10 with only 4000 miles. The seller said he bought it used in '11 with 3K, and has only put about 1000 miles on it in four years. He says the bike has been kept covered in a storage unit. I asked if he uses fuel stabilizer and he said no, but...
  19. scuff

    Which Torque Wrench to Buy?

    Goin to be pulling the motor out of the Max to fix my 2nd gear issue soon, and I need to buy a torque wrench any suggestion? What does everyone else use?
  20. J

    Looking to buy soon! Tons of questions, Advice appreciated

    Ok, I’m looking to buy a VMAX. Test rode one a couple of months ago and the means to purchase have finally arrived. Loved it, best bike I have ever ridden. So, a few questions: Is there any general information I should be aware of before I walk into a dealership? I am going to finance and do...