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  1. Fire-medic

    Caliper rebuild

    This is for purposes of information only, as a discussion of what can be done by the bike owner should he decide to fix a caliper. If this is beyond your skills, pay to have a professional mechanic perform your brake repair. Use new OEM parts, and a new can of brake fluid. Do you have a sticky...
  2. A

    Front brake caliper diaphragm

    Front brake reservoir diaphragm Front brake reservoir diaphragm ,,lost after rebuild ,, needed asap pleeeease
  3. davidon

    Bad caliper seals?

    6 pot calipers, I've got funny brake caliper feel and was wondering what the symptoms are for the seals going bad. I rolled downhill and applied partial brakes and it feels like the pistons are grabbing all of a sudden (not gradual braking as normally happens) at one point during wheel rotation...
  4. S

    R1 left front caliper for later model forks

    It bolts up directly to a 97 fork. It's rough looking, been sitting for years. No pads. Make an offer + shipping.
  5. S

    Help identifying caliper

    Pretty sure it's off an R1. 100mm bolt hole spacing.
  6. J

    FZR1000 Front caliper upgrade...

    Just installed front 6 pod calipers from a 95 FZR1000 and new EBC HH pads on my 97 what a difference....had to lower the dist block down an inch to make lines work(IMO...or in my comfort zone) until I order steel lines...bolt on using stock master cylinder....see pics....Thank you Sean...
  7. Traumahawk

    Thank you to Hypermax

    I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Hypermax. He had noticed an issue with the rear caliper adapter bracket that I have on the bike. Apparently it is upside down. He noticed it, messaged me, friend me on FB, and sent and email to make certain that I had the right info (which is a great...
  8. M

    Aftermarket rear brake caliper stay -SOLD-

    $25 plus shipping. I live is Stafford Virginia
  9. Barry barker

    rear swing arm with lower caliper mount

    I haven't removed this yet so I cannot comment on the swing arm bearings. My guess they are good. Seals? includes brake brace and caliper bracket. $60.00 delivered to the lower 48. SOLD
  10. Barry barker

    front caliper pistons off 97

    I have one set of good pistons for half a front caliper $20.00 delivered in the lower 48.
  11. falling

    Caliper Piston Material-what is it?

    So, I got some 6-pot Sumitomos for a smokin' deal. Problem is, the P.O. Had them powdercoated blue which, by itself, isn't a problem. The problem is that he/she removed the old pistons by grabbing the outside with pliers. This wrecked them pretty good. Parts for these calipers are...
  12. TB99Max

    Sticky rear caliper..... where to go from here

    I noticed the inner piston was sticking on my rear caliper a few weeks ago. Ordered a new seal kit, put it in, and blew out the caliper with compressed air. Put it back together and still doesn't work! The pad is actually in contact with the rotor so that's obviously not good! Where should I go...
  13. K

    2002 to 1995 Caliper Question

    Does anyone know if the front calipers from a 2002 will work on a 1995? I have verified that the part number for the front calipers changed in 1997.
  14. V

    Brake caliper seal

    None of the caliper rebuild kits come with the two small rubber seals that are inside the caliper, you have to split the caliper to get the pistons out and there they are but they do not come with any rebuild kits I have found online. Any suggestions?
  15. B

    Rear Caliper off Center

    Have a 98 and the rear brake squeals. Bought some pads as they are cheap and took it apart. PO had 2 washers on the bolts between the caliper and the mounting points that shift the caliper seam toward the middle of the rotor, still needs another washer to get it centered. What is going on...
  16. johnblaid

    Caliper kits for stock same for front and back?

    Are the caliper kits for the front and rear of the VMax (1986) the same part? The part numbers are similar but not identical.
  17. B

    FZ1 rotor and caliper modification

    I am in the process of adapting the FZ1 2000-2005 caliper (blue dot) and the 267 rear rotor to my max and I think I have a inexpensive solution. The caliper on the Fz1 is underslung which I like so it would require a post to be welded on the underside of the swing arm. (I had previously welded...
  18. A

    Adapter for Hayabusa caliper on rear?

    I've got the 300mm wave rotors and a hayabusa caliper I want to put on the rear to match the front. What bracket do people use who have done this?
  19. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Caliper rebuild kits?

    Where is the best place to pick up some quality caliper rebuild kits? I've looked at a couple of websites but wanted to see what everyone else is using.
  20. marsmax85

    98 R1 caliper fit 85 max

    any feedback much appreciate The caliper off 98 r 1 blue dot