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  1. GreenfieldMad

    Carb stack bands torque the Phillips 2001

    How tight to tighten the Phillips screw in the band around the rubberon the bottom of the carburetor stack? Any info would be great Thanks . GFM
  2. g2501

    carburetor diaphragms alternatives

    hi ! I've pull out carbs on my max and during the cleaning operations I noticed that a couple of diaphragms are warped / pinched. They didn't have no holes or rips ( fortunately ) so I can still use them after proper celaning , but I still looked for a replacement part anyway. As Mr. Sean said...
  3. M

    Who needs Mikuni carb's?

    New guy here only stopping thru. Dont beat me up to bad. What i believe I have is a full set (4) Mikuni carbs in the rack (or whatever y'all call it, sorry) and the air box with a K&N filter. When I look up the part number on the air box its coming back to an 04 VMAX, so figured this may be the...
  4. AndrewTech

    My First VMAX, Carb question. (I know, I know..)

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right category, or if I need to post on a "new members" thread first, but I'll see what responses I get, and adjust accordingly if needed. I thank you for your patience while I learn this new forum. I've been riding and working on bikes for about...
  5. D

    Banging my head over here

    Hello, everyone! Jon, here, again! I'll just get right to it. Back in November my 2007 Vmax was having some starting issues and I went back to school after the holidays so I didn't have more than a few hours a month to work on her. Summer is here, so I've got some free time. I have done as...
  6. Bill Seward

    Ok, drop the carburetor! Hands up!!

  7. D

    Carburetor Slide & Diaphragm

    I did the shotgun and when spraying the slides and diaphragms down, I noticed a hairline crack going from the top to the bottom on one of the slides. I'm going to check and see if I still have my "spare" one. If I don't...where's the cheapest place to get one (as a unit minus the needle)
  8. J

    Motion Pro Syncpro Carburetor Tuner & the Max

    well I got my Motion Pro Syncpro Carburetor Tuner today. I calibrated it like the Video said.....I put the Brass Restrictor plugs at the bottom of the hoses so they would be close to the carbs, worked Perfect ! No bubbles, no fluttering. I revved it up to 4500 and...
  9. K

    Sputtering at certain RPMs?

    Finally got my VMAX out to where I'm currently living (Cali) so now I can ride her anytime I need to. I've been plagued with issues getting a good tune on this bike and I can never seem to get my little tuning woes to go away. When I drive the bike the exhaust note will change around 5.5K rpm to...
  10. B

    VMAX carburetor interchange question

    I bought a 2000 VMAX and the carbs are all messed up. Some of the idle jets are missing and/or damaged, etc. so I have an opportunity to purchase an entire carburetor shelf assembly (all 4 carbs) off from a crashed 1992 VMAX. Will the carbs from 1992 fit my 2000? Is there anything different?
  11. K

    Idle Issues?

    A few days ago I was driving home on my vmax and I pulled in the clutch to coast and noticed the motor had completely cut off. I did this a few times noticing that the rpm wouldnt even stop at idle and would just completely turn off and not even hang at idle. When I got home I fiddled with the...
  12. B


    Hi everyone, I have a 98 vmax and it's my first ever vmax. I seem to have a problem and I am hoping someone may have a solution: my bike idles just under 1000 rpm and sounds nice. Problem is I have to give it a little gas in order to start it (unless it's warmed up). Also when the bike is idling...
  13. shane_desselle

    I need one carburetor!

    I need to buy a single carburetor for my 07 vmax. It just needs to be in good, rebuildable condition and I need it asap! Anyone with one please call or text me at 8324368644. I'm in Houston Texas. Thanks!
  14. naughtyG

    fuel pressure loss question

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much - still riding my Max and loving it just not as often as I'd like! I have a question about the fuel pressure and especially the loss of it: I know that on a normal max, if it's left to sit for a few days, then upon switching the ignition back on there...
  15. M


    Do any of you old hot rod guys recognize this carburetor and do you know if it would fit a small block Chevy?
  16. 94 V-Max Rider

    Another Carburetor Question

    Okay, so I installed my float needle and seat. While I had everything apart, I decided to clean the the carburetors. Then I noticed something: One of the carburetor throttle butterflies is stamped with the number "130". The remaining butterflies are stamped with the number "125" . I went...
  17. P

    No Vboost wire and carb disassembly?

    hi again, I just disassembled my carbs from my bike to clean them and i noticed that I didn't need to do anything to unhook my Vboost. Is this normal? I tought that it would be wires to the electrical component or something:ummm: When i start the bike i do hear the two distinct whirring...
  18. P

    Do I have to remove carbs to rejet?

    Hi, I just bought Seans Jet kit. Do I have to remove the carbs to clean the inside and rejet or can i do while it's still on the motor? Thanks!
  19. B

    Confusing Carburetor Sync Problem?

    Hey everyone, Im quite confused about a carb sync problem I've been having with my 94 v-max. I run my bike for about 5 mins then sink up carb number 1 with carb number 2 and all seems okay. However, when I try to sync carb number 3 with 4, the engine starts to drop from 1000 rpm and dies before...
  20. A


    I read that up to 2001 all Vmaxes where about 102 HP, and the after that up to the new gen one they were 145 HP! And that all the difference are the carburetors! Is this true? And if it is, can a carburetor from a recent Vmax, say 2006, fit into a 2001 one?