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  1. steamer97

    Parts For Sale Carrozzeria forged wheels for Gen1

    $2,500 U.S.D. plus shipping for 18" x 3-1/2" front, 18" x 5-1/2" rear (spline drive for stock gen 1). Lightweight and strong highly polished forged aluminum.
  2. BorgBiker

    Carrozzeria Wheels Have Arrived

    Pics: Yes, the amazing Sean Morley sent over a set of the magic wheels! I'm going to have them installed with Metzler ME880s 120/70-18 front, 180/55-18s in back. From those of you who have already installed Carr's, is there anything I need to know before having them mounted? Words of...
  3. CaptainKyle

    Carrozzeria weight

    Can some one give me the approximate weight of a rear Carrozzeria with a 180 & a wave rotor on it & also just a front Carrozzeria with no tire or rotors ? Trying to get a close shipping quote but the wheels are still on the bike
  4. A

    CARROZZERIA, shinko 200 verge, will it fit?

    I'm buying Garrett's bike which has a Morley notched and braced swing arm. Will the Shinko verge 200 on CARROZZERIA 18" wheel fit? Any special procedures required?
  5. Redbone

    Carrozzeria Wheel Care

    Carrozzerria recommends Pledge polish for their wheels. I've rubbed on 3 coats on my black anodized wheels which look good but wondering if their is something better? I haven't had mine on the road very much yet and I'm concerned on how the Pledge will react to moisture, brake dust, rock/...
  6. K

    Picked up the Carrozzeria's - Chrome is sweet!!!

    Thank you so much, Sean! We have to pick up tires yet for my rear and for both of the wife's, but they look great!! :punk: I started putting together the wish list after visiting the shop last week. We'll have to see what happens over the winter...
  7. Rand-5107

    Carrozzeria rotor bolt clearance issue

    Last night I finally mounted my Carr.wheel up front. It wouldn't spin due to the fact the rotor bolt on the right side was contacting the fork tube. It wasn't by too much as I could force it by. On the left side (speedo drive side) there was .070 inch clearance. The bolts are titanium low...
  8. Rand-5107

    Carrozzeria bearing spacer tube

    Does anybody know if the spacer in the rear wheel will come out either side? When I knocked the bearings out a few months ago I dinged up the spacer a little. I actualy called carrozzeria and asked about buying a replacement, because I wanted every thing new when I put it back together. They...
  9. Rand-5107

    Carrozzeria 190/60zr18?

    Is anybody running the Michelin Pilot Road 2 in 190/60zr/18 on a Carrozzeria rear wheel? Will it fit with out notching the swing arm?
  10. R Dizzle

    Carrozzeria Wheels, only 3 sets left!

    Just incase you miss the post in the Morley's Muscle area... Sean notified me today my wheels are shipping out, also he says, and I qoute "there are only 3 more sets available and they are going to be officially discontinued!!!! " Suggest you hurry if you were wanting a set!
  11. one2dmax

    CARROZZERIA wheel thread

    Wheel Pics and Info Wheel Information: Front Old 33 lbs: Stock rim, ME 880 110/90-18 New 29lbs: Carr, Avon Cobra 130/70-18 Even with a much bigger tire I still lost 4lbs (Edit - I normally suggest a 120/70-18) Rear Old 41lbs: Stock rim ME 880 170/80-15 New 33lbs: Carr, Avon Cobra...
  12. vmaxinID

    Carrozzeria to discontinue Vmax wheelz

    *RUMOR* FYI Just got off the phone with Mark @ Carrozzeria, In a moment of honesty he told me that they only have 2 or 3 sets of Vmax wheels left and that they are going to discontinue their Vmax wheel set.
  13. Redbone

    CARROZZERIA wheels on Ebay

    Check these out, factory blems for $1034 current bid: CARROZZERIA wheels on Ebay
  14. maxcruiser

    Carrozzeria rims on ebay!

    Here's a really good deal on ebay, it's a buy now, so better hurry up! Hey Chris, they used your bike on the pictures. :cheers: Mike
  15. R

    Sweet New Carrozzeria Wheels VMAX

    Oh My, have you guys seen the New VMAX Wheels from Carrozzeria? I'm thinking about getting a set, thoughts?