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  1. npthayer

    Ceramic Exhaust Coating

    Anybody know who does quality ceramic coating for a reasonable price? Would like to find someplace here in Michigan, but am open to shipping them.
  2. mavgrab302

    Electrode on Plug eaten 2 ceramic

    I have been having a pretty good lag when wot from 2 or 3, like when getting on it to catch someone on the street, and has been running pretty shitty in the 3-4k range at cruise. I did the shotgun fix the other day but didn't help much. Today I took off the plug and all of them looked fine but...
  3. P

    Ceramic or Stainless?

    Getting close to pulling the trigger on a Marks exhaust. I like the look of black, but how does the ceramic coating hold up?
  4. MR_NST

    marks 4-2 black ceramic on the way!!!

    called marks, and quite simply and easily... ill have an exhaust at my doorstep in 3 weeks or so. price was negotiated very quickly and im extremely excited... i have lots of mods to install, keep posted. oh yea. 14 inch, by 2 3/4 outlet... should go BOOM!!!!!! peace, evan....
  5. rebar

    Chrome or ceramic kerker

    Which finish do you guys prefer on your kerker header?
  6. wingrider

    Mark's ceramic coated systems

    Hey All, I am going to be ordering a set of Mark's pipes for my 97, and I had figured on doing the ceramic coated steel unless someone can convince me otherwise. I'd have them be black to match the original color of the exhaust on my bike. I'm also thinking of going with 14" cans with 2.5"...
  7. gamorg02

    cleaning out O2 bungs after ceramic coat..

    I just got my system back from being coated and the O2 bungs need to be cleaned out. Since I don't have an 18mm tap laying around should i get this...
  8. ghostntheshell

    Ceramic Coated exhaust Install!

    Ok folks! Here's my write up and review of the ceramic coating of my Hindle 4 into 1 full exhaust.. Tools required: 1.) 8mm Hex / Ratchet 2.) Wrench to fit 8mm hex 3.) Can of Krown T40 Lubricant / Rust inhibitor (best stuff I've found) 4.) Needle nose pliers 5.) OEM Gaskets (x4) 6.) Permatex...

    I need your valuable opinions

    Hi All, I ordered a set of exhaust from Mark's, they are 4 into 2 black ceramic. I'm having second thought about the black, I plan to do chrome work on my bike, scoops, carb covers, hand grab and side covers. I'm wondering if the chrome pipes will look better on my 2007 VMAX with the new...
  10. ghostntheshell

    Ceramic Coating in Ontario?

    Anyone in ONTARIO (only) know of any reputable ceramic coating shops? ________ buy mflb
  11. max_caper

    Ceramic Coat

    Hi all, Would anyone know how much I'd expect to pay to have my header pipes ceramic coated? I know that prices differ from place to place but just looking for some numbers. Cheers, Blaine Williams Ontario, Canada
  12. M

    85 VMAX Exhaust Pieces Lots, ETC, some ceramic coated

    Just let me know what pieces you need. All in good shape.512.554.3262 Adrian