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  1. W

    Inexpensive adhesive remover and surface prep cleaner

    Methanol is a great solvent for cleaning the remnants of adhesive after removing a label, sticker, or anything else that leaves a sticky residue on metal or plastic. Unlike the rather aggressive product called GooGone, methanol is also safe on painted surfaces. It's also great for removing oily...
  2. dannymax

    Ultrasonic carb cleaner

    BRC Carb Shop now has an ultrasonic tank cleaner for carb cleaning/degreasing. I will be posting some before/after photos's a pretty impressive unit.
  3. W

    Home made fork seal cleaner works!

    OK, my '85 barnfind had very leaky fork seals,the lower legs were stained brown and the brakes were gummy with oil. I saw a Utube vid about making and using a tool made from hard clear plastic packaging along with the methods of use. So I tried it while I had the front wheel off. I found...
  4. W

    Super EZ elec. connector cleaner!

    Well, I've been going all over this thing, and many of the electrical conector plugs on my ol barn find have some green patina in/on them. I have found that hdw store, pump spray bottle A/C coil cleaner does an amazing job! leaves the pins, blades ect clean and bright even in the sleeves! I...

    Another use for drain cleaner

    I've got a quad in the garage with a host of issues. One of which is a damaged oil cooler. I started taking the oil lines off the cooler and ran into a problem. One of the lines would NOT come off. I could budge it just a bit but no further. After heat, acetone and atf mix, a bench vise and...
  6. Biker Dash

    Cleaner suggestions for electrical components.

    Yeah... the start button sticks, the horn button is iffy, and the turn signal switches feel like they may be sticky. Big part of that may be the fact that the roads here in Maine seem to have a dust clouds the size of major weather systems surrounding all the construction going on. (I cannot...
  7. V

    Air cleaner box nipples

    There are 2 nipples on bottom of the air cleaner box. One is the pcv inlet. There is a small nipple at the front bottom on the un-filtered air side. What hose fits here?
  8. W

    petroleum based carb cleaner

    the clymer guide says to only use a petroleum based carb cleaner, i went to auto zone and they looked at me like i had 4 heads when i asked them if they carried it, what can i use to clean the carbs? thanks in advance :ummm:
  9. 45/70 GOVT

    Carb Cleaner

    A few years back I bought some chemical cleaner from NAPA autoparts and it was some fantastic stuff. I remember paying like $49.99 for a gallon of it with the little parts basket included. I called NAPA today and don't seem to carry the stuff anymore. They do have a gallon of carb cleaner for...
  10. bikedave99

    Air Cleaner to Carb Boot Replacement....Do it!

    So, after a couple years struggling to get my airbox to sit on my carbs and actually stay sealed... I finally broke down and ordered the replacement joints. The difference between the old and the new is astounding. The old joints may as well have been made of plastic as pliable as they were...
  11. T

    Is it okay to soak all the metal items in carb cleaner or mineral spirits?

    I know you don't want to do it with the diaphrams for the slides and just clean the needle and the coasting enrichener you just clean the metal on it as well, and obviously the o-rings you wouldn't want to either. But what about the rest of the metal parts, like jets and the such? The carbs...
  12. N

    air cleaner question

    I ride on the street 99.9 percent of the time. So are these ok for everyday driving and what benifit performance and milage have you seen with this setup?

    Brake Cleaner

    Is there a reason that you guys are recommending non-chlorinated brake cleaner for the calipers?

    Cleaning tuff stuff

    I pulled into a parking lot that had fresh tar and stone chips put down. ARRGH! Ya think they'd put up a sign or something. Anyways, now I have specs of tar hidden all over the place. My cleaning arsenal is not up to task. My best results thus far have been with WD40. Anyone have...
  15. E

    Used brake cleaner in carbs...OOPS!

    Hi folks: Like the idiot I am, I accidentally used brake cleaner when doing the shotgun method on all 4 carb bodies. Once I realized this, I of course did a proper shotgun clean using carb cleaner. So, what should I do now to prevent any problems (such as drain the float bowls again?) Thanks...

    Honda Carb Cleaner

    I have heard of the Honda Carb Cleaner mentioned a few times on the forum. Is this the carb/choke cleaner in the aerosol can sold at the dealers?
  17. 44 magnum

    Mystery part attached to Air Cleaner Joint

    It's a small black plastic cube looking device. It has what looks to me like a white dial built into it on the face and a very small dia tube (possibly 1/16" or a gnat's ass bigger) that punches through the Air Cleaner Joint. The other end of this item has another tube to which a small clear...
  18. G

    Carb Cleaner Additives?

    I am just starting to get into my own maintenance on the MAX, oil/filter , then Brakes. Then I will tackle the carbs....shotgun, sync etc. In the mean time, is it of any benefit to run any of those Gas additives. I looked for "seafoam"but no one seems to carry it in this part of the world...
  19. gleno

    Brake Pad Dust - Ultimate Cleaner

    Brake dust has always had a habit of tenaciously sticking to billet rims, painted rims and anodized brake callipers. Nothing seems to shift it completely and every solution I have tried requires time, elbow grease and a brush. Most cleaners are toxic or caustic and damage you or the bike...
  20. Rusty McNeil

    Difference between a Harley and a Vaccum cleaner?