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  1. J

    Vboost Controller

    Does anyone know if Micromachines is still selling the vboost controller? I sent an email a few days ago and I'm not getting a reply.
  2. rzwanink

    Vboost controller diagram

    Hi all Someone got an electrical/component schematic of diagram for the vboost controller unit? Like to make some own versions
  3. P

    Sasy V boost controller

    Works good with manual. $135 shipped to Cont US.
  4. M

    v boost controller

    My controler has to be lightly tapped to get it to work when key is turned can i fix this or does it have to be replaced.the previous owner had the boost unplugged so it was open all the started overheating once the air temp warmed up so i plugged it back ran great but only...
  5. Conman

    Vboost Controllers

    I've been reading up on vboost controllers and I've read a lot of conflicting info so I figured I'd ask here............ I'm looking for something that will: -shut the vboost completely off -let the vboost function normally (6k) -have either an "always on" setting or an "instant on"...
  6. M

    Rebuild stock v-boost controller?

    Does anyone do this kind of work? I replaced my controller last summer, because the old one was only working intermittently. The new one is fine, and I still have the old one. If anyone repairs these, I will be happy to donate my old one for the cause. I'm thinking if someone does this kind of...
  7. O

    vboost controller

    just got my micro machines boost controller. its not covered in epoxy like the stock one. do I need to do anything to it, or stick it in the stock box and enjoy
  8. P

    3 wires connecting to the vboost controller

    The 3 wires connecting to the vboost controller are all belling out with each other is this normal ?
  9. F

    V Boost Controller

    Just received adjustable V Boost Controller from James @ Micro Machines. Can't wait for weather to pick up and I'll give her a try and let you know how it 's working. Anybody else out there used one of these. Tried soldering my old one but it only worked (when it felt like it) for a few...
  10. Y

    Micro machines V boost controller

    Just ordered one yesterday! How quick do they ship them out? For those of you that own one, what is your favorite setting for the custom activation rpm? Jeremy
  11. J

    V-boost controller connector

    Hi, Do anyone know where from I can find/purchase a V-boost controller connector (cylinderical)? Do someone have a burned controller, where from the connector can be taken? /Jonas
  12. B

    micro machine vboost controller installed today

    Installed new controller boost now cycles. When key turned turned on didnt seem to be working led was coming on at right rpm but light stayed on for a min. At free rev i could not see servo cycle when took bike for ride still same results. So i raw hided her and it seemed to start working. Does...
  13. Boostmax

    Knock Knock....... Knock controller???

    Has anyone ever successfully added a knock sensor to their bike? I just picked up a very nice supercharged VMAX, ground up restoration and refit of EVERYTHING....complete bike rebuild has 50 miles on it. Should be running around 14 pounds of boost in the 170-180HP range. I'd hate to blow it...
  14. Diablotin

    CDI + vboost controller for 85 model

    Hi guys, my friend here is searching for a CDI and a vboost controller unit for an 85 model. Any unit before 93 will do ? how much should he expect to pay for both units ? tnx
  15. shicks16

    Vboost controller

    So i took the bike out today for this first time this season and let me tell ya, Sean is a miracle worker when it comes to these carbs, i still need to do a sync but the bike pulls smooth through all the gears. my next issue i am addressing is the vboost, not sure if this is a common problem...

    Stupid homemade vboost controller idea?

    Well, my vboost controller doesn't work. The servo motor is fine though. Only two wires are needed to power the sevo. Hook + and - to the servo and it opens, when you reverse polarity it closes. Only trouble I noticed is that if I apply power I can't just leave it on as the servo searches...
  17. N

    micro machines v-boost controller

    hello i just wanted to know if anyone had any expirance with this product my v-boost stoped cycling awhile ago (been the topic of older post) wont cycle on start up and all that good stuff i was wondering if anyone has used this part and maybe had some insite on its reliability.
  18. johnpclynch

    Is my vboost controller fried?

    Here's another vboost question... My problem is similar to the following threads but I'm certain it's my controller that's gone When I turn on the ignition my servo goes through it's startup cycle as...
  19. A

    Vboost controller bad?

    I've been collecting parts to restore the stock Vboost on my bike. Today I connected the servo motor to the controller and turned the ignition key, nothing happened. Next I checked out the servo motor, the motor turns when connected to power and the potentiometer resistance is within spec. So I...
  20. Bill Seward

    VBoost controller interchangability

    My '85 has a real dead VBoost controller. I've seen a few on The Bay for sale, but they came from newer models. Anyone know if they are interchangable between model years?