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  1. P

    Clutch and brake master cylinders. -SOLD-

    Off my 05 with 6800 miles. $40 each shipped to cont us.
  2. P

    Vmax running on 3 (or 2??) cylinders

    Hello friends. Before I describe my issue I will add disclaimer I am extremely non-tech so pardon my rather layman (and lame) attempt of an explanation here… So I’ve got a 99 vmax in pristine condition, about 2 months ago. (Many thanks to a local member who gave the bike a once-over and...
  3. G

    Vmax Running on 3 Cylinders

    I was riding with a guy recently who tried to embarrass me in front of the group I was riding with. He was telling me that I know nothing about motorcycles (despite this being my 4th street bike, and I've had dirt bikes when I was a kid .. ) and that it was impossible for my bike to ever have...
  4. mikeinga

    No spark on all cylinders

    2003 stock vmax with only 5300 miles ran perfectly two days ago and went to start this morning and nothing. It cranks over and is getting gas but no spark to all cylinders. I went through the troubleshooting and my pickup coil appears to be shot when I connect the ohm meter to it nothing still...
  5. Hellboy

    running on 3 cylinders

    Hi guys, My Max starts and runs every time, but sometimes the right rear cylinder is not firing. It's funny (haha) that it runs so well that I had trouble being sure if it was running on all 4 or not. I now know the bike well enough that I can recognize it immediately. The strange thing is that...
  6. T

    '03 misfires between 5000-7000rpm on cylinders 2 or 3. Help!

    This is a spin-off of my thread about jet size with the UFO 4-2 exhaust. My Vmax is an '03 with almost 19K miles on it. I got it a couple hundred miles ago from a previous owner who hadn't ridden it much in the past year. It's got the UFO...
  7. 8

    Running on 2 cylinders

    Rode my 85 vmax two or three weeks ago ran fine, was going to take it out the other day now it"s only running on two cylinders, the two cylinders on the right side are the ones that are not firing, it has spark, so I don't know if it's in carburetion or what it is. Thanks for any help!!!
  8. dannymax

    "LOWER" on the master cylinders

    The front brake & clutch masters have fluid level marks and the word "LOWER" on the front face, the rear brake has the same thing on the plastic reservoir....what the hell does that mean? :confused2: -The fluid should be lower than it is? -The fluid is lower than it was? -The fluid is...
  9. C

    master cylinders?

    Hi Guys. I know this question has been asked so many times before. But I'm going to ask it again as I find so may different answers. I need to replace or rebuild both my clutch master and front break master. Now here's the first of I'm sure many question's ill have.. Is there a set of...
  10. gleno

    Mster cylinders on all models '85 to '07

    Can anyone tell me if the brake and clutch master cylinders are the same for all model 1985 through to 2007:ummm: Were there any changes between countries:ummm:
  11. Dnagmour

    Running on 3 cylinders?

    So the max runs great but didnt feel 100%. I pulled what I expected to be the suspect plug and started the bike. IT STILL IDLES FINE?! Replaced the plug and pulled another with the same reault. How can it still run (at least at idle) fine with no spark on a cylinder? Confused. What is the best...
  12. M

    Rear cylinders not firing at idle

    In desperate need of some help. Okay here we go....screwed the pooch by drilling out #1 and#2 pilot screws. Now the holes are too big and the screws only allow me to turn them out 3 turns. Tore apart the carbs completely 6 times, not a speck of dirt. Float levels set and diaphragms are good...
  13. O

    Seems to drop cylinders

    I have an 86 with 40k on it. I just had the carbs cleaned ans synced by a highly reputable location. I am having an issue that I can't put my finger on. It seems to be dropping a cylinder or cylinders. It was only doing it while puttering through town, 35-40mph. I smell a lot of raw fuel when...
  14. mattmullins

    are all vmax cylinders universal

    Just wanting to know if all cylinders are universal with different years, have a 93 on the ground was wanting to put the 93 topend on a 90 someone said that you couldn't just wondering
  15. S

    no spark on rear cylinders

    Hello I am looking for a little advice and direction. I have a 1985 vmax and just recently put it back on the road. I cleaned the carbs(completely disassembled), new fuel fuel filter and spark plugs along with oil change. Started the bike and ran great for about 5 minutes then it sounded like...
  16. K

    Running on 3 cylinders, help!?

    About a year ago I had the carbs on my 1986 Vmax completely rebuilt. About Christmas time or soon after, i forget exactly when, my left rear cylinder quit working. My battery is good. I have switched wires that work from other cylinders, coils, and new spark plugs (twice). I have spark at...
  17. C

    running on three cylinders until 2500 rpm

    Hey guys I am new here and this is my second vmax now, I have been reading on here for a few years now and found multiple fixes but now I am stumped. The other day I left my new to me 1990 vmax outside for the night after riding it for a few weeks without a problem, then it rained. Now when...
  18. A

    paint the cylinders and valve covers?

    Hi there, Just a small question. I have some small bald spots on the valve covers and cylinders. Can I use just normal shiny paint or should I have to use Heat-resistant paint which always has a matte finish? The cylinders are shiny at the moment.:ummm: Greetzzzz
  19. M

    #1 and #2 cylinders dead HELP!

    Last week I decided to clean my carbs due to finding rust in the fuel filter and lack of power at WOT, bike sounded like a helicopter.. Yanked the carbs, cleaned, and reset the float levels. Put it all back together. Resynced the carbs and Pulled #1 spark plug wire, no difference in idle...
  20. VmaxingPauly

    Running on 3 cylinders

    I think that from the start I have been running on 3 cylinders. I finally was able to change my main jets in a 49 stater I bought last October. I went through the bike and had put my Holeshot exhaust from my Cali 05 onto my 49 Stater 05. Was running rich - So I asked for help and it seems to run...