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  1. rzwanink

    All new design 2019 vmax1700

    Watch and enjoy
  2. Fire-medic

    H-D hillclimber vintage design and modern engineering

    A unique bike, interesting how he did it. Sportster OHV top end on a flathead bottom end, and he switched the intake for the heads from one side of the bike to the other. The six-member rear frame triangle resembles a rare H-D factory modification from pre-WW II. The builder wants to hillclimb...
  3. Fire-medic

    Italian design

    If you are 'of a certain age,' you will recall the ads in the back of magazines like 'Sports Cars Illustrated' (which became a very well-known magazine, anyone know without 'googling?') and 'Road & Track' for companies like MG Mitten, who sold car covers, and accessories for your car that had...
  4. Fire-medic

    V-Max originally a Harley design they rejected

    I found this old post on another site, seems like our favorite ride is being represented as a 'cast-off' by Harley Davidson, which was then bought by Yamaha... The V-Max was originally a Harley design, known as the "Nova" project. The engine was co-designed by Porsche, and when H-D killed...
  5. Fire-medic

    concept Yamaha 850 cc triple w-historical design cues

    I like it. The concept build features numerous parts by Roland Sands Designs, including the hand-fabricated aluminum gas tank, tail section, intake scoops, radiator covers, front number plate & front fender. There’s also a prototype Clarity timing cover, prototype rearsets, rear brake...
  6. Fire-medic

    request for design assistance-photoshop

    I am posting this here because I think the request would probably be more-easily-seen here than elsewhere on the forum. Is there anyone who could photoshop a pic of a stock VMax w/chrome-yellow frame & red bodywork? I would only paint red what is painted on a stock bike, and leave the side...
  7. J

    exhaust design question

    so kerker collects cylinder 1 and 2 together and 3 and 4 together, hmf and ufo collect 1 and 4 together and 2 and 3 together, my question is can you colect the rear 1 and 3 together and the front 2 and 4 together on v-max? seems like thats how honda, ducati and aprilia do their v4's
  8. DakRatFink

    Design inspiration?

    I'm sure every V-max fan has read at some point that one if the main design influences of the Max was "American muscle car" and or Classic Hot Rod. I also think this beast was figured into the inspiration pool.
  9. Lugan

    Swingarm brace / bracing design thoughts & theory - your experience/ opinion please!

    Gents, I've been looking at images of, and reading about the different vendors and DIY braced swingarms and have a few thoughts and a few questions. I've read very little about the intent behind different designs, other than "stiffer is better". Is it? Or would some limited, remaining...
  10. KJShover

    crazy dragbike design

    Now this takes the term "Lay down chassis" to a new level. :biglaugh:
  11. SpecOps13

    Anybody Have a Design for a Rev Limiter

    I just can't bring myself to spend $300.00 to have an adjustable rev limiter without asking first. Does anybody have a workable / buildable design for an adjustable rev limiter? Something that would do incriments of 500 rpm or so. One that will shut down the boost, or? Thanx in advance to...
  12. davidon

    New airless tire design
  13. davidon

    Cool engine design

    Talkin about this on the radio right now
  14. D

    new starter clutch design project

    I am thinking about making a starter clutch out of s7 steel or other shock absorbing tool steel and heat treating it. Instead of the sheet metal I was going to make the outer diameter bigger and press pins in the dowel holes to close them up. Does anyone know what pcw makes their heavy duty...
  15. G

    2011 Max design

    I got to thinking about a post 2009 Max and wondered if the first gen had potential for an overhaul. What would YOU guys do to bring the Max into this century if the 09 limited ed were gone next year and thereafter. Me: 1. Much better lighting all around, y'know, modern headlights and signals...

    Is it me or is it a design flaw

    I have owned 7 VMAX'S in my life and the first 6 I kept for the most part stock and always had my bikes worked on at the local dealer. Every VMAX I have had even this new one has or had little scratchs on both scoops where the fake tank cover snaps into the rubber studs. There has always been a...
  17. Bogie

    Watsen Design Flushmounts on my 09 R1

    Got my Watsen's today and I have to say these things are a work of art. The workmanship is top notch. Powder Coating looks amazing and the color match is great. :eusa_dance: Pics and video do not begin to demonstrate how bright they are. :punk:
  18. VikingD

    Design a Seat......

    Hey Gents I am having Sean do me a muscle seat using an old Corbin. I'm redoing my Max this winter with a "Steel Horse" theme. Nothing too radical. The Centerpeice of it all will be the seat. I am designing it to look like a Saddle. The corbin has basic saddle charactheristics already, so...
  19. D

    tattoo design contest

    ok.....not a REAL contest, but the winner gets bragging rights that his/her design is a tattoo on my upper arm. I'm doing a coverup tattoo and want the vmax logo... looking for something square in size (covering up a heart with initials in it) maybe something with the 2 scoops and "vmax"...
  20. clintard

    Did harley design our motor?

    This may sound REALLY stupid but i remember when i first started searching the net for info on the vmax, i read something about harley designing the motor for it or something. I may be wrong. Does anyone have any info on this it just crossed my mind today after riding a wide glide harley and...