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  1. R

    REVO Dual Monster 6″ Slip-On Muffler for sell!

    REVO Dual Monster 6″ Slip-On Muffler for V-Max17 Enhance your V-Max’s sound with REVO Dual Monster 6″ and get performance at the same time! With more than 10 years exhaust design experience, REVO Monster provide not only good-looking, high-quality also perfect street performance setting...
  2. R

    REVO Dual Monster 6″ Slip-On Muffler for V-Max17

    REVO Dual Monster 6″ Slip-On Muffler for V-Max17 Enhance your V-Max’s sound with REVO Dual Monster 6″ and get performance at the same time! With more than 10 years exhaust design experience, REVO Monster provide not only good-looking but also high-quality. Description REVO-CYCLE...
  3. fmcandrew

    Dual A/F Meter - what cha runnig?

    Was thinking of adding a dual (Holeshot exhaust) wideband A/F meter kit. A see a few options...was curious what folks were using and their set-up? Thx Frank
  4. D

    Anybody also have a dual sport?

    So I'm thinking about a klr for commuting and playing around town. Anybody have one or one of the other big thumper dual sports?
  5. adambweird

    Dual headlight conversion

    Question for the electrical gurus out there, im going to be running a dual headlight 50/50w 12v headlight setup and was wondering which way would be better to wire it, series or parallel? And what should i run for a fuse, stock or larger? Thanks for the input!
  6. B

    Dual Headlight mount fab

    I am in the process of fixing some damage from an accident last spring. I decided to do a dual headlight setup. I found some cheap dominator style headlights on ebay and the quality is not half bad. This is the link to the headlights...
  7. P

    Voodoo full dual system dyno

    i would like to buy one of these full voodoo dual slash cut setups but was wondering if anyone knows or has dynoed there max after the install and has real hp gain numbers?
  8. 4

    Anyone Dual sport/Supermoto?

    Was wondering if anyone has a bike like this? Looking at the wr250x/r or drz400s/sm. They're not the most high performance I can get, but they have the least maintenance and are more affordable vs KTMs. I'll have the Vmax for my speed fix, these I can do a track day or go to the woods.
  9. N

    Daytona dual seat

    This is my Daytona seat which was on my new bike when I bought it. It is very comfy but takes a while before it gets soft under your butt!! I have raised it slightly to give a bit more space on the back.
  10. dman1961

    Dual lights

    Anyone know where KJshover got his twin headlight setup? I want... bad ass.... thanks... D:punk:
  11. D

    Dual one sided exhaust systems

    Is there anyone out there that makes a dual one sized exhaust like those found on a ducati diavel? I saw a diavel on the road and that type of system would look sick on my 99 max
  12. bud7680

    dual headlight mod

    :ummm:Anyone know about this dual headlight mod? Type of lights they are and where to get them? LED or lamps. Thanks, Bud 1990 Yamaha V Max Custom VMax Streetfighter Muscle ShowbikeResearch 1990 Yamaha V Max Please wait Image not available Enlarge
  13. 1967vmax

    Thinking of buying a Dual sport

    Thinking of buying a big thumper 600 or 650 dual sport dont want to spend alot looking at a 86 honda xl 600 with 9500 miles nice bike and nice price also looking at a dr 650 and a klx 650. My question is what do you guys have or have had and liked or disliked. JIM
  14. CaptainKyle

    Dual headlights

    Just checking to see if any one is running the dual side by side headlights kind of like on the triumph speed tripple. I have a bike here I am fixing to do a transformation on. I looked at several in my catalogs just wondering if any one was better than the other mounting wise.
  15. timscues

    Info on ?UFO Vmax Quadzilla? Dual Slash Cut

    Getting ready to buy the UFO Vmax Quadzilla? Dual Slash Cut and just checking to see if there are any pro's or cons to this exhaust. Thanks for the help
  16. old timer

    Dual sport suggestions

    I'm looking into picking up a dual sport of some kind , mostly street , any suggestions ?
  17. CustomMax

    Can't find mini amber dual filiment bulbs

    I have the mini turn signals on my max and one of the front ones burned out and when I finally had to order from a Harley dealer their 12/23/6cp instead od the 12/21/8w bulbs that were in there and now they blink way too fast and keep burning out. Does anyone know where I can find 12/21/8w bulbs...
  18. RagingMain

    Dual Radiator Fans???

    Yes I might get in trouble for posting this twice but.... Anyways I was thinking of mounting 2 5" radiator fans instead of the OEM. The OEM is only 6". It would cover more of the core. Reason I am considering is much of my commute is through traffic at slow speeds. Here is a link to the...
  19. K

    Kerker dual slip-on mid pipes.

    Anyone have a set of the dual Kerker slip-on mid pipes that they would be willing to part with?
  20. Diablotin

    Honda dual clutch for the next V4 VFR 2010

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4LmL_QzpSU&feature=player_embedded I know it's Honda, but I really found that interesting. They should release on few other model 2010 than the V4 VFR 1200.