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  1. O

    Dumb question re: fuel hose

    I'm probably going the Tourtank route for a bigger gas capacity and can't find the size of fuel hose to order for my 04? Tried searching the various forums, Google etc. Thanks. Jack.
  2. C

    Dumb ass street racing....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdWB7PLmEnU I like watching outlaw streetracers on tv. I know its fake and scripted, but its still fun to watch to a certain degree. Maybe because I remember it and can relate. But I saw this video of the Murder Nova and krazykelly and thought to myself, mid...
  3. Bruiser1198

    Dumb Question ???

    Found my old bike on Craigslist , bike looks the same as when I sold it and only has mid 30,000 miles as when I sold it . Now the question I have is does PCW make a 1550 kit or can the bike be bored out that big? Reason I ask is he wants $6,400 for the bike and it still has all the things I had...
  4. J

    How do I check the oil level, I know it's dumb question =/

    I've owned a ton of bikes, but I can't seem to find an oil window or dip stick. I just bought this bike and it is modded out like crazy so maybe there I should be checking there is a pressure gauge mounted.
  5. B

    dumb oil question

    Ok dumb question but would like some opinions. Say today is 91 out I am thinking that I should switch to 20 50 rottela from 15 40. What do you think?
  6. gamorg02

    dumb oil question

    ok so i corrected myself today in that a 15w-40 weight oil has a viscosity of '15' (yes i know thats arbitrary) in cold (Winter) temps. that is that its more fluid to help cold starting. its 40 weight when its warmed up, more viscous and less 'fluid'. that being said, how come we warm our oil...
  7. B

    Dumb Question.... Pit Bull Stands & VMax

    Hey guys, I've got a ZRX1100 w/spools that my PitBull stand will lift the rear of the bike with. I don't see anywhere on the VMax's swingarm where I can install spools. How do I get the VMax up on the stand? Thanks brothers....:punk:
  8. midmoraider

    Some (probably) dumb questions

    Hey all, I was looking at a thread on how to do the manual fan switch install. One post said there was a great write up with pics on the "what did you do to your vmax today?" thread. Only problem is I can't find it (the thread). I see the wdydtyvt 2 thread but can't find the...
  9. M

    the dumb question king

    how do you open the seat to fill up on 88 max? :rofl_200:

    Dumb question warning...........lol

    Where is the A/F screws, are they the same 3 that you adjust when syncing the carbs?
  11. yukonerdave

    dumb question...

    Ya, ya, I know that we like to tell each other that there are no dumb questions, but that's really not true is it? Any, I'm nearly done putting things back together, and I've got two empty electrical connectors: What plugs into those?
  12. S

    This might be a dumb question

    Do lowered forks take less fork oil, I lowered my front end 2" with race tech internals and I put 20 oz of fork oil in each fork, after I was done this above question came to me. Anyone know if forks lowered internally should take less oil? I think maybe tonight I will set the fork level to the...
  13. Jayhawk

    Dumb &^*^(^& things you've done

    Add this to my list. Got the bike all cleaned up, waxed, checked over and ready to go after the weekend's riding. I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago, and filled her up with fresh Mobil 1. I don't like to overfill, so when I was done it was just barely over the 'add' mark, and I...
  14. Heretic

    Harley...blind, deaf and dumb?! RANT!

    Anyone who reads my posts here knows I dislike Hardley-Parkinson, but I am an American. I would love to have an American motorcycle that I would want to ride. A 50hp 850lb pile of lead doesn't do it for me. Buell is trying, but I can't get over the 'Marvin the Martian' look. I thought it was a...
  15. Rusty McNeil

    Dumb question-fork length?

    This is kinda dumb but can someone that has a totally stock later model front end measure the distance between the top of the slider (where the dust seal meets the inside tube) and the bottom of the bottom triple tree where it pinches the inside tube? I've been in these forks so many times I...
  16. Max01red

    Dumb question time...

    Does the V-max Snowmobile have anything in common with the bike, other than the name and being made by Yamaha???:confused2: