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  1. Wyatearp71

    Factory Tool Kit and Exhaust End Plates

    Looking for Gen 1 factory tool kit and the rear end trim plates for the rear of the exhaust pipes (what most remove for the factory exhaust mod). Thank you! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  2. Piercems3

    2005 vmax front end handling

    I am the proud new owner of a mint 2005 vmax with only 5,000 miles on it. I was hoping for some opinions regarding the front end handling on this motorcycle. I have mostly ridden sport bikes, or sport standards. I currently have a Triumph Thruxton, Ducati 996S also in the stable, so I...
  3. CaptainKyle

    85-92 Front end

    Complete 85-92 Front end in nice shape seals were not leaking or anything. I just took it off the bike this week. $ 200 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  4. jimvette999

    Seafoam rebate till end of March

    Hey guys, you can get a whole $6 back on the purchase of 3 cans of Seafoam now till end of March. Buy it at the place of your choice then photo, scan, or mail the receipt...they'll send you a Visa Card worth $6 or $12 of you buy six cans.....better than nuttin. Jim...
  5. CaptainKyle

    93 up chrome front end.

    Please email not pm [email protected] Complete late model front end all chrome with progressive springs . The handle bar risor is flaking underneath the speedometer you can not really see it when the speedometer is mounted. I do not have a chrome turn signal crown. This is for the...
  6. one2dmax

    Carr Wheels, Engines, High End Suspension

    Carr Wheels, Engines, Seats, High End Suspension Email me at [email protected] Call/Text 316-619-8411 $2500 - Green Carr wheels. The only green set ever made for the Vmax. They can be recolored, chromed, or coated if so desired. Includes the Shinko Verge tires (which are in great condition)...
  7. N

    Had anyone had experience with a Honda st1100 front end

    Local chap is selling a 99 st1100 front end complete. Brakes, clamps etc, is 815 long from top to axle.
  8. N

    Front end comparison

    Hi guys, looking for some feedback from those who have USD forks. I'd like to know IF there is much improvement from OEM forks with racetech emulators vrs upside down jobbies. I've been loooking at m50 Suzuki forks, but my suspension guy says they have a basic fixed cartridge, reckons sorted...
  9. G

    Vmax 1700 swingarm/rear end help

    Recently stumbles onto Vmax's via a Roland Sands design bike featured. (they're not sold a lot in my country). Planning to source myself a 1700 in a little while. Looks like great bikes. I have a question though: What is the width of the 09 up models at the swingarm pivot point? I...
  10. Traumahawk

    Lowering the front end

    Here is a question for the suspension Guru's out there. I currently have Progressive rear shocks that are 11.5's (instead of the stock 13's). currently running progressive springs in the front with a 1 inch internal lowering kit, and the forks slid up about 1/2 and inch to keep everything...
  11. J

    Top End Rebuild Question

    After numerous attempts to get the carbs clean so my 1989 would run without the choke, I finally did a compression check. The compression ranged from 60 to 120. I guess it wasn't the carbs after all. Now the engine is out and the rear head is off. Every exhaust valve so far has a couple of...
  12. wilsonishere

    2000 stock bottom end

    This is my old max first time on a dyno. I have done all the work in my one car garage and this is just my baseline for tuning.
  13. D

    Wider rear end

    Hi, I'm wanting to put a bigger back wheel on my Max, at the moment I have a 170 , but would like to go up to 190, does anyone know what wheels would fit without to much hassle, I already have a 900 diversion on , trying to spend as little as possible
  14. F

    2001 Vmax exhaust end caps

    #1 Report Post Old Yesterday, 02:16 PM Fawad is Junior Member Join Date: Aug 2016 Location: Milton Posts: 3 My VMax: 2001 black My other bikes: None Default 2001 Vmax exhaust end caps I have a 01 Vmax with stock exhaust but previous owner put after market end caps on it. I...
  15. F

    2001 Vmax exhaust end caps

    I have a 01 Vmax with stock exhaust but previous owner put after market end caps on it. I lost one of the end caps and now looking to buy one or a set. Anyone have a clue where to look for. Attached is a picture of the end cap. Thx Fawad
  16. T

    Raked front end kit - anyone done this?

    So I like long bikes. Long, low, and fast. My last was a KZ1000, and my next will be a Vmax. This company: http://www.chopper-kit-usa.com/ claims to make a rake kit for the Vmax but their website is a little wonky in the yamaha section, both products and pictures, but they can be seen by...
  17. S

    low end bogging

    Hi folks, I rescued a 2003 VMX12 from a guy's barn a last year with 6k miles on it, and have fixed all it's problems but the following: When I first start it and lean back on the throttle, it bogs, and I have to rev it up to get it out of this funk to be able to go forward. If not it...
  18. A

    Bar End Mirrors

    What size are the handlebars on the Gen2? I'm looking to add a set of Rizoma bar end mirrors. Has anyone fit a set of these mirrors to your bike? Does the Gen2 have a threaded or empty bar end? https://www.motovationusa.com/rizoma-reverse-retro-universal-mirror-bs070.html...
  19. dannymax

    Stock muffler end caps

    Wanted to buy: OEM end caps off stock Gen I mufflers.....anybody got a pair of these left over from a stock muffler mod?
  20. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Grip and bar end mirror recommendations

    I'm in the market for for some new grips and bar end mirrors. I'm not a kuryakyn fan. I'm interested in the Driven D3 grip Sean sells. Any other ideas on grips? I like OEM but my left one is toast. I've had some super cheap bar ends from ebay. They've worked surprisingly well. I'd like...