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  1. D


    my air intake box started on fire. washed the bike the day before and it seemed to have problems starting. water in the intake.?? choke was on full. why did this happen?
  2. B

    no fire

    Stator wire shorted out against frame knock out battery put new battery on now no fire to any spark plug? Cdi box thanking that's it any help thanks brentmax
  3. tothemax93

    a little fire action in the Buffalo NY area

    a Building at the old Bethlehem steel plant started on fire, Wednsday. It was 6 city blocks long. The news said it was being used as storage, cars, boats, etc. The smoke showed up on weather radar because it was so thick. The air smells like the fire, within 10 miles of the site. They still have...
  4. K

    miss fire on bike

    hello all and hope everyone is having a great day. I am new here and not sure where to go to find answers but maybe someone here can help me. I have recently bought an 07 vmax (which I love) but it has developed a miss during low speed (1/8 throttle) operation. It has super trap slip ons...
  5. 19vmax97

    Heads up... '96 Vmax fire sale in LA.

    Just a heads up for anyone in the Los Angeles area. Honda of Hollywood 323 466 7191 is becoming a BMW only spot for sales and service. Sucks, I have been going there since 2000. I was in one last time yesterday, and there is a '96 Vmax on the lot for sale. Just gave em a shout, 23k miles...
  6. F

    bike caught fire

    im new to this board, hope i posted in the rite section, i bought a beautiful 1990 vmax on sunday this morning i went to dmv got my plates,,so i take it for first real ride,,feeling great after about 15mins street riding i jump on hyway,,start getting on it a bit,,finally got to feel vboost in...
  7. Fire-medic

    drone vs. water stream from structure fire firefighters An interesting article, a good video, and possibly unforeseen consequences for who filmed it. Read, and watch. What do you think?
  8. C

    I am so fast I spit fire!
  9. W

    Fire damage repair electrical issues?

    OK, here's what's been done so far. Changed entire wiring harness as the original burned and fused together near the fuel pump. Had to replace pump relay before new pump would run. After that It started instantly, but no ignition to the rear cylinders. Also, vboost doesn't cycle...
  10. W

    Fire damage repair electrical issues?

    Reposted from electrical for maybe more views: Hi all, I have just replaced the entire wiring harness on my Vmax after my old one nearly burned in two in the fuel pump area from a fuel fire. Haven't pinpointed the cause yet, but I did discover that tank vent valve was clogged. I did find a...
  11. W

    Wiring issues after the fire damage fix.

    Hi all, I have just replaced the entire wiring harness on my Vmax after my old one nearly burned in two in the fuel pump area from a fuel fire. Haven't pinpointed the cause yet, but I did discover that tank vent valve was clogged. I did find a lot of cracks in the fuel pump diaphram, and the...
  12. W

    Fuel pump caused the fire!!

    OK, kinda suspected so. I bought one of those $60 aftermarket fuel pumps, and I dismanteled the old burnt pump to use the original end plate with tubes in the right direction, and the original mount with studs. Good news is that all the parts easily interchange, for a new factory like pump on...
  13. blaxmax

    Wash the fire suit
  14. W

    Caught fire while riding!

    I had just finished strecthing her legs a bit around 75 -80, cruising the rural highway on the way home from a 40 mile test run. While downshifting and braking to turn onto the road to my house, I felt heat on my right calf. Kinda freaked when I looked down and saw flames! I stopped quickly...
  15. dannymax

    Fire call from hell!

    How'd you like to respond to something like this?
  16. tothemax93

    Hey fire medic

    Was that you racing Justin Beiber in the other car (Ferrari). Right in your neighborhood. Talk about self destruction.
  17. poppop

    Fire Please be careful!!!

    Terry, there was mention of a chimney fire....Did it spread? Was there much damage? Is it out? :confused2: Yea danny were ok ,That was about 2 years ago,I used to open the draft and the doors,And let the chimney catch fire ,Very easy to do ,And cleaned out the chimney for the most part,I was...
  18. F

    Back fire into the airbox

    Hi everyone, this is my first VMAX. Today when I started it at a friends house I noticed it back fire into the airbox. I tought nothing of it at first but when I put it into gear it back fired in to the airbox again. It did this about every two min and continued untill I got the bike home. To...
  19. maximus speedicus

    NEED HELP: Will Not Fire

    Ok, here's the run down on what I call a crappy day. I really need good help fast as the max is my only transportation at the moment. During my commute home from work I encountered TONS of rush hour traffic which led to a very toasty max. As I prepared for a left turn I must have stalled it...
  20. R

    Engine mis fire

    Hi guys .I went for a ride yesterday and when I take off I am getting a misfire and I am not sure if its electrical or carb related.I just put on cops last week and took the bike out ounce and it was ok.Today I checked spark on all four plugs and they seem ok.I looked down the carbs and they...