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  1. g2501

    race tech gold valve issue

    hi everybdy, after searching for something about 1 year for a cheap upside-down front fork conversion finally I convinced myself that an original fork good restoration / upgrade was the best way to go. In order to chieve a good result I changed almost everything except the main tube and the...
  2. S

    Fork seal tool

    Hello all, I have my gen 2 forks off and am in the process of changing the fork seals. I found a thread somewhere for a differena yamaha motorcycle about a homemade tool to replace the discontinued yamaha damper rod holder "90890-01447" or pary number "YM-01447", however it was completely not...
  3. S

    Front Fork Care

    Hi all, As winter ebbs and spring approaches, I cannot but help notice the toil the years past has taken on my ‘88 VMAX. The from the forks are pitting - she’s spent last 2- months in the garage because of personal issues but previously was washed and cleaned weekly. Any recommendations for...

    1986 Fork seal dust covers

    Has anyone found a vendor in the US that sells dust shields for the forks on my 1986 Vmax?
  5. O

    Need fork top caps.

    I need fork top caps for 02 vmax. Not the plastic ones on top but the ones inside the fork tube itself. Thanks a lot!

    Front fork air

    I'm new to this Vmax world and appreciate any advice I can get. I went to check the air pressure level in my front forks. The max I just picked up is a 1986. I find one air valve only and it is on the side of the left (drivers side) fork tube. There is not another matching valve on the other...
  7. P

    Willie & Max fork bag.

    Good condition, off my 05 with 4K miles. $25 shipped to cont us.
  8. CaptainKyle

    85-92 fork brace

    Brand new voodoo fork brace for 85-92 Yamaha vmax $ 55 plus paypal fees shipped in the lower 48.
  9. 93max

    Fork spring only change

    Is it nessasary to remove the forks to do this? From watching Seans video, it "looks" like you could remove cap, remove nut then remove the spacer/washer and then the spring on the bike? I understand to get the correct oil level/height the forks have to be removed. I also realize that a...
  10. M

    Fork Oil Level

    I’m just finishing replacing the seal and I’m confused about the right fork oil quantity. - Mosley’s video says 4.8 inches from top, - another YouTube video says 5.5 inches, and - on the Service book it says 451ml (this quantity gots me at 11” from top). Before I close it up, anyone...
  11. G

    Removed fork cover on top, found some oil

    I removed the cap on top to check air pressure and noticed about 6-8 drops of oil pooled at bottom. 2006 V max. Anything to worry about? IF so, suggested repair. Have not changed fork oil since I owned bike (5 yrs). Is there a good thread (video for dummies would be nice) for doing this...
  12. P

    Does your fork bottom out without air?

    Rebuilt the forks and don’t remember the stock forks bottoming without air. What am I missing? Thanks
  13. jdeitz1979

    USD fork extensions

    I was wondering if anyone on here is running them? I seen cycle one-off has some,which have definitely peaked my interest. I figure I would ask here, and see what I can get for feedback and advise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I

    Fitting the fork WP 48 mm

    Fitting the fork WP 48 mm from the motorcycle KTM SMR 990 :панк:
  15. Trondyne

    Fork Boots

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this question.... Does anyone know if anyone makes fork boots for the v-max 1200s? The design appears to limit where boots would attach to... I'm about to do seals and would like to get some boots on her... Also, if anyone might have any...
  16. A

    R1 fork set up?

    Hey guys looking in to swapping the front fork to the R1 style. Is it plug and play? What year R1 forks should I buy? Front stock rim fits?
  17. A

    Ram mount fork stem base

    Will the ram mount fork stem base work on a vmax? I see what looks to be just a cap over the hole but it it is going to take some effort to remove. Want to be sure before I remove it and probably break the cap
  18. V-Four

    Questions - Progressive fork spring install- please

    Hi gang..couple questions bout the progressive fork spring install (1" lower.) Watches the Morley vids several times and plan to follow it. Im 'relatively ' mechanically inclined..yet still , im having trouble wrapping my head around how they actually work. Im hearing talk of adding...
  19. S

    Progressive fork springs -SOLD-

    Asking $35 + shipping.
  20. MT Pockets

    fork air pressure

    What should a feller expect to have for air pressure in the forks on an '85 VMAX? Mine seem awfully soft. MT Pockets