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  1. MAXMS

    Gen I Galfer clutch cable

    Black stainless braided line, black fittings. Never used, $50 plus s/h. Thank you,
  2. CaptainKyle

    93-07 galfer front brake pads

    4 sets of 93-07 Galfer front brake pads $ 40 per set retail is $ 62 Shipping would be $ 5 in the lower 48
  3. Zeus36

    Galfer Performance Braking Systems

    Was driving around during lunch and discovered Galfer's warehouse here in Oxnard, CA - very close to where I work. Stopped in for a chat then I checked their website and found a back story: "...Galfer Brakes was founded by Maffio Milesi in Barcelona, Spain, in 1946 as a brake pad supplier for...
  4. timscues

    Galfer clutch line

    Did you guys that went with the galfer clutch line run the line to the slave extension piece or bolt the line directly to the slave cyl.? thanks for the input
  5. C

    Bike Bandit Galfer 2 get 1 free.
  6. F


    I'll try to make this as short as possible. Couple of years ago I bought S.S. front brake lines, two front rotors, one rear rotor and pads. Upon installation I had a severe front brake pulsation. Contacted Galfer Tech. Ran me around in circles concerning installation. Finally sent the front...
  7. CaptainKyle

    Fixed Gen 2 Galfer brake lines

    I have a set of Galfer front braided brake lines that some one ordered & never paid for there $ 80 bucks plus shipping. email [email protected] or call 813-270-0000 Thanks,Kyle
  8. 65fury

    Warped Galfer rotors???

    Well after doing my front brake upgrades i was very happy(busa clipers, galfer pads, galfer floating wave rotors) I put about 1200milesw on them when one day they started pulsing at low speeds when i slow down. Feels like warped rotors to me, but im not sure how to verify that forsure. Glafer...
  9. vmax2extreme

    R1 calipers with Galfer SS lines

    I have installed the gold dot R1 calipers with the Galfer SS 3-lines. The lines to me appear far too long and I even tried to criss cross them. Take a look and im up for any suggestions. Should I just pull the two lower lines and send them back to Galfer to shorten them properly? Thanks for...
  10. ghostntheshell

    GALFER vs EBC - Discuss

    GALFER vs EBC - Discuss! Proper spelling this time :)
  11. gamorg02

    EBC vs Galfer rear rotor & warpage..

    have a galfer rear, and it seems to might be warping already. should know soon. so basically question is, does anyone here have galfers solid or ebc's solid rotor and have ever seen/had any warpage with them? i may switch to ebc since i had it on my last vmax and it worked well for the couple...
  12. tfisher65

    Galfer Polished Rotors

    Found these at for anyone looking for front rotors. Reg. $450.00 pr/pair now $280.00. Slight blemishes & scratches but hey, first time use use them most to that will probably be gone.
  13. G

    Galfer Lines

    I put on some ss lines in Feb this year and it looks like I have some corrosion on the banjo at the caliper. Anybody have this problem before? I looked at Galfers site and can't find the warranty section...
  14. M

    Galfer wave rotors (F and R)

    It's been almost a week since I've bought anything for my bike and I'm thinking about grabbing a set of these for the front and rear. I've read the "what pads" to use thread so I'm covered there. Anyone using these? waste of money performance wise and strickly bling factor? :eusa_dance:
  15. gamorg02

    Pads to go with Galfer Wave rotors?

    I've always heard when you get new rotors to match up the pads with the same company that sold the rotor. And i usually do. And i relaly liked EBC HH pads when i had them and want to put some up front and get a new rotor/pads for the rear So i was looking at the ebc pro lite rotor, i liked it...
  16. D

    Rusty Galfer Rotors

    I installed a Galfer rear wave rotor this winter and it's getting a fair amount of surface rust just from sitting in my unheated garage. They've never been wet. It's just cosmetic but what the heck, I don't want to have to steel wool my rotor every time there's a bike night. Getting in the...
  17. Buster Hymen

    Galfer group buy

    I help Admin and run another forum, , and one of the Mods has arranged a group buy special of Galfer products. It is open to all makes of bikes, not just Busas. Go to this link and follow the instructions. You will get emailed a code to...
  18. F

    Galfer SS Braided line kit

    I have complete Galfer Satinless steel line kits for sale. Kit includes: front brake lines (2 or 3, you pick) clutch and rear brake. All new in the box. Fit all year Vmax. $175 plus shipping. Drop me a line at [email protected]