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  1. R

    New guy, first vmax, turn signal issue

    I just picked up my first vmax (94, yellow, and awesome)! The left rear turn signal was broken and there were about 6 sets of new turn signal packages in one of the boxes of parts that came with the bike. They are K&S 25-8300 or something like that. They mount and work, but the stem/bolt...
  2. A

    Dash upgrade by a new guy :)

    Hi guys after many years wanting I bought my first V-max a few months back.... Being an American import and being in Australia I decided a new modern dash was in order so I could actually see how fast I was going I've fitted an Acewell MD085.. fits beautifully in the original housing and wired...
  3. frank5079

    Check out this guy racing a 2nd gen Max...
  4. redneksoldier

    This guy sure is proud of his '85

    This is not my ad and I don't know this guy. I really want to respond to it just to let him know how ridiculous his asking price is. Probably wouldn't do any good, though. I've ran into plenty just like him in other markets. According to the ad, he seems to think NADA quotes the value of the...
  5. Regular Guy

    Guy Rides FZ-10 off a cliff, blames bike Rrrrrright.......the steering locked up :rofl_200: Idiot is lucky to be alive! He chose a bad line, pulls in the clutch instead of the brake, cow jumped over the moon. The FZ-10 is not the problem, operator error!

    Is it just me , or you guy's too ?

    Why is it when I ride on the weekends , me and my son always stop for breakfast , and it never fails , we wil set our helmets down on a table , get in line to get our food and somebody always says " Nice Helmets " and have to pick one up , young , old , male , female, doesn't matter ! I really...
  7. Regular Guy

    Have some time to kill? This guy HATES the VMax Read the comments by "Yamaha SR650". I know some people are not a fan of our beloved Gen1's and 2's but DAMN! This guy acts like Yamaha done took his lunch money, shot his dog, stole his car and took his wife. It's quite entertaining. I...
  8. SpecOps13

    I'm a Mustang Guy But???

    I'd accept this :
  9. Bill Seward

    A big thank you to a good guy!

    This goes out to my friend Jon, AKA blaxmax. Over the last few months, he has become a friend. I've had a few problems with the Max, and he very kindly sent me parts to diagnose/fix the problem on more than one occasion. For free, because that's what friends do. I know there were personality...
  10. Fire-medic

    Do we want a Mr. Nice Guy award to go to someone?

    Trying to make a template for someone to be nominated.
  11. J

    Nice guy award

    Can someone show me how to nominate someone for this award-been looking all day and can't find a thing. Thank you.
  12. MT Pockets

    new guy with an 85 Vmax

    I posted this on the "Introduce yourself" sticky but wasnt sure how much traffic that gets. My apology for redundancy. Hello all, Years ago I bought an '85 VMAX. Loved it, rode it, modified it, and replaced tires often. Being young and had more money than I knew what to do with it all, I...
  13. frank5079

    This guy should be a stunt rider... As his bike slams into the rear of an Acura, he nails a perfect two point landing on the Acura's trunk...
  14. SpecOps13

    Just A Regular Guy?????

    I used to think I was just a regular guy, but . . . I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist. * I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today's standards, makes me a fascist. * I am heterosexual, which according to gay folks, now makes me a...
  15. Zeus36

    Rafik Kaissi - Check out the motorcycles this guy builds out of junk parts AND Bonus:
  16. TB99Max

    Another nominee for Mr. Nice guy award

    I would also like to nominate Dragmaxster for the mr nice guy award. He also came out and spent the majority of the day at my house helping me get the Vmax all dialed in.
  17. TB99Max

    Nominee for mr nice guy award!

    I would like to nominate blaxmax for a mr. Nice guy award. In another thread I explained the issues I was having and Blax and Dragmaxster drove 80 plus miles one way to my house and stayed pretty much all day until my bike was fixed!
  18. M

    New guy

    Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum so just thought I'd put some background and say hi. Ok, I own a 2014 Vmax which I had 2 years now and I recently purchased a ninja h2 as a stable mate for it. I must warn everyone I have a horrid sense of humour which unfortunately got me banned from starvmax...
  19. jagco1

    Hi guy's me back 2006 vmax fork leaking

    I pick up 2006 vmax with low miles very clean all stock, wfie don't no. "O" to I pick up fj1200 to she did find out about this bike though. Vmax fork oil started leaking and got on the rotors. I did try cleaning them seals with plastic but still leaking. Is there a easy way of replacing the...
  20. frank5079

    Lucky guy...

    This Russian motorcyclist should count himself lucky after the white SUV that passed him, shielded him from getting hit by an oncoming driver...I would imagine that if I rode through that, I would have needed a spatula to separate me from my seat!!!