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  1. VBurr

    Parts Wanted Grab Bar (a.k.a Rear Stay)

    Looking for a rear passenger grab bar for my 1994 VMX1200. Either painted or aluminum is okay. Part number 1FK-21645-10-00. Must be willing to ship to Ontario Canada. I have a sissy bar, but prefer the short grab bar.
  2. g2501

    aftermarket lift handle for custom tail

    hello guys, just yesterday I was installing the new mv agusta tail on my vmax , I had some issues with the turning lights ( ended up in purchasing a new smaller set to fit the small holes ) but now I'm in trouble with a big issue : the lifting handle.... I'm a small old guy and for sure I do...
  3. adambweird

    BEST way to handle a childs bully

  4. byle05

    Handle bar/Direction lock system

    Hi all! First of all to announce myself as this is my first post on the forum :) I am byle from Spain but currently living on The Netherlands and I just bought a VMAX from 1997 to enjoy touring (whenever it doesn't rain :) ) So the aim of posting here is that I was trying to lock the...
  5. 2

    Why do most or all vmax bikes have a front end wobble if you let go of handle bars?

    ? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  6. BigJimi

    Handle bars seem to out of line?

    I have notice that when I riding the handle bar seems to be pulled back more on the right side, when I have the bike on a rear stand if I move the bars straight the front tire slightly turns to the left:bang head: Is it possible for the handle bar risers to have moved and need to be adjusted...
  7. Falaholic

    Fork mount or handle bar mount windshield. Opinions?

    Wanted to hear everyone's opinion on fork mount or handle bar mount windshields. Also, please take into consideration possible impacts while riding.
  8. A

    handle bar risers

    I'm thinking of getting some pivoting risers. Would I need new cables and hoses with the 3-1/2" risers?
  9. E

    Handle bar risers homeish made

    Has anyone made any? Does anyone have any decent drawings of their own design? I have a friend with some decent machine equipment and was thinking about making my own since they're not cheap and I have the time to try but not the experience. With a little help I might pull it off. Any leads???
  10. C

    Broom Handle...

    Mauser C96. Had this for a short time. I ll probably get another one someday. Cool holster turns into buttstock for it! Todd
  11. 0

    should handle 100% better

    my new frame bars and mega fork brace from exactrep came this week waiting for my ricor fork intiminators and my 180 tire to come. Still looking for a set of progressive shocks. Should handle 100% better.
  12. Boostmax

    Wow! The gen 2 does handle!! Cant do this on a gen 1!

    Nice video showing the handling potential of the gen 2 on a track. Gen 2 shows up about 0:45 sec in. Very impressive http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jIHk3-Mz8_I
  13. T

    What kind of handle bars you guys running?

    As the title says, what kind of bars are you guys using, and what kind of riding do you normally do? Seems like the popular ones are the morley's drag (with or without a riser) or this super bike bar. Do these both fit stock wiring? Anyone used the bar from Sportmax? I usually do highway riding...
  14. C

    Handle Riser Bolt Caps

    Just a dumb question. I am planning to buy a replacement riser for my '98 Vmax. My risers have what I think are the bolt caps. How do you pull out these caps? Just picking them out with something like a small screwdriver? I would assume the allen bolts would appear below like in the...
  15. lawman504

    Handle Bars....superbike or drag from Sean??

    Hey guys, need some input and pics. I want some new bars and was pretty dead set on drag bars from Sean. Luckily, i emailed him about them and he replied almost immediately. He said the drag bars have a tendancy to hit the faux tank cover so he recommended the superbike bars. I read on here all...
  16. whiskey

    Switch handle right

    Looking for right switch handle with the paint and the letters in good condition. It's the covers that looking for. But I can't be choose. Is there anyone out there please let me now.
  17. WVxNitemare

    Handle bar width

    Guys I have the drag bars currently on my bike that are about 28 inches wide... wanting a biy more I ordered a set that are 35.8 inches wide. Think thay will be too much? I hate how cramped everything is with tje 28 inch ones. If too wide can I cut the back? Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk 2
  18. VegasVMax

    Handle bar measurements.

    Does anybody know the measurements for the stock 05 bars? Thanx in advance!
  19. F

    Handle Bars

    Alright, been a little bit sense I last posted but I was wondering if anyone has any exprence/stories/photos of an idea I have. Right now I have the SuperBike handlebars from Morely and they look good. I was messing around with them and turned them down some to have more of a sportster/cafe...
  20. hammer

    Handle Bars

    I just installed Morley's handle bars on my Gen 2. Quality product. The pre-drilled holes were dead on. A couple of tips. 1) remove the pin from the lower handle bar holder. It's not needed. 2) purchase the pre-drilled model. It's worth the extra $$. Next will be Morley's Gen 2 seat. :clapping: