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  1. rusty

    Down hill skateborder

  2. Fire-medic

    $10K to climb a hill

    Hillclimbing attempts in cars are very entertaining! Disappointment and futility are the rules of the day. Full spaceframes appear to be necessary for survival. Looks like they should have side nets like NASCAR to keep from having an arm crushed after an inevitable rollover...
  3. J

    2014 TX Hill Country rally

    Just a few pics I took with my pocket camera while at this years' TX Hill Country rally in Bandera.
  4. train460

    Texas Spring Hill Country rally March 21st & 22nd

    Checked on cabin situation and there are only 7 cabins left. we are staying at the riverfront in Bandra like we have done many times in the past. Seems to be a lot more fun as we are all together. long ride saturday, 200-300 miles, pizza and slow races saturday night. Sunday, Jim and Shaila...
  5. train460

    2014 Texas Hill Country and Eureka Springs rally dates.

    Here is the remaining rally dates for the fall rally in the South central area In the past we have had 3 rallies in the south central area. Spring and fall in the Texas Hill country and the mid year one in Eureka Springs. This year we are changing up abit and trying something new for the...
  6. redneksoldier

    Texas Hill Country Today

    I'm going to head North from Corpus up to the Hill Country today with a small group of local riders. A few others are going to meet up with us in Bandera. Looking like mostly sport bikes except for me. Any one that wants to meet up is welcome. We will probability be in Bandera around 9. HMU if...
  7. J

    2013 TX Hill Country rally

    Just thought I'd share a few pics I took from this past weekends' TX rally. The group shot was taken by someone else (Gigi Webber, I think) and I 'borrowed' it from FB. Group photo before starting Saturday morning's rides. I got my money's worth out of this back tire for sure. I...
  8. J

    VMOA South Central - 2013 Spring TX Hill Country

    I don't think there's been any posting specifically for the South Central VMOA Spring Hill Country ride coming up next weekend Mar 15-17th at Medina, TX. This ride is less than a week away, and I'm salivating over it already. Can't wait. I hope to see many of you guys/gals down there...
  9. train460

    texas hill country/big bend

    uploaded a bunch more pics from that week http://community.webshots.com/album/582872764fsIDXR?start=0
  10. train460

    Texas Spring Hill country rally 2012

    Pics from the spring rally along with some we took in Big Bend http://travel.webshots.com/album/582872764fsIDXR Michael
  11. Barry barker

    Hill Country Rally April 20,21,22 Bandera

    There are still 2 cabins available for anyone close enough to make it to west Texas. I can promise you a great time. In the video section check out stock Vmax runs Texas 337. What is missing is Texas 335 and 336 which are just as crazy. And don't forget the slow races. Tried to upload...
  12. train460

    Spring texas hill Country Rally may 20th-21st

    getting close 2012 South Central Rally Schedule Texas Spring Hill Country rally April 20th & 21st Based in Bandera Tx at The Riverfront hotel www.theriverfrontmotel.com/ Phone: Local: (830) 460-3690 Toll-Free: (800) 870-5671 As most of you know i am holding all 11 cabins...
  13. train460

    Texas Hill Country Oct 7th-9th

    Coming up this weekend. our annual fall rally on the 3 sisters. If anyone is down this way come join us. Should be the usual show of about 25-30 bikes. And we ALWAYS have a blast. As with all the rallies i organize you need to be ready to ride hard and get rid of those chicken strips. Those...
  14. Maxine

    Vmax's sighted in Hill City SD

    While riding out in the black hills last week, I had a chance to see two Vmax's while stopped in Hill City. They guy was on a stretched and modded 1985 and she was on a sweet custom painted "fairy" green one. Colorado plates on both of them. Didnt get a chance to talk to the guy for long, and...
  15. Rusty McNeil

    Another great video...Texas Hill Country Ranch Road 335

    From Last Spring by Cfavret, a new rider to our group and the best rider I've personally ever know, On a bone stock max....RR 335 is the least curvy of the Three Sisters, but lots of nice sweepers... Turn up the sound and don't get dizzy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOnA8_LcBzg
  16. Rusty McNeil

    Texas Hill Country Three Sisters

    Just discovered one of the fellow Vmaxers from Austin that made our ride this weekened to Bandera has a pretty good channel up on you tube. This clip is from part of the route we ride. Not from this weekend but from a while back when he was on a different bike. Little fucker can ride too...
  17. train460

    Texas hill country pics

    Hey all. here is a link to our fall rally pics. we had a blast with 25 total bikes, 6 of which were of the 09 variety. later michael http://groups.yahoo.com/group/V-Max_Houston/photos/album/1974400860/pic/list
  18. yankee in texas

    Looking for Texas Hill Country riders?

    I was curious if there were any members in my area? I live just south of New Braunfels. Wouldn't mind hooking up with some fellow vmax owners? yankee
  19. daves86vmax

    Devils Staircase Hill Climb 10-11-09

    rode down with a friend to check out the hill climb.lots of bikes and what a great day to be out on the road.the video is of a yamaha with an inline 4 R1 engine putting out about 300hp according to one of the riders.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVrQuFbuToU
  20. train460

    texas Hill country rally oct 2nd & 3rd

    VMOA South Central Region Rally News Hello friends I was asked before to try and give more of a heads up on some of our rallies in the south central region, sooo here it is Texas Annual Fall hill country rally Oct 2nd & 3rd Bandera TX riverfront motel 830-460-3690...