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  1. kevman

    Stuck jet block in carbie.

    Ok I had dramas with the I pulled them off the bike and started dismantling them.I have reached the point of removing the jet block and it seems stuck.I tried levering it off with a large screwdriver but it doesn't want to budge.Any ideas on how to remove them would be great.Thanks...
  2. redbaron13

    Jet backing out

    My max started running like crap so I removed all the bling and the air box. When I looked down in one of the carbs, the brass jet had backed out and is almost touching the base of the throttle valve. Anyone know if it pops back in or screws in?
  3. drdyno

    I'm almost there!!!!!!

    I'm an experienced drag racer and motorcycle collector, but I am absolutely new to V-motors. I'm looking for a carb tip from some forum pro which I will appreciate greatly... but first a little more background. I decided I just HAD to have this beautiful red 2005 like MINT with 4000 mi...
  4. steamer97

    pilot jet block caps

    I am quite amazed at the prices for the little rubber plugs in the pilot jet block (called "caps" on the parts breakdown). I'm not going to spend 60-70 bucks on one set up of them (8 ea.) What have owners here used to replace messed up rubber block caps? (pencil erasers, lol?).
  5. W

    Proper o-ring placement on needle jet

    Hi all, Bill Denton here, retread newbie. Had a '97 about 10 years ago, sold it but now have a '99 that I'm working on. I have a question about proper placement of o-ring #33 on the needle jet #34. In the sticky called Carb rebuild parts 1-6, the o-ring is being placed onto the needle jet on the...

    Anyone ever jet up to 130 mph or more on the vmax

    I had a 3 mile stretch to myself today before i knew it i was a bit pass 130 wich is way to easy for this bike compared to any cruiser ive ever rode. Anyone else reach this speed or more on ocasion track or road if so what kind of air pressure is proper ?
  7. greimers

    Move to lower elevation

    I moved from Calgary AB (1000m) to Winnipeg MB area (200m) and my bike is running really poorly - puffing and popping. Plugs are light and it runs better on 1/2 choke. Seems to be ok from 3/4 to WOT I wasn't expecting the elevation change to make that much of a difference (what do people do...
  8. TB99Max

    Jet block advice

    I've been having these issues for a few months now and not been able to ride except around the block after a couple shotgun attempts. I've replaced the fuel filter and plugs, checked the fuel pump, checked the tank, seafoam a few times and shotgun 3 times to no avail! It pops, sputters, and...
  9. M

    Dirty carbs or needing a jet kit?

    Pulled the carbs on an 01 Vmax project ive been working on (previous owner let it sit for 5-6 years), cleaned em out and replaced parts with fresh carb kits. Everything is back together and running, she pulls great right up until about 4k. It doesnt die, but the power band drops off...
  10. G

    Fuel from needle jet at idle? WTH????

    Alright, I'm baffled. This is on a Venture with a Vmax Engine in it (at least from the cylinder block up it is). It's running pig rich at idle and low rpms. Will run a couple days and then cabon fouls the plugs. I tried to adjust the idle fuel screws and discovered that they had no effect if...
  11. B

    A/F ratio vs jet size

    Ok, all you guys that put your bikes on a dyno, on average changing one jet size changed you air fuel ratio much? I know its not going to by the same for every motor, pipes and engine mods will effect it, but it should be able to be used as a ball park figure.
  12. Zeus36

    Ride on a Hover Jet- Guinness World Record
  13. C

    99 VMAX VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit

    1999 VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit The color in the pictures does not represent the real color. The last pic is the closest match, it is candy apple red. Very fast bike, with the UFO modifications you get the performance that the VBoost provide throughout the...
  14. tinman22

    Jet dumbering

    I'll try and make this as clear as I can. I'm trying to get the jetting sorted out on this contraption. It had what were clearly marked DJ 190's for mains (was rich) I've got a set of mic 152.5's I stole out of a bike I just picked up wich might be a little small. What I'm trying to figure out...
  15. Slamfire

    170 main jet?

    So I pulled my carbs intent on re checking my float levels ( which i set last summer) Because Ive had a rich condition. I decided before splitting the rack again, I would unscrew the main jet "cap" and check out the jet size. Im not sure why i didnt check them last summer when i had them all...
  16. rusty

    Motorcycle/ jet ski/ all in one
  17. speedcostsmoney

    Pilot fuel jet / slow jet

    Ok looking to change the fuel jet, stock is 37.5 up here in Canada, which has 0.0145 inch hole, the jet in the aluminium block under the float not the PAJ 1 UNDER AIRBOX, checked with dealer for avaiable sizes STOCK 37.5 , FOLLOWED BY 40.5 THEN COMES 45, Wondering if anyone has played with the...
  18. S

    Carb jet?

    I traded my 86 max for a 2003 with 8k miles on it. It ran strong til I came to a stop at my house where it stumbled and stalled. I decided to look at the carbs and saw this thing poking out when I pulled the needle out. How do I get this jet in? It doesn't seem to want to screw in....
  19. G

    For Sale: Kerker 2.5" Comp baffle, K&N air filter and Mikuni 147.5 main jet (4)

    Hello, I bought a kerker 2.5' competition baffle, part #100-6400 2 weeks ago. Really perks up the performance but next door neighboor is now babysitting her grandchild ( a few months old) so the pipe has to go. $140 incl shipping in US. I have a K&N airfilter, single that replaces stock...
  20. wildweasel_pt

    Keihin FCR jet numbers

    Hi all I've been tinkering with FCR setups for a while and I would like to know what jets are the FCR users using on their carbs. I know it depends on pressure altitude and all that but I would like to have an idea of a starting point to work with. The FCRs have 4 jets, 2 air jets (main and...