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  1. Bill Seward

    Kuryakyn done me right.

    Last year at Thunder, the throttle grip on the Roadstar broke, at Jim & Jimmies parking lot. A group of the guys descended on the bike, and we were able to modify the grip to work again. Well, the modification failed earlier in the week, and the throttle seized up at idle. Unfortunately, I was...
  2. dmax1

    kuryakyn iso grip install

    I have just purchased the iso style grips. I was reading the installation procedure when it said to use the glue included to install them. Really! Do you really need the glue to hold these grips on :ummm: What if you ever have to take them off. Any other grip I have put on I have never had to...
  3. P

    Kuryakyn Magnum Mirrors -SOLD-

    Pretty nice mirrors. The ball and socket joint is lockable so it won't jiggle around, which is a handy feature. I'm a fairly big guy and had a hard time seeing over my shoulders when these were on a narrow drag bar, that's my only reason for selling. Chrome could do with a buff, but still in...
  4. D

    Black Kuryakyn Iso-Grips w/ throttle boss

    Like the title says. I put on my oxford heated grips so my Black Iso-grips are for sale. New with the throttle boss, I think they're about $90 total. $50 shipped CONUS and they're yours.
  5. J

    Got a weird issue with Kuryakyn running lights

    Ok everything in tail hooked up fine. But if I put my front signals on the running lights the blinkers act as four ways. The signals are the bullet led Kuryakyn lights I have to load equalizers on as per Kuryakyn tech support still does it. I even put diodes in on each side to the blinker...
  6. texas-ss-tornado

    Kuryakyn grips

    Brand new, just like these, for 7/8 inch bars, I run these on all of my bikes! $50 shipped in the US! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kuryakyn-Universal-7-8-Inch-ISO-Grips-Chrome-/370768046190?hash=item56537f686e&item=370768046190&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr
  7. Diablotin

    New black kuryakyn grips

    Really nice... I wonder if we can use them with regular barends and/or barend mirrors
  8. midmoraider

    Bar end mirrors and Kuryakyn grips

    Does anyone know if there is a bar end mirror that is compatible with the Kuryakyn Iso grips? I guess it would need the slots for the grip cap bolts to go through like the throttle boss would. I am only interested in putting one on the left side. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. yankee in texas

    Kuryakyn brake & shift peg covers

    Does Kuryakyn still make those covers for the brake pedal and the shift peg? They don't list the Vmax anymore??? Yankee
  10. R

    KURYAKYN Silver Bullet

    Anyone install these turn signals on their bike? I really like the look of them, but I'm having trouble figuring out which one will fit.
  11. Noxx72

    Kuryakyn Iso-wings.

    Short review, these blow ass. Detail review. I mounted these in conjunction with a set of Seeger forward controls. They look good, and they feel good, offering plenty of room to shuffle your feet around on longer rides. Where the problem arises, at least on the wings with male mounts, is...
  12. S

    Kuryakyn diamond ice headlight??

    Can someone tell me if this headlight is a direct bolt on? or does it need the adapter rind from adure to make it work for the vmax?? anyone have that set-up??? tks!!
  13. Rusty McNeil

    Kuryakyn Grips???

    Has anyone used the Kuryakyn Universal Iso-grips? Were they a good fit?? I hope so because I just ordered a set...... I also ordered the Drag bars from UFO.... Any one have them and know if they are gonna be a problem with tank clearance when turning low speed???? Thanks in advance...