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  1. Fire-medic

    lane 'cutters' and 'zippers': merging into a single lane from two

    We all have experienced the person who runs up on the right (or the left, if traffic has to merge to the right) and crams his way (or her way) into the single lane. This article...
  2. D

    What are you views on lane splitting?
  3. rusty

    Lane splitting in California
  4. a113ycat

    Tennessee Legislation for Lane Splitting I lived in California for many years and personally agree with this type of law. I only wish that Texas would adopt something similar. When I had my last motorcycle accident in Oct 2013 it could have...
  5. rusty

    Lane Splitting

    AB236, Nevada’s lane splitting bill, has passed :worthy::clapping::punk::eusa_dance::thumbs up: :cheers::10_6_8:
  6. frank5079

    Lane VA??

    I sure hope so!!! Then may be the other surrounding states will follow suit....
  7. frank5079

    Lane Russia, not pretty...
  8. frank5079

    Lane splitting...

    The one best thing I miss about living in California....ok the second best(nice riding weather)....
  9. J

    Lane Spitting Gone Bad Hope this guys signed the organ donor section on his license.
  10. WVxNitemare

    Lane splitting

    Wow in Portland Oregon for the first time and saw a guy lane splitting. Not legal where I come from. But wow that takes guts... anyone lane split? ??? Aren't u afraid they will cut u off or open a door??? Not bashing here just saying I would he scared shitless doing it. Sent from my SGH-I747M...
  11. Bill Seward

    TJ Lane

    Google the video of this little prick at his sentencing for murdering 3 kids. Now, tell me why the asshole doesn't deserve to die, slowly and painfully....
  12. C

    Is it legal to lane split in your state? Not here in Michigan. But I always wondered how you guys that are legally able to do so, get treated? Todd
  13. N

    Memory lane

    Wife found a photo of me and my son on my brand new 1990 vmax I purchased in Liberal Ks in the early year of 1990. The dealer made me pay upfront before he would even order it. I ride a 90 model now but it's a different bike than my original. I sold my first one cause I rode back and forth to...

    Lane splitting. Lane sharing.

    Starting the Lane Splitting, Lane Sharing thread. Lane splitting is a skill in its own. Down right dangerous though. Not that that stops me. Its not uncommon to hit car mirrors with arms, or foot if you dont like what the car is doing. ie, Squeezing you in the lane and not letting you pass...
  15. Nobody

    Billy Lane

    Billy Lane of Choppers Inc has just been sentenced to 6 years inside, 3 years probation, has lost his license for life.
  16. Bogie

    Memory Lane - Found some old pics!!

    Of a couple of my previous bikes!! Ahhh ya blink and your 38!! :rofl_200: When I was 16 I had this 1982 650 Nighthawk! :banana: When I was 18 I had this 1986 Yamaha 700 Maxim X! :worthy:
  17. firefly

    Some insane lane splitting

    These people should never ride motorcycles! but they sure have coordination, timing and great endurance. enjoy. ________ Honda RC212V history
  18. firefly

    Today I did some serious lane splitting with T-boost on

    I scared myself today having the T-boost on at 3K and splitting lanes in surface streets like their is no tomorrow, covered a distance that usually takes 20 min lane splitting in 7 min of hyper lane splitting, that T-boost acceleration scared the sh---- out of car drivers around me, today I...