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  1. maxcruiser

    Gen2 fork length?

    Just wondering what the fork length is of the gen2 and if the front end would be a good candidate to install on a gen1. Mike
  2. T

    Fork Length

    What is the length from the top of the fork tube to the center of the front axle(at full extension, wheel off the ground, if possible)? Wheel on ground numbers will change based on age of spring, preload, etc. full extension is a fixed point. I did try to search the internet and these...
  3. S

    Vboost cable length

    Hey all I urgently need the length of the outer black for the vboost cable. I know the inner free length..just need stock outer size. Thanks
  4. Specs95t

    rear brake hose length

    looking to learn the length of the standard brake hose - does anyone have a spare that they can measure?:ummm:
  5. Biker Dash

    Clutch line stock length.

    I need to know the stock length for the clutch line. I want to upgrade my brake and clutch lines, and I can easily measure the brake lines, but the clutch line is routed behind a ton of stuff. Gonna have the shop I go to make up the lines, because the stock straight banjo bolts are a pain when...
  6. S

    85-92 Lowering spring length?

    So I bought the Progressive lowering spring kit (10-1556) for my '89. I also watched Sean's video about fork reassembly where he noted the Progressive springs were 1/4" taller. I measured mine and they were 5/8"-3/4" shorter than the stock springs. I realize Sean was working on the later 43mm...
  7. Biker Dash

    Effects of Master Cylinder Size, Lever Length, ect.

    Ok, in my quest to make my bike the perfect bike for me, I have found I want some changes in the braking department. While the stock Vmax brakes seem to do the job just fine in most instances, I do know that they can be better. With the front brakes, the pull feels lighter than what I would...
  8. S

    Fork length

    My 89 max has raceteched forks that are 835mm axle centre to top, which is a bit short as I'm grinding the headers. What's your ( free length ) on your forks? :punk:
  9. B

    Throttle tube length

    Anyone know the throttle tube length for an 85 model? I did a search but couldn't actually find a definite length. Got a pair of grips I've been looking at and I don't want to do what I did last time and order some that are too short. Appreciate the help.
  10. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Stock swingarm length

    Would someone be kind enough to provide an accurate measurement from a stock swingarm? It would be easiest if it was not mounted. I would like to know the dimension shown in the attached photo.
  11. S

    Stock fork length

    Could someone please tell me the uncompressed length of stock forks. I've admitted defeat and a mate is turning up some fork extensions for my R1 forks.
  12. T

    Race Tech Spacer length

    OK, got my new Race Tech springs for my 85 Vmax and they are significantly shorter than my factory springs. I had to make 10" long spacers to make up the difference. Is this normal? I got the S3234-100.
  13. NHVmaxpower

    stock spring length

    Hello all I pulled my tripple trees to inspect my head bearing & realized they have been replaced the bearings & races look imaculate no pits,marks,nothing as was the grease looks like they used blue marine grease.. So I went on to check my front spring cause another member drove my bike & said...
  14. W

    Shock length

    What length of shock are riders using to gain more clearance and enhance handling. I come from a sportbike background and would like to improve the handling of my Vmax.
  15. B

    Need info on length of stock throttle cables??

    I currently have drag bars on my max and am quite sure the previous owner had the throttle cables custom made shorter than stock. I want to install the 2" wider than stock handlebars from Pythonmotorsports, but the throttle cables I have on there now are a little too short. I'm wondering if...
  16. OCVmax

    Throttle Tube Length?

    The idiot that owned my Max before be put grips on the bike that are too big! So when I pulled them off, he had about a whole role of electical tape wrapped around the handlebar to hold them on. Amazing! Anyway, switching over to the right grips but now it looks like he may have cut the...
  17. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Rear axle lengths

    Anyone out there have one of the "old style" axles that they could give me an accurate measurement from? By old style, I'm talking the one that has a hole drilled trough it for a cotter pin and uses a castellated nut. I'm putting a metal plate and some spacers on the end of my axle so could...
  18. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    USD measurements for reference

    I see that przemek posted this a while ago. Since then it looks like some more info has been added. I can't attest to the accuracy of the info but it seems like a good reference for anyone interested in going USD.
  19. E

    FZX700 question re. chain length

    Hi all: Any of you good people know who makes high-quality custom-length motorcycle chains? I'm looking to get one made in the 530 width. Thanks very much. Elimax
  20. naughtyG

    forks length and weight

    Would anyone happen to know the length and weight of a front fork assembly for an 85-92 Max? One tube is fine - I can multiply by 2 :) I have a pair for sale I'm putting on fleaBay and would like to enter relevant data for shipping estimates. Thanks!