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  1. caseyjones955

    Why do some of us motorcyclists live in snowy states?

    The other thread discussing snow and allowing us an avenue to express the desire for it to go away now got me thinking. It begs the question, what reason do we have for living with the snow? I'm aware that the vast majority of us here are adult males, hence we can live anywhere we decide we...
  2. vmax2extreme

    Live online tech sessions

    What is your opinion to bring online, at a specific date/time, a technical person by using the VMOA's interactive chat? Everyone can come into our sites Technical chat room and interact with a special guest in real time for the event? We need to know your thoughts and would...
  3. tothemax93

    Not a good place to live I do:bang head:. Buffalo NY has had 50+ years of Democrats in power. Thats 50 years of promises. Buffalo is the 3 poorest city in the country. It's a good example of what the whole country will become, as they...
  4. vmax2extreme

    Its LIVE - Tiered Membership!

    Today, the Vmax Owner's Association has started a new TIERED MEMBERSHIP structure as shown below: Basic - VMOA supporter with website access, NO VBOOST access. Premium - Full website access with only online digital VBoost access. Ultimate - Full website access with both online digital and...
  5. donnelly317

    this guy live next town over from me!

    You guys probably have see this bike on BUT still. My lazy ass took a nap and woke up to 3 missed calls and 7 text messages from my buddy these are what he sent me I wish I wasnt sleeping i wanna meet this guy! i hope he comes on the spring ice breaker run next...
  6. donnelly317

    anyone live within an hour of bristol TN?

    My parents get season tickets for nascar race and me and the girlfriend are going this year. My parents have a camp site right at the track and my dad bring his bike down.. we would be coming down the Sunday before the race. I want to bring my max so bad but don't just want to leave the truck at...

    Live Bangshift

    Winged express running soon
  8. Redbone

    How the other half live!

    Stunning, amazing, and down right cool!
  9. T

    Anyone live in Nassau or Suffolk county, Long Island?

    Looking to ride with another vmaxer who lives in Nassau or Suffolk county, Long Island, NY. PM me if interested.
  10. VMAX1260

    The best audio visual live ever

    except from job... i am also a Dj , i was always telling that the visual is the half of Djing. i run into these live from Daft Punk. and i couldnt believe it THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO's
  11. KJShover

    Live kiss concert
  12. Jdk203

    Live and learn - paint job

    So I work with a guy who is pretty artistic. He does characitures for people who are leaving. Air brushes shirts hats etc. He also likes drawing comice book characters etc.Ive seen some pretty cool work of his. A couple years ago he had offered to paint my previous bike which was a POS and I...
  13. D

    anyone live near Esperia, California. Marks exhaust?

    anyone live near Hesperia, California. Marks exhaust? I want to have a pipe made for me thats upswept like a ducati or the old 2 bros slip ons. Problem is Mark sold his bike 9 mos ago so now has nothing to mock up against.Now he cant do anything different than what his jigs are set up for with...
  14. D

    does anyone live near MARKS exhaust?

    I want to have a pipe made for me thats upswept like a ducati or the old 2 bros slip ons. Problem is Mark sold his bike 9 mos ago so now has nothing to mock up against.Now he cant do anything different than what his jigs are set up for with out a bike to use.I am hopeful that someone lives close...

    Drag Bike Live

    There's a good radio talk show about the AMA Drag Bike series. Interviews with top guys in the sport. Every Sunday 9 PM it's on now! Dragbike Live
  16. daves86vmax

    anyone here live around canal winchester ohio

    I saw someone a couple weeks back on a mostly blacked out vmax (scoops were black also)while i was going through canal winchester.i don't think there are any members around here but i'm not sure.
  17. carbonvmax

    latest neanderpaul live looping video

    had a show last night.
  18. vmaxride06

    Rare Black Sabbath, live 1970

    Four young lads from Birmingham...Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler- Bass, Tony Iommi- Guitar, and Bill Ward- Drums. Iron Man / Fairies Wear Boots, live, Paris, 1970.
  19. hubeerjw

    Anyone live in the Decatur, IL area?

    I was wondering if anyone lives around or near Decatur, IL? I live about 3.5 hours away, so it isn't too far, but I purchased a FZR parts bike very close to there and was wondering if anyone was close that may be able to pick it up and hang on to it until I can pick it up. And who knows, maybe...
  20. Rusty McNeil

    Three reason to live in Texas

    Three reasons to live in Texas Sorry if this is cruel...