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  1. Killjoy

    Made an impulse buy...

    So I bought this running 1989 harley flhtc electraglide with a side car for $1500...
  2. Supercharger

    Custom made Swingarm inner panel?

    Hello Vmax guys. I'm new here and have a questions :ummm: Yamaha offer a wide tire rim (240 tire) but the original Swingarm inner plate must be removed. I don't like the shaft drive is exposed for dirt and water. :damn angry: Have someone manufactured a slim inner panel plate?
  3. 3

    3rd Vmax ever made. Its mine!

    Looking to possibly sell or trade it for the right stuff.

    I made it worse!

    This is not vmax related hence, its in the burnout pit. Last summer I sold my CR500 and bought a couple quads. One new sportsman 570 and one used Grizzly 450. The grizz got all the fluids changed, greased, filter clean, new brake pads, etc... All was well with my used ATV purchase...
  5. JWillyG

    home made synchronizer

    I have pics of materials used, I am posting a video Monday after I synce the carbs.
  6. Johnc1go

    I made gixer friend today.

    I rode for about 20 minutes on the freeway with a guy on a GSXR1000. We both got on the throttle, passing each other other back and fourth and just all around having fun. At one point, we were side by side, running about 90 and we both hit the throttle and pretty much went neck and neck up to...
  7. Fire-medic

    Beck's beer is made in the USA!

    Class action lawsuit! I am probably owed $thousand$! U.S. drinkers of Beck's beer who thought the American-made brew they were buying was still a fancy, century-old German import can get cash payments under a...
  8. D

    The very first Vmax ever made. I'm pretty sure this is the very first vmax ever made.:confused2:
  9. E

    Handle bar risers homeish made

    Has anyone made any? Does anyone have any decent drawings of their own design? I have a friend with some decent machine equipment and was thinking about making my own since they're not cheap and I have the time to try but not the experience. With a little help I might pull it off. Any leads???
  10. W

    Home made fork seal cleaner works!

    OK, my '85 barnfind had very leaky fork seals,the lower legs were stained brown and the brakes were gummy with oil. I saw a Utube vid about making and using a tool made from hard clear plastic packaging along with the methods of use. So I tried it while I had the front wheel off. I found...
  11. N

    Made some high way pegs

    Founds kits online for $90 for a set decided to make my own $20 in Harley pegs and free scrap aluminum from work and I have a set now I do CNC routing at work so it makes things a little easier.[/URL][/IMG]
  12. tothemax93

    Thunder guys made an impression

    I was at the drags friday night at Empire dragway A guy walks up to me and the first thing out of his mouth is "I'm a harley guy but those Vmaxes are a great bike. He went on to tell me that he went to thunder in 2012 and stayed in somerset. The hotel he stayed at was...
  13. magna_dude74

    How many yellow MAX's made?

    Hell all, How do I find out how many of my yellow 1994's were produced? I know it is a lower number than most, but I am looking for something specific that I can show off, thinking of some kind of cool badge or custom pin strip around the production numbers, similar to the 05 badging. Thanks,
  14. carnut108

    Anybody made a Vmax into a trike.

    Would like to know if there is a kit available to convert the Max to a trike. Any members done this. ? Pic's ?
  15. KJShover

    They should have made one.

    I can understand the XS' Midnight special bikes. I've owned a 1980 and an '81. Kills me that all my parts to put them back together were ruined and others stolen. Then I started thinking, why never a Vmax midnight special. So I found a picture of a '93 Vmax and started to change colors...
  16. cgswss

    Finally did it! New seat being made!

    Well after bugging Sean for about a year, and a bunch of emails, and overcoming the problems of sending him money while using my credit card... I have a Morley Muscle seat ordered! He is even going to TRY to get it done so I can use it for Dowagiac! OK I know, Big deal! Well it makes...
  17. F

    home made slip on exhaust

    finally finished my custom exhaust tell me what you guys think of my one of a kind mod
  18. maxrom

    Made in Quebec

    Please use your google language tool translater
  19. dtoebaert-5311

    custom made mirrors

    anyone ever came across this? looks pretty neat probably not street legal....if we`d mind :biglaugh: Still, some pretty cool designs there
  20. Miles Long

    Electrical theory - made easy!

    I've heard people verbally equate electrical principles to common plumbing terms, but have never seen it in print - till now. This sure makes it all easier to understand! Cheers!