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  1. Traumahawk

    Nitrous kit

    I wonder if anyone knows of a nitrous kit available for a Gen2, or does anyone know anyone that has used it, and what issues did they run into?
  2. cwkerr007

    nitrous kits

    i have searched near and far can anybody tell me where to find the nitrous kits for our bikes
  3. Falaholic

    Nitrous through the service ports?

    I wanted to come here to ask if it is possible and a logical area to install nitrous nozzles in the service ports of a Vmax. Thank you,
  4. Falaholic

    Nitrous and retarding timing...why?

    Thought just crossed my mind. I recall people mention retarding the timing on their nitrous applications, using their Dyna 3000. My Q is why? If the Vmax runs best on 87 octane, why not just run 93 when using nitrous. i.e. Chemical retardation.
  5. T

    Dry shot nitrous with vboost?

    Hi all, It's my first time on the site and I'm loving it! I have had a quick look through previous topic and couldn't find any info relating to my question. I have a 1990 model vmax with vboost, I have fitted a sassy vboost controller which allows you to set your vboost to be fully open at...
  6. Sweatysac

    Nitrous oxide for vmax

    Hi there, I want to put a nitrous kit on my vmax and was wondering if some of you already have a setup to show me..... I was thinking about a small wet shot directly in the trumpets (like the picture) in the air box.... What do you think?
  7. srk468


    Went out and took some pics earlier of my nitrous setup, I bought the kit used for $200 and bought 3 helium bottles from a friend for $100 (they are basically the same as high pressure CO2 bottles) and I went ahead and added a low fuel pressure safety switch and a full throttle microswitch.. I...
  8. R

    Nitrous Oxide Kit

    I have an '88 V Max with a Magnacharger and was wondering if anyone makes a NO Kit for this set up ? Thanks Chad
  9. vmax_nc

    NX Nitrous System

    Mockup of Nitrous System 1st I had to come up w/ some type of mount to attach that 2-1/2 lb bottle to. Came up with a peace of aluminum and fitted it to the front cyl. head. Next will be mounting the Nitrous / Fuel Solenoids and Shower Heads. Damn that Mod Monkey, more to come........
  10. H

    Nitrous question.

    I am currently running an 06 vmax w/ stock motor and stage 7 carbs. I am planning on installing a boss nos nitrous system in a few weeks. Everything I've read and heard a 40 HP shot is relatively date on a stock bike. I'm wondering what would need to be done to the bike in order to run a...
  11. one2dmax

    New Product - Nitrous Express Systems

    ***NEWS FLASH*** We are now going to be a Nitrous Express Dealer. Anyone wanting in on an initial group buy discount please email me directly with your requests and I will try and get you a cost (will be lower than normal this one time only as part of the buy in). Email [email protected]...
  12. dingy

    Nitrous injection port in head question

    The 1983 -1985 Venture 1200 motors had a setup called the YICS system. This entailed a port into the intake chamber near the intake boss. It was attached to a plastic manifold. The intent seemed to be to help improve air fuel mixture. This system was abandoned in 1986 when the Ventures went to...
  13. Y

    nitrous on the v-max

    anybody do it? any tips? Thanks Jeremy
  14. VMAX1260

    question for the nitrous experts.

    as i have the most things i have to install my nitrous kit. i started bolting things on. i have to drill the carbs manifolds to install the nos nozzle's change the fuel/nos jets on the nozzle . i will install 16 nitrous/18 fuel. this will give 36 safe horses. cause this were installed on a...
  15. R

    Nitrous kits from Sean?

    Sean do you offer wet nitrous kits? Randy
  16. slowpoke

    legality of nitrous on the street

    obviously it would be installed for the track since it illegal to street race but i was just thinking about the legality of nitrous being installed on a bike that is on the street. meaning lets say i had a track bike that had nitrous installed and wanted to also ride it to and from work. would...
  17. JIM93MAX

    nitrous ?

    i have searched on here about nitrous and have learned alot but my question is how big of a shot can you put on a stock vmax motor and say one with forged pistons to keep it safe ? and also i know every one said thats its very fun and addictive but is it really worth the 1000 ish bucks im going...
  18. mr.maxx


    ok folks.....ive been thinkin bout doin a nitrous. i cant afford a turbo:rofl_200: so how mouch is it gonna cost me and is ther a single place i can source all the needed equipment? how much does the nitrous itself cost?? thanks for any input:punk:
  19. C

    nitrous question

    Please share your experiences with installing nitrous on your Max? Expense of doing this project? Where did you hook up nitrous (air box, etc.)? Expected HP gains? Expected problems? Any harm to engine? Currently have Stage 2 dynajet, K&N air filter, and Kerker slip ons. Thanks!


    Buster... here's some pics of the turbo setup from the nitrous post. It's a draw-thru setup with a Rayjay F40 Turbo/ Mikuni 42 mm Flatslide. The bike ran 8.70's at 142 like a clock. Sorry I sold it. It was a Busa eater. I know people think that the ultimate setup is blow-thru with EFI. I'm...