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  1. D

    Avon Owner for Life

    My tire life was just fine, but I put new front and back on just because. In back went an Avon AV72 (200-55/r18 as I recall). Monday (while it was 93 out), I picked up a nail and found myself baking by the side of the interstate. Long story short, I call Avon sales and they tell me every...
  2. C

    New 1st gen owner

    Hi... I recently purchased a 2005 Max, its the bike I've always wanted but never owned. I call it my bucket bike, I bought it from the original owner, he got it to ride with his son but now his son is into rock crawlers so the bike was garaged for the last 3 years. It's only been down once when...
  3. 2

    New VMax Owner - Gen 1

    Hello gents. Been looking for a Gen-1 VMax for quite some time. Finally found one that was in very good condition and reasonably priced. Bought a '92 model, red, new Dunlop's, new fork seals, new brakes, Stage 7 kit, Kerker 4/1, drag bars and OEM type sissy bar. I'm not a sissy bar type person...
  4. B

    New Vmax owner

    1986 frame with all from a 2003 - happy. More pictures to come
  5. M

    Pre-VMAX Owner - about to buy

    Hi Experts and Gurus, I have my lustful eye on a 96 VMAX 1200. It's been holed up near a beach but still looks good and rides well. Registration has run out. What do I have to look for to ensure I do not buy a lemon? Thanks for you help.
  6. P

    Finally!!! I am VMax owner

    I have been riding bikes since I was about 9 years old (turned 45 in July). My first street bike I pulled from the woods and got it running when I was 14 years old. It was a 1974 CB360 that had sat for probably 10 years. I rode the snot out of that thing around the neighborhood and from that...
  7. 912er

    Yamaha owner ID

    Who else still has their original Yamaha owners ID card?
  8. J

    1986 Vmax For Sale One Owner

    30'000 Miles garage kept always, New Dunlop white letter tires front rotors all pads and handle bar grips too, just cleaned carbs and synced been running fine slowed down off the freeway from just cruising at 65 in fifth gear just as I slowed down and started to pull the clutch in I start...
  9. C

    New Vmax owner

    Hello everyone. I'm a new Vmax owner. Have wanted one for ever. Got a 1989 with a Mad Max body wrap. Love the bike. Still keeping my other bikes. Been riding for almost 50 years. Yep I'm an old man I love you Max. Yee haw. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  10. SpecOps13

    Napoitano Blasts Admin for 'Reprehensible,' 'Lawless' Stockpiling of Gun Owner Info

    And Much More,,,, Look at the whole page.... http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/08/04/judge-andrew-napolitano-report-atf-stockpiling-gun-owner-info
  11. Roodillom

    Stage 1? Stage 7? new owner confused!

    I have a 2007 and I was looking into a stage 1 kit and then I saw a stage 7 kit and now I don't know what to do. Are there stages 2-6 as well? Never heard of those if there are. What is the benefit and difference of a Stage 1 kit and a Stage 7 kit? I think the Max has plenty of horsepower but...
  12. radley

    VMax Owner / BowHunters

    Anyone here into bowhunting whitetail, AND owns/rides a VMax? Also in the southcentral MN area a plus....
  13. OzCrow

    New 88 owner with RR question

    Hi guys Ive just bought my first Vmax. It has a dead Regulator that I replaced with a Ricks one that has a different plug to the dead one. It looks as though a previous owner changed the plug to fit an after market stator, and did a poor job at it. The 3 white wires plug is different on...
  14. E

    New Vmax Owner

    Hello all! Newer to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Evan, live in southestearn Wisconsin (friends call me Erv). This is my first discussion post but I have sold parts and found help on so many threads within this forum so far. Thank you all for that! I bought my first...
  15. txfatboy

    New Texas Vmax owner

    Went to the motorcycle show last weekend with my son. Sat on a 2015 Vmax and was amazed at how well it fit me. I had seen one priced aggressively on CL. I called, yes it's still for sale, 0 miles 2014 Matt Gray. Wed. I rode it home. I have been riding sport touring bikes for a while and had...
  16. Fire-medic

    Bike shop owner who shoots thief after break-in wanted by PD

    Boynton Beach FL police and the U.S. Marshals Service's Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force are searching for Aurelio Gabriel Silva, 34, of Boynton Beach. Business owner fires shots at burglar riding off on stolen motorcycle The owner of a motorcycle store in Boynton Beach FL shot at least...
  17. T

    New member, new vmax owner

    Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is mark key and im from west texas. A little town south of lubbock named lamesa. Just picked up my first vmax sunday night in dallas. I got an insanely good deal on a new 2013 purplemax. I loved the color since it came out and finally picked one up...
  18. Fire-medic

    San Francisco shop owner

    Herre is an article I ran-across, I like to read stuff like what this guy was able to do in his life. He was a CA Bay-Area shop owner who was well-respected for his skills but who died at only 66. I think there are many more tales about him to be told. Here is one: A GIANT HAS FALLEN: KENNY...
  19. O

    New max owner

    ok Ive been wanting a vmax for a looong time. A month ago I got one. 1986 vmax. I ve been working and riding it every chance I get. I got it running by cleaning the carbs. fixed the charging system. replaced plugs, wires and new caps. Oil looks good for now. Replaced fuel filter. Replaced air...
  20. Johnc1go

    Recent Gen2 owner w/questions

    As a newer gen2 owner, I have a couple of questions for some of the more experienced owners. Was the 2010 recalled for oil pump issues? When I get beyond a certain high speed, the indicated speedo number drops down by 50 or so, I have had it up to 154 mph/gps so I figure this is some sort...