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    Help get some how to pictures stem bearings

    BikerDave 99 has a How To Post on pg4 of the How To section of the forum (STEM BEARINGS) I am able to read all of the post just fine however acording to Photo Bucket Im not a $$$ Member thus those really helpful Images next to the instructional post are blocked to me. That sucks I know.... i...
  2. V

    Your custom paint pictures

    I'm about to have my Vmax resprayed. Interested for custom paint job pictures. Please post them up! Mine is currently black with what seems like different color metal flaking. I wonder what it would look like in white.
  3. effingidiot

    Posting pictures

    Can someone tell me how to post pictures,i want to put my new project on.cheers.
  4. Lotsokids

    Back From Germany (Pictures for Patriots)

    I recently returned from a 3-week business trip to assist a program at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. It was a great time, and on my time off I visited a couple WWII American cemeteries. It's quite a somber moment. Many of you know I'm retired US Air Force. I spent a few hours at each cemetery...
  5. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings and Races Replaced: How-To With Pictures!

    1. Cover that intake. It's easy to drop hardware into the carbs with the cover off. 2. Hoist that beast up by the frame. 3. Remove the upper retaining nut 4. Chock the front wheel so it doesn't get away from you when you remove the adjusting nuts. Now is a good time to remove the front...
  6. SpecOps13

    American Pie the Song Explained in Pictures

    Thought this was cool, lots of work went into putting it together.
  7. Lew L

    posting pictures

    I've searched and can't find a " how to" on posting pictures??? Is there one? If not--- an easy way to post pix would be nice. Thanks, Lew
  8. D

    Pictures and updates!

    So here are the pictures... As you may see, the fuel pump is in front of the battery.. I don't believe that's stock The old fuel filter was literally made of rust on the inside so I got a new NAPA 3011 and drained the carb bowls (bowl bolts had a nice 1/8th inch...
  9. D

    pcw pro oiler pictures

    I am posting these so that people can see what the PCW pro oiler is. I have seen a few questions asked on this so I figured I would share while my engine is apart. I would get the oil pump kit from Morleys Muscle, and I think the PCW pro oiler manifold is the way to go.
  10. C

    Some more bike pictures I found....

    1997 I think, ( damn I can't even remember the bikes I owned LOL ) Kawasaki ZX7R. I polished the frame, and tons of other things, I made swingarm extensions. My 1992 GSXR 750. This one got a polished frame and front wheel, I never finished the rear wheel ( I kept the stock one on and...
  11. C

    Found some old bike pictures....

    Old oil boiler 1992 GSXR 750. I ran this bike for awhile. I loved it. Reliable, fast, handled well for what it was. Simple yet effective. Gave my Vmax fits! The fastest I ran on this bike was 10.80's. It was hard to drag race. I needed to go up in sprocket so I could alleviate the bog out of the...
  12. jagco1

    Vmax gauge's pictures needed

    Any 1 out there change there gauges on there vmax. I'm thinking about changing mind's. Looking for i dear's... have any 1 use these gauges.
  13. C

    I wish I was a vmax pictures....

    I ll start....
  14. VMax-Mike

    Post your funny dog pictures

    This is Oli with his Elvis look. He cant help him self.
  15. C

    Thunder in the Valley 2013 pictures

    Vmax Mike and Lee.... true Michigan Hooligans.....

    Cell phone custom home screen pictures

  17. 2fear

    Awesome Vmax pictures!

    If your bored and want to look at some incredible Vmax machines check out this link.
  18. C

    Swing arm cap covers cad pictures.....

    Going to cut these out tomorrow and see how they look...... I have a few more things coming as well. I plan on being busy on some stuff this winter! Todd


    i .. THIS IS HOW I ROLL ! . :biglaugh: .:punk:
  20. D

    Chain drive info and pictures

    Well guys Sean Morley got me hooked on engine cases sleeved and setup for a chain drive. So now I am building a 1428 chain drive with 8.5:1 pistons and H beam rods, pretty much all the goodies to make this motor take the turbo I am putting on it. Ideal goal with this bike is to get...