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  1. P

    Can I remove my cylinder head to polish?

    Just a quick one for you: Is it a simple case of a few alan key bolts and lift the head off? Do I have to replace gaskets or anything or take any special measures? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  2. CustomMax

    Found a new polish

    As some here know, I am absolutely obsessed with keeping my bike "shiney as a new nickel" and I just tried a new polish for chrome, aluminum, brass and stainless. It's made by a company out of Huntington beach Ca named surf city called killer chrome it's guaranteed to be the best you ever used...
  3. Ridin Dirty

    Stainless polish for exhaust.

    Anybody try this stuff? I can't find it for sale in the U.S, but the video is impressive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__gasyV1C6o
  4. O


    I'm in the process of paint striping the engine. At the end I decided to do it my self rather than take it to the sand/soda blasters. A thought has occurred to me...has anyone ever tried to polish certain engine parts? Say the water pump cover or cam covers? Is the grade of aluminium able to...
  5. M

    PORT N' POLISH and other tricks(long post)

    just bought an 05' motor. Ready to mount in my 85' i am resto/customizing. Was wondering if you guys think that port n polishing my intake ramps coming from the bottom of the carbs would be worth a few extra horsepower? Money is an issue since for now the i just bought the enigne. Any other...
  6. satariel666

    In memory of 96 Polish people...

    President of Poland Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and other 94 people from Polish Goverment, Army and Social Groups died tragicly in a plane crash near Smolensk Russia at 10-4-2010. Let them rest in piece.
  7. A

    Chrome or Polish

    Hey all, wanted to start doing some mods to the bike and want to start with the scoops. Am contimplating either chroming them or polishing them...Any body have any thoughts as to which looks better orr if polishing the scoops turns out to be a pita after a while..Thanks
  8. 4gasem

    Wax and other car/MC cleaning stuff

    Hey all, Some of the members (who have met me and seen my rides) know that I am uber anal about my 2 and 4 wheeled toys. I am VERY picky about what I use on them and how they are treated. Well I used to think I was all alone and the only one that went WAY past the extreme with these things...
  9. Buster Hymen

    How to Polish VMax Scoops

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="758"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td colspan="22" rowspan="1" width="755">How to polish the Stock Aluminum Scoops on your V-Max. By: Kenneth Kirkpatrick (VMOA # 1563)</td> <td colspan="1" height="48"> </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td...
  10. shawn kloker

    metal polish

    Anyone with polished aluminum should try California Customs Purple metal polish. This stuff works better than anything that I have ever used! Its almost unbelievable and just like it says on the bottle,results may become addicting.
  11. V

    Best Chrome Polish

    What's everybody's favorite chrome/metal polish? I use NeverDull for my wheels(17" UFO Airframes) and other shiny bits. It comes as a wadding soaked with something that smells like petroleum distillate. You polish with the wadding until it makes a gray or black hazy film, then polish...