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  1. caseyjones955

    Source for non-Chinese USB port.

    I"ve been scouring Ebay and called a local place that usually has quality stuff, nobody can come up with a USB port that is not Chinese made. On Ebay I see terms like "US seller, ships from US" or "unbranded" which all mean made in China, I would opt not to trust a seller engaging in this...
  2. C

    Port Austin Michigan

    My girl graduated with her second degree on Saturday. Proud of her for that. She is starting a new career in the Surgical Tech area. So we had a busy day Saturday. Sunday was supposed to rain, but we decided to take a short ride and my son joined us. First started with a walk with...
  3. J

    port matching

    Anybody have experience with cleaning up the ports in the heads and matching the intakes to the heads? Carbs are off for various reasons and installing Sean's hd oiler. Wouldn't be too much work or money to pull the heads and get the little grinder out. Question is, would it be worth it? I...
  4. texas-ss-tornado

    Extra port? WTH?

    OK, so I'm rebuilding a set of VMAX carbs. Actually, I have two sets, one that I'm rebuilding, and one I'm using for parts. Here's what's confusing me. One of the carb bodies has an "extra" port with the remnants of a rubber hose coming off the end of it, and I don't see this port on my 98...
  5. V4bandit

    Friday the 13th in Port Dover

    Some pics of my day in Dover. Had a blast and tried to get pictures of all the Vmaxes I could find. lol Wish I could have parked mine on main street. The 85' would have looked pretty sharp, but I was ok with a side street. lol
  6. Fire-medic

    Port St. Lucie FL meeting

    I just got back from meeting-up w/"Ninjaneer" @ a Dunkin Donuts in PSL, FL. He generously brought me downstate some VMax parts I found @ a good price in his area. We had a good time talking shop and I have admiration for him, he said his first and only bike is a VMax! Yep, never had a bike until...
  7. VMax-Mike

    michigan vmax port huron

    Who are you. I see you on 94. I blew the air horn at u.
  8. Mr. Bill

    Friday April 13th, Port Dover, Ontario

    Hey Everyone.................Friday April 13th will be another gathering of thousands of motorcyclists in Port Dover. This event happens every Friday the 13th in the lakeside town of Port Dover. The long range forcast is looking good so maybe we could get some Vmax riders together for this...
  9. dingy

    Nitrous injection port in head question

    The 1983 -1985 Venture 1200 motors had a setup called the YICS system. This entailed a port into the intake chamber near the intake boss. It was attached to a plastic manifold. The intent seemed to be to help improve air fuel mixture. This system was abandoned in 1986 when the Ventures went to...
  10. rebar

    Vacuum advance port. How to drill & tap

    Vacuum / nitrous port. How to drill & tap So my new intake manifolds don't have sync ports.. or anything drilled and tapped for the vacuum advance. Can anyone give me some tips on drilling thin cast aluminum and tapping threads?:confused2:
  11. veebooster

    Port Dover Fri 13th

    Anyone heading out to Port Dover on Friday 13th?? They're going for the world record again. Will be crowded!:eusa_dance: Dale #2592
  12. M

    PORT N' POLISH and other tricks(long post)

    just bought an 05' motor. Ready to mount in my 85' i am resto/customizing. Was wondering if you guys think that port n polishing my intake ramps coming from the bottom of the carbs would be worth a few extra horsepower? Money is an issue since for now the i just bought the enigne. Any other...
  13. Firewrench

    Extra vacum port?

    I've got an extra vacum port on the left front carb, over the throttle cable plate, under the vacum chamber cover, points down and back about 45 degrees. No hose for it that I can see. Nothing said about it in the manual. 1985 model. Should I just cap it or what? :ummm: Thanks
  14. Buster Hymen

    Port Perry on Sat April 25th

    Was anyone on here up in Port Perry on the weekend at the outside patio bar by the lake? I saw a black VMax parked outside bu didn't have a forum business card with me to put on the bike. I didn't think scratching vmaxforum.net into the tank cover was appropriate! :biglaugh:
  15. S

    syncing carbs with a single port vacume gauge

    Is there a way to sync my carbs with a single port vacume gauge? I know it will be a pain to go from carb to carb but is this possible. also what is the easyest way to adjust the 3 adjustment screws for the carbs? Thanks...
  16. Shuriken

    Vacuum port rubber caps

    I could have said "Rubber nipples, where?" to get more readers, but I resisted..... When you remove the chrome side covers to get to the vacuum synch ports, the tubes have little rubber caps and clamps on them. I've been using AutoZone rubber caps but they wear out in a month and leak. What...
  17. tfisher65

    Friday the 13th, Port Dover

    Good time had by all even though we got separated in the 120,000+ people and the 30+ degrees. Great meeting new Maxers.
  18. Bill Seward

    A couple Port Dover pics

    Just to show you what a boring time we all had...
  19. Buster Hymen

    Southern Ontario Riders! Port Dover Run

    So anyone up for the Friday the 13th run to Port Dover, April 13th? If the weather is fairly good, and we don't get our usual snowfall, who wants to meet up? There is another one in July, if this doesn't work out, weather wise. More here www.pd13.com . There is usually a good turn out of bikes.
  20. Buster Hymen

    Port Dover ride Oct 13

    Who north (or even south) of the border is doing the Friday the 13th ride in October? :rocket bike: