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  1. N

    Cannot rev past 6500 RPM under load

    So, I'm a brand new European member but I've roamed around this forum and still I'm unable to fix my bike: I've bought an cursed 85 restricted French Vmax, site unseen, and worst of all, sent a buddy of mine to check and bring the bike (since he was a veteran rider and I've assumed he would...
  2. PresaCan

    Gurued 2017 VMAX Finally Complete

    I am so happy that a member “Itgoes” connected me with Tim Nash (GURUEDGEAR). Anyone contemplating doing the reflash through Mr. Nash, DO IT. My VMAX now is like a new machine with gobs of power added. Starting October of 2018 we (my mechanic, shop owners and Tim) worked together modifying my...
  3. M

    Key power around battery area

    Anyone know where the best place to tie into key power under seat or battery area on a gen 2.? Gps installation...
  4. mike sailing

    DynoJet Power Commander V

    I have a 2014 Vmax . Looking to put on a delkevic exhaust that is a cat delete. I have a K&N filter that I will be doing the air box mod. I have the exup valve servo eliminator . Do I need to purchase this Dynojet Power commander to make my bike run better? Is it easy to set it up myself or do...
  5. T

    1985 new to me..dont feel like its at full power

    All, i got a 85 1200 vmax. i dont feel like its hitting its full power what can i check to see if its restricted CDI BOX check (how) or what other electrical component can i check. the vboost does the clicking and i notice a increase at 6000rpm. throttle responce is weak in low rpm's. I read...
  6. V

    Lost power

    Hi guys, on my way home my max suddenly lost most of its power, where as it used to just blast and go on the throttle, it was gradually accelerating. On stopping at an intersection for about 3 seconds, I can smell fuel. On top of that the exhaust starting making a different noise indicating...
  7. radley

    Power Steering Leak on 2008 Honda Pilot

    so the lady i been hanging with for a while, well, of course I end up diagnosing/researching/fixing her ride, 08 Pilot. Been a good car, but recently sprung a bit of a power steering fluid leak. Thought maybe a bad seal in rack, like my Malibu had. Took a peek under hood, looked at pump, could...
  8. 3

    Darth Vader,Power Rangers,Helmets & Gear.

    Happy days are back.Spring has sprung and I get my new (used) Vmax today:eusa_dance:.This is my second Vmax as I bought an 85 back in 1990. So what do you like as far as helmets,leather coats & pants and boots.What do you guys like as far as a general look on the Vmax?I'm 67 and I sure don't...
  9. T

    (UK) 1997 Full Power VMax -SOLD-

    Much loved full-power 1997 Vmax 1200 – Selling to fund new project (another VMax!). It's a great looking bike and has been incredibly reliable. This bike is an absolute hoot to ride and, thanks to the chassis upgrades, handles very, very well. It has the greatest road-presence out of any...
  10. V

    Power difference between 96 and 98 models

    So, what makes this so? Looking at the 1996 models, they came with 140 hp rating. That's a huge, I said huge, difference from the below 100 hp of the 1998 models. Where did they hide it? Airbox? Heads? Exhaust?
  11. Fire-medic

    split window VW van leaves forest nap of 40 years under its own power

    I think this is a cool video, about saving an abandoned VW van from the space it 'slept' for 40 years, between two trees in a forest. The parts I like are seeing the guys remove the engine, and carrying it away, slung off strapping looped-over a 2 x 4 they carry on their shoulders. Once they...
  12. T

    Was there a full power japanese max?

    Hi folks Just read on here that the jap max's were restricted. Now, i'm going to see a jap import max tomorrow. The sellee tells me its full power with vboost But now i'm worried. Its a long way to go to see it and i don't want to waste my time So is there an easy way to tell for...
  13. adambweird

    Power Kites

    Has anyone else on here delved into the fun world of power kiting? or currently already hooked?
  14. Z

    No Power to Fuel Pump

    I have searched the threads with no luck. I know the answer is there but can't find it. My bike started fine ran for about a half mile and died. I pulled over and let it sit for about ten minutes and she fired right back up again and then died again about a half mile. I trailered it got it...
  15. C

    Headlight Power Issue

    I have an issue with my headlight. 95' model. I have power at the fuse but no power to the Hi/Low switch. It was intermittent and now nothing. New bulb. Continuity through the bulbs and instrument cluster. Any suggestions?
  16. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Any DC power Technicians in the house

    Not 12v, not motorcycle related. This is about -48vdc. Central office type equipment. I need to decom a battery string. It's a backup rack for a Telco system. 24 batteries with parallel 1/0 feeds. Typically, the 1/0 feeds have Anderson connectors on them and I just unplug while it's...
  17. tugla

    looking for keyed power source

    hey gang. im looking for a good keyed power source for my heated grips... tried one spot by main fuse. a blue/white wire and it was causing some other issues so that was a bad idea. any help would be great. thanks
  18. D

    Flow vs power question

    How would a too-open exhaust burn a valve? If a 4-1 pipe went from 2-> 2.25 inches to a huge, open chamber, would that cause any weird problems? Any thoughts on whether it could cause a dip in power when the vboost comes in? Just thinking about things and my frankenpipe.
  19. K

    Losing power?

    I ran out of gas with my max yesterday (not too uncommon) but after I started it up again it seemed as though I didn't get much power past 5k rpm or half throttle, and when I go over I hear alot of popping but no power. With lower throttle and lower rpm I get the same amount of power and torque...
  20. K

    5K cruising power loss

    When I cruise with my VMAX around 5k-5.5k RPM it seems like I need to give it more throttle than I should to continue to hold that speed. Also when I drop out of V-boost it feels like I lose far more power than I should coming out of it. At 60mph its fine its just around 75-95 in 5th gear that I...