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  1. Fire-medic

    History of motorcycle radial tires

    A very interesting article. See what multiple time world champion Freddy Spencer has to say about the importance of radial motorcycle tires. https://rideapart.com/articles/history-radial-motorcycle-tires According to the article 1987 is claimed as the first year of available to the public...
  2. K

    Radial tire pressure

    I have replaced the bias ply with Shinko radial on the rear. The tire says pressure is 42psi. For those on radials, is that right as I am used to running mid 30s on bias ply.
  3. Traumahawk

    Another Radial tire discussion

    I'm currently running a 180/55-18 Venom R on the back with the avon storm 2 110/80-18 on the front. I'm looking for other options. So....do I have to stay with the same company front and rear.....or can I mix and match companies front and rear (like Shinko and dunlops), as long as you stay...
  4. D

    Radial rim advice and Mod discussion!

    1) What is a good 18 inch rear rim? I want to run a 180 without notching the swingarm, is that possible with an 18 inch rim? I was considering the 17 inch Kosmans but I think the 18 not only looks better, but will help with fuel economy and lower RPMs. The Carrs are amazing looking and quality...
  5. W

    Radial Tires

    I have a friend who has a '98 V Max. I have the '06. He wants to trade his radial tire setup (wheels and tires) for mine because he's selling the Max. I have 2k Metzler 880's on mine which I am very happy with. These look like they will last at least another 5k and I have a lot of cornering...
  6. B

    Bias vs Radial

    I currently have OE type and size tyres that are getting on and will need replacing soon . I am after some opinions on new set of std size tyres in Metzler or shinko vs new set of the fatter bias tyres vs new wheels and radials ? I don't expect it to be able to go around corners like a...
  7. E

    Radial clutch lever source?

    Hi all: I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe. Question for you: I just installed a Nissin radial clutch master cylinder on my Max, but I hate the stock lever....too long and "clunky." I'm hoping to find a company that sells aftermarket levers for Nissin hydraulic radial...
  8. T

    Stickiest radial tires for stock 18" front and 18x5.5" rear?

    My '03 has a stock front wheel and an 18x5.5" in the rear. It's currently got a Battlax B023 110/80R18 up front and an Exedra G850 180/55R18 in the rear. I've found some decent 110/80 front tires like the Pilot Roads or Angels but none of the have matching 18" rears. With the 5.5" wheel, a 180...
  9. J

    radial pressure

    I have radials on 17s. Is 35 front, 39 rear psi still correct? Any need to deviate from factory recommendations with radials?
  10. dmax1

    Scorcher 15 Radial tire specs

    Here is the Michelin scorcher radial specs for the 750 http://motorcycle.michelinman.com/tires/michelin-scorcher-11#dim 140/75 R 15 M/C 65H R TL is the only radial size at this time. :bang head:
  11. C

    Gen 2 Vmax Or a Radial engine custom???

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbX2t7O6to0 Just don't get your leg sucked into the belt drive LOL!! Very cool. I haven't seen a radial engine motorcycle before. Todd
  12. N

    Radial tire brand recommendations

    Hey Guys! Sandy Kosman has my wheel and is going to start working on it this weekend. What tire brand would you suggest? I'm decided to go with a 17" wheel due to the larger selection of tires available versus the 18", so do you have any recommendations? Thanks! Spring WILL...
  13. carnut108

    hope for a 15" rear radial

    Just read that Harley is coming out with a new 500 and 750. Will be debuting in India tomorrow (17th) it will also be available in the US and early specs says it has a Michelin/ Harley 15" Scorcher ll rear tire. The Scorcher series are radials. Harley tire web sight does not have this size...
  14. Traumahawk

    Another radial tire question

    I just bought an RC wheel simular to the UFO "max daddy" wheel. 18 inches, and 5.5 across. I know with radial tires, you need to keep the same "kind" of tires....IE a Touring tire front and rear, or a track tire front and rear. I will be keeping my stock front wheel, so I'm limited as to the...
  15. carnut108

    Mixing front radial and rear bias tire

    First let me say that I respect what you guys have to say about most everything. I posted a question in another thread on this subject but did not get the info. I was looking for so I am making a new post. I want to put a radial tire on the front of my Max. Some have said that all MC...
  16. N

    Rear wheel modification for radial tire

    Hey All, Another newbie question....... Many of you are saying that on of the best things that can be done for the VMAX is to get some radials on it. Surfing around a bit, I found SKRACING (skracingproducts.com) and Sandy Kosman who modifies the rear wheel to accept a radial. ($595)...
  17. dmax1

    15 inch radial for the max?

    Saw this tire on amazon and was wondering if this may fit the stock rear wheel. http://www.amazon.com/Vee-Rubber-Twi...torcycle+tires. :ummm:
  18. vmaxrooky

    front tire (radial question)

    So the stock tire size is 110/90/18=25.79" can you get a radial tire that size? 2nd question will a 120/70/18=24.61" fit with no modifications? 3rd I ordered the progressive lowering spring kit and the guy I spoke to said he recommends lowering it 1.5" and then lower the forks another 3/4" so...
  19. 85vmax

    Bleeding Radial Master???

    Hey guys.....I just converted to busa calipers...everything went fine got some lever feel, then while bleeding the master sprung a leak at the plunger. went ahaed and got a gsxr 600 radial master...all hooked up, been bleeding everything over and over for days and can't get a lever....no leakes...
  20. dingy

    Radial brake conversion on my VenMax

    Here is an update on mounting Radial brakes on scooter. Brakes came of a 2010 R1 that had 45 miles on it. Owner did an upgrade to stock brakes. I got them for $155 with shipping on Ebay and they were like new. I have had a rapid prototype made of a bracket that I designed in Solid Edge CAD...