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  1. Fire-medic

    Burt Munro 50 years ago record set

    If you like stories about the characters of speed, this has to be one of the most-engaging of the seekers of speed records. "World's Fastest Indian," the story of Burt Munro, a New Zealand self-taught mechanic/machinist, and his bought-new 1920 Indian Scout V-twin, which he turned into a land...
  2. Zeus36

    Ride on a Hover Jet- Guinness World Record
  3. rusty

    World record motorcycle auction
  4. rusty

    World record leap
  5. Fire-medic

    Street 'car' claims 1/4-mile record, it's an S-10 (kinda)

    Don't face-off against this guy in his S-10! "We shut it off at the eighth, and it went 6.99!" Watch what it does when they make a full run. 565 & two 88 mm turbos! 2800 lbs. He drives it on the street...
  6. J

    Tail of the Dragon new record set?

    So, is this what it looks like to take a crotch rocket through the Tail of the Dragon?
  7. carnut108

    record of "sent" PM's

    I have sent PM's to members and they have received them. However, when I check under Sent Messages they do not show up. Always 0 sent messages.
  8. Conman

    Looking for List of Highest HP Bikes by Year

    Hi, Just out of curiosity I'm wondering what motorcycles have held the title of "most powerful Production bike in the world" throughout the course of history. I've managed to find plenty of lists of record speed holders but nothing about power/torque/fun. Does anyone know of such a...
  9. K

    Default New motorcycle record - The N?rburgring in 7:10 on an 05 Yamaha R1

    New motorcycle record - The N?rburgring in 7:10 on an 05 Yamaha R1 This man moved there five years ago so he could ride it every day. WARNING, Graphic Depiction of Industrial Strength Ass-Hauling: Story...
  10. 4gasem

    Bill Warner (Wild Brothers) Record Setting Run

    I believe Bill Warner is one of the brothers behind Wild Brothers where a lot of Vmax guys get their parts. Check him out! This is STUPID FAST!!! Oh and a record! Way to go Bill!
  11. kakis

    Best record for a vmax ever!

    Man... this is the best record I have ever seen for a Vmax ...not for his driver!:rofl_200:
  12. KJShover

    5.23 world record

    saweeeeet Its now down to a 5.18
  13. 85 MAX-fan

    Distance jump record attempt update

    OK, So with the spring weather turning thoughts back to jumping Rockatansky and I decided to do an inspection/tear down on "Skyshot" to get it ready for the season and found the following: 1) Frame back bone cracked cleanly in half about 1/2" from the steering head. WTF??? Did they make the...

    World record attempt... coming soon

    Travis Pastrana
  15. Jayhawk

    IBA record broken for traversing North America

    Link here
  16. M

    Wildbros world record

    For those of you who havent heard...... Bill Warner just broke another world record and his own previous world record. He ran 254.6 MPH on his Turbo naked Hayabusa. he is on his way to Maxton right now to make another attempt, this time he will install fairing and run in the full faired...
  17. KJShover

    not a record but cold

    200 miles away there is the town of tok, recently it hit -78f
  18. Rusty McNeil

    World Record Clam discovered in Michigan

    Worlds record Clam!!!