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  1. Zeus36

    Maximum Front Tire Width for Stock Rim 1st Gen?

    I'm looking to order a replacement for the stock Bridgestone Exedra G525 110/90-18 61V front tire. I don't run front or rear fenders as the bike has been stripped down to a Streetfighter look with the front forks dropped 2 inches. I currently run a Shinko 180 x 15 on the rear. This will be...
  2. M

    Rear rim

    Looking for one of Jon's rear rims, 17" or 18" (18" preferred) to fit a Gen1 Max. Nothing bent. Tips or leads appreciated.
  3. K

    front rim

    i found a small crack in my 03 front rim is there any places that sell factory rims or anyone in the US have one laying around they can let go
  4. A

    Bigger rear tire.. new rim?

    Wanted to delete the rear fender and it looks very empty back there. What's the biggest tire I can run on a stock 86 rim and what are good upgrades. Thanks
  5. B

    Yamaha FJR Rim

    Hi. Anyone here try with FJR rim? Either a front or rear. Tires/Front 120/70-ZR17 radial Tires/Rear 180/55-ZR17 radial Need some advise as my friend is selling his bike in parts... Thank in advance.
  6. J

    Rim shot?

    ouch! http://i.imgur.com/6RQECEz.gifv
  7. Traumahawk

    Motorcycle rim/tire protectors

    I was wondering if anyone has used anything like this, and whether or not they are effective? http://www.ebay.com/itm/291601753980?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thanks
  8. ga_max

    Removing tire from rim

    Removed the rear tire following directions here(very easy). Attempted to use zip ties to remove the tire and failed miserably. Started removing the tire using pry bar and screw drivers using cut hose to protect rims. Got one side off but now I stuck. What is the best way to get the last side of...
  9. jdeitz1979

    Vmax rim swaps

    I'm looking to find a new look as far as what rims will fit on the gen 1 Vmax. Please let's start a list not only for my knowledge but other newcomers as well. Currently running rims off mid 90's Vmax. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. D

    Radial rim advice and Mod discussion!

    1) What is a good 18 inch rear rim? I want to run a 180 without notching the swingarm, is that possible with an 18 inch rim? I was considering the 17 inch Kosmans but I think the 18 not only looks better, but will help with fuel economy and lower RPMs. The Carrs are amazing looking and quality...
  11. R

    Hi...I will like to instal a wider rear rim at least for a 250 tire.

    Where can I get one?? Thanks
  12. Biker Dash

    2.5-3" front rim that fits the 1st Gen Max

    Where as I am a motherfucking stupid fuck, I ordered a 120/90-18 Avon for the front of my bike. The Stock 2.15 rim is too narrow, from what I am finding out. So, I will either have to order a tire that is SMALLER than my friggin piece of shit 110/90 Dunlop, or stick with a piece of shit Dunlop...
  13. S

    fjr1300 front rim on 89 max

    hi guys , does a fjr1300 front rim fit onto the first gen (skinny forks) without too much hassle. or is there a better rim that can slot in without being a telephone number? thx Ben:eusa_dance:
  14. U

    5 inch tire to 4.5inch rim

    Hello I have a Exactrep rear rim- 17" / 4.5 inch I want to buy new tire and I am looking for a sporty tire I want to buy the bridgestone BT016 (170/60 17") The bt016 have a range of 5 – 5.5 inch (from bridgestone site) Although it</SPAN>, can I fit it in my 4.5 rim? uri
  15. VMax-Mike

    my rim and tire set up for drag racing

    Going with a stock 1985 rim in the rear with a shinko that has low tread is 5lbs lighter and 9/16 of a inch shorter. anyone know the weight differance between the 1985 rim and a newer style rim. I also have a 1985 front rim and i hear its 3lbs lighter than a new style front rim.
  16. donnelly317

    How to remove rear rim cushion bearings

    Well after a lot of disappointment and now having to do some fabricating to my rim because my pops messed it up in a mill this is how you can remove the rear cushion bearing.. now I pulled out the center bushing ripped the rubber on two but I think it was because I didnt have the rim hot enough...
  17. U

    170/60 tire 17" rim, stock driveshaft

    Hi I know that question may asked several time ? I am sorry if I am asking it again ? I just need a quick and accurate answer </SPAN> I have a 17" rear rim, I want to but a 170/60 tire (17") ? can I fit it with no broblem al all to the stock driveshaft? No washer change and no nothing...
  18. mckzx9

    Need help deciding on rim

    I recently bought a old kosman I think 18" rear rim. I have a chance to get an almost identical match for the front but it's a 17" front rim. Am I going to have any issues with this setup? Is there anyone with this setup that can advice me what to do ? My concerns are speedometer handling ect...
  19. W

    5.5" rim max tire width

    I bought a 1985 Vmax today. It has lots of mods including a 5.5" wide suzuki rear wheel. The tire is quite worn and should be replaced. I would like to know what the safe maximum size tire I can run on this wheel. Thanks, Tony
  20. T

    Cycle one off rim instalation

    So, I got one of the cycle one off 17" rear wheels and notched/braced swingarms. The website says to have a certified yamaha mechanic install it, is that truly neccessary or is that just verbiage to cover himself from people screwing it up themselves?