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  1. effingidiot

    Road rage thug kills Biker.
  2. Bill Seward

    Little road trip.

    My friend and I are taking a little jaunt out to Wellsboro PA this weekend. Nice ride down Rte 6, and a cool destination. Zilla needs a bit of exercise, seeing that he stayed home for Thunder this year.
  3. K

    Got my 85 on the road today...

    Just wanted to share the old lady's pictures... Runs like a dream!!!
  4. AEmedic

    New To Me 2015 - Road Trip

    I will be picking up a 2015 with approx 6k miles this weekend. After I pick it up I will be riding it from Tucson, AZ to Boise, ID. What is the real world range of the bike cruising down the highway at the speed limit (65 - 75 mph)? The bike is all stock except for some sliders.
  5. Traumahawk

    The $20,000 Road RACiNG ❱❱ 2riders Trash talk in Facebook turns into street race

    This was amazing to watch.
  6. frank5079

    VW Jetta driver suffers a road rage fit....

    after being passed by a lane splitting biker and ends up losing control of his car....
  7. Fire-medic

    FL road rage-driver runs over bikers The video is sickening. This person should lose his freedom and his license, hopefully for years. TAMPA (CBSMiami) — A case of road rage was caught on camera near Tampa when a driver intentionally ran over...
  8. rusty

    road rage encounter angry:


  10. A

    2007 Harley Road King Custom, 6700 miles

    Selling my 07 Harley Road King Custom--This bike is truly showroom condition with only 6700 miles since new. Bike has been in a heated garage and covered since day one. Custom and babied. New Michelin Commander 2 tires Vance and Hines Big Radius Exhaust Custom $3500 paint job, its GORGEOUS...
  11. J

    Road rage

    This guy needs a Vmax......or a concealed carry permit... It was hard for me to watch this rider trying to outrun the guy in the car, and I feel he's lucky to be alive. Drop a gear, and disappear.
  12. vmax1968

    Driver Attacks Motorcyclist in Road Rage Incident + Video

    I don't know how this guy kept his cool. If that douchebag touches my woman I would beat the crap out of him :punk:
  13. M

    Vacation road trip

    We're going to be gone for a couple of weeks, beginning July 5th, 2015 for our annual vacation road trip. Orders can still be placed through Paypal on our website, but no shipments will be made until we return, probably on or around the 20th. Sorry if this causes any inconveniences, but hey...
  14. C

    Take that..... helmet head butt after truck tries to run bike off the road.

    At the end of the video, the truck drives by and throws bottles at them.
  15. Conman

    Cross Country Road Trip Advice

    My friend and I are planning out a road trip and as of now the game plan is to take this route cross country starting June of this year. We plan on taking between 3-4 weeks for the trip and have chosen these points of interest to see along the way. We are on a pretty tight budget so we will be...
  16. W

    Over 150 excellent road survival tips!!

    Excellent site! I go here every now and then to re-read and check for new tips.
  17. HDKILA

    Win a Yamaha Road Star Warrior and support disabled vets!

    Hey Gang, Hope your all doing well! I wanted to announce that a disabled veterans non-profit I work with is raffling off a 2002 Yamaha Warrior. The bike runs great and has tons of extra's on it...The winner will be announced Sept 27th. The raffle tickets are only $25 each and it is a...
  18. fmcandrew

    Finally on the road

    Well it took a bit longer than I had planned, but its finally back on the road. Did a ton to it including: 1) PC'd all engine cases & related bolts 2) Rebuilt/PC'd calipers 3) Refurbished/PC'd holeshot exhaust 4) PC'd/install new radiator guard 5) Install Morley jet kit 6) Fix starter clutch - I...
  19. C

    Road Trip Gone Bad

    I recently went on a road trip to Yellowstone and up to Glacier National on my V-Max. From my location in North Dakota, it was about a 2200mile, 5 day road trip. I only had 4 vacation days to use up before July 1, so that's why it was so short. Anyways. Before I left, I installed a 12v plug in...
  20. frank5079

    Road trip....

    Going to see an old Air Force buddy of mine this Friday. He lives up in Lucas, Ohio. The first time I rode up there was on my old 700 Nighthawk. Next was on my Suzuki RF900, which made it on one tank of gas(5.5 gallons), with a little to spare. This will be the first long road trip(209 miles)...