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  1. D

    How is the flip (seat section) constructed?

    So I'm in the middle of the design phase for my next mod and I'm wondering what's in the flip. I have a Corbin right now, so I can't even just cut mine apart to figure it out. Is it just foam on a plastic "U"? Is there some other structural stuff in there? Any help is appreciated.
  2. dtoebaert-5311

    Need advice tail section...

    It`s been ages since I posted; still, that seems to happen every now and then to everyone? Anyway, Llamrei has her shiny red Carozzerria`s now :punk:THANKS SEAN:worthy: And a little fancy cover beneath the card covers I cut myself on our all-new all-Chinese laser cutter; one of the advantages...
  3. Ed in Mississauga

    Where's the VMOA Section?

    Seems that I no longer see the VMOA section... did I miss something? :ummm:
  4. Diablotin

    Tail section for Gen 2
  5. Buster Hymen

    Classified section being closed

    I'm closing the current classified section at the end of the month and reverting back to a sub forum style, like this forum. The current classified software is no longer supported and there was quite a few issues with it for the end user. The Moderators here have agreed to keep the new section...
  6. j2dawson

    Want to buy section question...

    I posted a want to buy ad and it received comments. I answered one comment and tried to post a picture. I ended up posting it in the original ad and now I can't see the comments. I would send a PM to whoever posted a question but since I can't see the comments, I don't know who it was. What the...
  7. B

    2007 R1 tail section

    I just picked up a 2007 R1 tail and am planning on modding it to fit my 93 Vmax. Has anyone done this and if so, what kind of advice could you offer up?
  8. Lew L

    How to remove an item in the for sale section

    How do I remove and item that I listed in the for sale section of the forum??? Lew
  9. VMAX1260

    Posted a dyno in dyno section please advise...

    I posted my dyno in the dyno lab section . Any suggestions??
  10. 2stangs69-91

    clutch sliping ,read clutch section not to informative. little help lol.

    I have over 18000 on my 06 now. I notice what I thought was a clutch slip a few weeks ago but wasnt sure. Well we went on a 700 mile ride over the 3 days last weekend and it is for sure sliping. My last 2 oil changes I have used 15-50 mobil 1 racing oil full synthetic. I am not sure if this...
  11. Diablotin

    sporty tail section

    Did somebody tried this one ? From the feedback of the seller it needs an extra plate (metal or plastic fiber) to avoid the dirt. I saw some others which are opened...
  12. SpecOps13

    Interest to Request a Firearm Section????

    I do a lot of testing for manufacturers of AR-15's, the writing I do is at ARFCOM, I have experience with, building, shooting, reloading for and repair of hundreds of firearms. I'd be happy to contribute what I can in the way of knowledge. I seem to be splitting my time here and there...

    Has the Buy/Sell section changed?

    I thought I read something about there is now a fee to post in the Buy/Sell section, can someone please let me know how it is set up now. Also If I create a website to sell my bike can I post a link in my ad in the Buy/Sell section that sends people off the site? The reason I...
  14. Buster Hymen

    New 2nd Gen Technical section

    I've added a sub forum for Technical for the 09 VMax. Let me hear feedback on the layout if you like it as a link to the sub forum or would you rather see it laid out as the 85-07 section is. If I lay it out like that one, it makes the forum really long for scrolling down. Also I'm looking for...
  15. F

    How to post in the garage section?

    Am I missing something? I can not figure out how to post my max pics under the garage page. Help? :bang head:
  16. Buster Hymen

    New sub forum under the VMOA section

    I've created an Ontario, Canada VMOA Chapter forum that is going to be hosted and moderated by Jim Rodgers aka Thevmaxrider . He is the Western Ontario Chapter Leader and quite active in the club. He'll be keeping us updated on events and rides as they come up. Way to go Jim!!:clapping: If there...
  17. I

    Tail Section Replacement.

    I've read somewhere that someone has used an MV Agusta tail end on their Max to liven up the rear end. I'm interested in doing the same. Can anybody shed some light on which tail you would use and how tough the fabrication for install is? I'm not scared to try, just like to know what i'd be...
  18. Buster Hymen

    New Buy and Sell Section

    The new Buy and Sell section is up and working. It is located under the old Buy and Sell section. Check it out and give it a try. This section support PayPal payments, auctions and email to you from a buyer. Let me know what you think and i fthere are any problems. also let me know if you prefer...
  19. Robbarrie

    Would you like to see a poll section ?

    Personally I would like see a poll section on the forum. Nothing in it but polls. We could have all kinds of questions about all kinds of things. Tires, seats, shocks, windshields, pipes, steering dampeners, speed wobbles, detailing products, polish or chrome, frame brace, plugs, cooling...
  20. Buster Hymen

    A new forum section idea

    With all the mods people do on their own VMax, I was thinking of starting a section for that where you can post your mods. Preferably you would show some pics of it such as before and after or as you are doing it, and have a decent write up with it on how/why/what was involved to do it...