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  1. HyperPete

    One sooty sparkplug

    I just changed my plugs, and right rear was sooty while the other 3 looked good if perhaps a bit lean. I have recently replaced all the plug wires with copper core wire, and I just had the needle valves and idle mixture set. Any ideas why one sooty plug? It seems to idle poorly when hot...
  2. Hijinx1812

    Aftermarket sparkplug caps??

    The next thing on my to do list for my max is to replace the sparkplug wires. What are some recommendations for aftermarket caps? I'd reuse the stock ones but they're in pretty bad shape. Also, does anyone know off hand what the NGK cap # is? Thanks in advance!
  3. maxrom

    the end of spark-plug

    the end of spark-plug as it is scince 100 years
  4. hurleyman77

    No spark at any of the plugs...

    I've got a '94 VMax that I've owned for almost a year, and it recently quit starting. It's been modded, but IDK how much. After some investigation, none of the plugs will spark when it turns over. After the first day that it quit, I got 1-2 sparks for every 10-15 engine turns, and now nothing...
  5. Traumahawk

    Changing spark plugs when hot

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  6. thundermax

    Sparkplug Socket/VMAX Black Paint

    Can someone tell me the size, etc. of the sparkplug socket for my vmax? I am going to buy one tomorrow. I know it is really narrow cause there is not much room down in the sparkplug hole. Guess I will go to Harbor Freight. Also, does anyone know the factory vmax black paint code, or manu.? I...
  7. W

    1997 fouling #1 and #2 Plugs

    I have a 1997 VMax that is fouling the #1 LH FWD and #2 LH Rear spark plugs. The bike is new to me so I do not know the history of the maintenance. Is the coil the same for both the LH cylinders?
  8. alorio1

    Splitpoint NGK Sparkplug JR9C

    Splitpoint NGK Sparkplug JR8C Splitpoint NGK Spark plug JR8C I read on another forum that these plugs were being used by a few Vmax riders and had good things to report, such as smoother idling and better gas mileage. Anyone ever used these plugs or have any comments ?
  9. 65fury

    sparkplug color??

    Well im still trying to get my bike tuned... but no luck, and on top of trying to tune it i dont even know if im running rich or lean??? my plugs are grey... not tan or white... just grey. Almost like they look when new... why? jason
  10. 65fury

    Sparkplug wire boots arcing!!!

    Well i was syncing my carbs at dusk and noticed the sparkplug boots(where they attach to the sparkplug) on my #3 and #4 cylinders were randomly arcing against the head! damn:ummm:, that might explain some tuning issues im having, so whats the best route to go? i figure i might as well get all...
  11. J

    sparkplug wrench size?????????

    i've been wanting to change my plugs, does anyone know the size socket i need? the plugs i have are ngk-dpr8ea-9 thanks
  12. Hatter


    Ok, so I was headed to work one morning last week, the bike was running great, so on my favorite stretch of deserted highway, I cranked it up to 132mph (GPS), being careful of redline. When I slowed up, my max started missing like hell. I haven't had a chance to pull them yet, but I am...
  13. Legion

    What just happened to my sparkplug wire?

    Hey Guys, I was changing my plugs the other day and am not sure what happened. I pulled the wire off of the right rear plug and went to push it up and out of the way so I could screw out the plug when the wire just fell out into my hands. I started to freak out, but just finished the job and...
  14. R

    sparkplug change

    Is there any commonly known other method of changing the sparkplugs without the toolkit tool? My bike didn't come with the toolkit, and I don't want to spend the 175$ the dealer wants for it.. a regular 18mm socket of course doesn't fit in the valley. Anyone want to let me borrow their toolkit...
  15. Rusty McNeil

    Sparkplug failure

    Nothing to do with the Vmax... My Yamaha Pro-hauler which is less than a year old and has maybe 20 hours on it suddenly quit running when I was out taking my dog for a ride around the nieghborhood today...... The Pro-hauler is basically a glorified Yamaha golfcart /utility vehicle with a...
  16. firefly

    Sparkplug wires

    How long do the stock wires last? when its time to replace them? do we repace the boots too? should I stick with the stock 7mm wires or get an 8mm set ? Engine is a stock 03 & has 23k. Thanks for your time.