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  1. C

    Barnett Spring Clutch replacement troubles

    Hello everyone! I am having some trouble fixing the slipping clutch on my 94 max. I purcahsed it from a guy for $1100 because it had trouble starting and needed "clutch lever adjusted." I fixed the starting issues with carb cleaning and new battery, and figured I would flush the clutch lever...
  2. 93max

    Fork spring only change

    Is it nessasary to remove the forks to do this? From watching Seans video, it "looks" like you could remove cap, remove nut then remove the spacer/washer and then the spring on the bike? I understand to get the correct oil level/height the forks have to be removed. I also realize that a...
  3. G

    Foot peg return spring

    Having trouble sourcing the return spring for the left foot peg on my 88 vmax Don’t see it in the part diagram. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And of course the back up option and possibly cheaper route would be to just buy another foot peg from eBay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. yukonerdave

    Can you ID this spring?

    Finished a carb cleaning/rebuild and I have one lone spring left over. It was in my 'peripheral' jar and not any of the jars for each carb so I don't think it came from anything internal to any one carb. I just noticed on the schematic that there is a spring on the choke shaft for the pair of...
  5. liptoss

    Barnett Clutch spring washers

    I've installed the Barnett clutch on my 06 Vmax a few years ago and can't for the life of me recall if the washers provided with the six springs fit easily down the tubs of the purple clutch pressure plate. I'm installing the same kit onto my 2013 Royal Star Venture and the washers seem to not...
  6. Rick52

    2018 Illinois Spring Vmax Rally

    Pekin , Illinois May 18 19 and 20th HQ Motel 6. 10 rooms blocked at $61.99 per night Friday lunch ride and dinner ride Saturday day and dinner ride Sunday breakfast ride Contact Chuch Garthaus or Rick Rash [email protected]
  7. D

    Rear spring rate

    So I'm thinking about a major mod and am wondering if anyone knows the spring rate for the rear shocks. This is heading for a girder fork project (which may or may not actually happen, of course), but I want to use something for mockup that I could then upgrade for the final product. There are a...

    Lowering the rear 1.5" by cutting some of the spring anyone do it ?

    I took a quik look in the how to's but didnt see anything this topic. My goal since lowering the front 1- 3/8" is to lower the rear on the cheap if posible. First thing to come to mind is cutting some of the rear spring to lower it 1.5". Any potential problems by using this cave man method ...
  9. S

    Stock clutch spring

    Got plans for DD mod.
  10. V-Four

    Questions - Progressive fork spring install- please

    Hi gang..couple questions bout the progressive fork spring install (1" lower.) Watches the Morley vids several times and plan to follow it. Im 'relatively ' mechanically inclined..yet still , im having trouble wrapping my head around how they actually work. Im hearing talk of adding...
  11. Rick52

    Spring Vmax Rally

    2017 Illinois Spring Vmax Rally Springfield , Illinois. May 19, 20, 21 Friday Day Ride at Noon and Dinner Ride at 6:00pm Saturday Day Ride at 9:00AM. Dinner Ride at 6:00pm Sunday Breakfast Ride at 9:00AM HQ: Days Inn. 10 room block under VMOA Association 79.95 per night 5970 South 6th...
  12. Fire-medic

    has spring arrived for you yet?

    Not a good outlook for weekend riding in the Northeast: (but the south Florida outlook is perfect weather, 85* F outside now) As a storm runs into the warm-cool air battleground in place across the northeastern United States, areas of wintry and wet weather will occur by week’s end. “A...

    Feels like an early spring

    The weather up here this week looks as if spring is coming but I know to well how the weather plays games up here. In a week we could be back to -20 below. The weather made me think of you guys who are lucky enough to ride many more months than I (we) can up here close to Canada. I hope...
  14. Rick52

    2017 Illinois Spring Vmax Rally2017 Illinois Spring Vmax Rally Springfield , Illinois

    May 19,20,21 Springfield Illinois Friday Day Ride at noon and Dinner Ride at 6pm Saturday Ride at 9am. Dinner Ride at 6pm Sunday Breakfast Ride at 9am HQ. Dayn Inn 5979 South 6th Street Springfield Illinois 217-529-1410 10 rooms blocked under Vmoa Association. $79.95 per night...

    Most likely selling my 2015 Vmax in Spring

    I bought it in April last year, I doubt I even put 50 miles on it. Anyone interested before Spring contact me. it has under 2070 miles on it in, perfect contrition. $14,500 OBO

    Broken Kickstand spring

    My kickstand spring broke last night. Before I run to a dealer I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a replacement?

    Has anyone had to replace the kickstand spring

    I would assume by the pictures I saw in the beginning of my other thread in the Starvmaxforum http://www.starvmax.com/kunena/12-general-vmax-discussion/188045-not-having-a-good-day-bike-tipped-over-on-me the spring is put on while the kickstand is in the up position and a new spring that...
  18. V

    double diaphragm spring clutch kit

    Hi guys what do you all think of the double diaphragm spring clutch kit? is it worth installing? i am just about to get my clutch plates replaced as I'm getting a slip on the higher gears and was just looking into this. what feedback have you'll got for this? easy to install, life etc. Thanks...
  19. veebooster

    2016 Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show

    Since this area's been so quiet I'll post something: April 9 & 10th International Center http://motorcyclespringshow.com/overview/
  20. dmax1

    Hose clamps spring steel type

    I had purchased some new hoses for the max. They fit well and seem of decent quality. The only problem is they do not include the spring tension clamps used on the connection from the heads. I have tried the stock clamps and they will not fit as the hoses are thicker and once you put the hose on...