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  1. train460

    2018 eureka springs rally may 4th-6th

    finally found a place that we can stay at. called The lodge http://thelodgeeurekasprings.com/ 479-363-9700 I am holding 10 rooms but they will only hold until mid february so call this week tell then you are with THE VMAX GROUP
  2. J

    progressive springs on bike install

    Thank you Sean for the help... tools: pvc saw long wire w/ hook(coat hanger) ATF DEX 3 1qt large Hypo for suction oil fork oil. 22 mm socket jack stands jack wood block funnel lots of towels(for me...I got messy) ratchet strap info: OEM fluid level while compressed: 6.5 inches from top new...
  3. effingidiot

    Progressive springs.

    I bought a set of progressive fork springs off flea bay,the progressive springs are supposed to be longer than stock.The ones i got are shorter than stock,the preload tube is level with top of the fork.Iv'e got a spare preload tube,can i put a piece in to bring the preload back to where it...
  4. S

    Progressive fork springs -SOLD-

    Asking $35 + shipping.
  5. S

    Progressive springs or stock?

    Can someone tell me if these are stock or progressive? Previous owner thinks they're progressive but told me I should compare with stock to be sure.
  6. T

    UK - Complete Barnett set, standard clutch springs, forks, yokes, scoops etc etc.

    Happy to post all these at cost UK or abroad. More, higher-res pics here: http://imgur.com/a/A4To3 Make me an offer on any of the below... Scoops: These have been "de-badged" as the yoofs say nowadays. They've been sprayed black but could do with a respray or a touch up. 40mm...
  7. Traumahawk

    Racetech springs

    I have a question for the people that have used Racetech springs before. From what Ive read before, a lot of people have suggested that if you go off of Racetechs recommendations, then the spring rate will be too harsh, and that you need to order 1 step down. I wonder if the people that...
  8. carrizog60

    rear shocks upgraded springs

    as title says... anyone has different springs on their stock shocks? hyperpro sells progressive springs for the rear shocks,any benefits from keeping the stock shocks? or just toss them in the parts bin and go for a complete setup? thanks
  9. Dorney

    Progressive Springs

    I have a set of Progressive front springs with around 3000 miles on them. They are for a 85 to 92 $50.00 plus shipping. Dave
  10. C

    Progressive Fork Springs -SOLD-

    SOLD Up for consideration I have a set of Progressive Fork Springs. Reason for sale: I weigh maybe 160 lbs. on a real heavy day and never have a passenger and I just couldn't find a happy medium with the springs (stiffness) no matter how much I shortened the PVC spacers that came with the...
  11. F

    Progressive Fork Springs

    My 1986 front forks no longer hold air and are leaking pretty bad. So I need to replace the seals and I figured I would switch to progressive springs while I’m at it, but I’m not sure exactly what I should get. I have some picked out, but to be honest I don’t really know what I’m looking at. I...
  12. Specs95t

    Americade in Saratoga Springs June 8 to 11 - anyone planning on attending?

    http://www.americade.com I plan on going up and checking things out next Friday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. J

    2016 Eureka Springs rally food

    Shala wants me to give a shout out to estimate how many will be attending this years' Saturday ride up into Missouri. She is ready to order the ribs, brisket & fixin's. You can post here, or PM me, or text Shala directly 417-389-1113. Hoping the 3 day weekend will allow more folks to...
  14. N

    Stock fork springs *FREE NINETY NINE*

    As the title states I am offering a set of stock fork springs from a 2002 43mm forked max. About 7,000 miles on them. Comes in a super fancy RaceTech box! Taker pays shipping
  15. Y

    Spacers with Progressive springs.

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my forks, and installing Progressive springs. According to the instructions that came with the springs, I need a spacer length of 9.37". The stock spacer is 9 5/8", and the PVC spacers that came with the springs are close to 10". I'm assuming I will need to...
  16. Barry barker

    Race Tech Emulators and springs

    Used set of Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators FEGVS4301 for 93-07 Vmax and .85 KG/MM Race Tech Springs FRSPS3732085. good for 150 to 170 pound rider, vast improvement over stock springs. Stock springs are .382 KG/MM Price delivered to the lower 48 $150.00 Barry [email protected]
  17. M

    Progressive Fork Springs -SOLD-

    I have emulators so do not need these springs any longer. I live in Stafford Virginia. $40 plus shipping
  18. Lotsokids

    Progressive Springs installed / Forks Rebuilt

    I had a Hungarian mechanic rebuild my forks. I gave him Progressive springs and new OEM seals to install. He did all the work for the equivalent of $35. I had to argue with him to take that since he actually asked for less. I just got the forks installed back into the bike, and WOW they are...
  19. D

    Progressive front springs

    Has anyone installed the Progressive front springs on their 1st gen VMax and was it worth it? Thanks.
  20. P

    How to tell if I have progressive springs

    Besides opening up the forks, is there a way to tell if the front springs are aftermarket? Like are the 1" lowering springs the most popular and is there a ground clearance measurement I can check? I've only had my vmax for 1000miles and the front end seems fairly stiff. I'm 240lbs and have...