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  1. effingidiot

    main stand.

    I took my main stand off to paint it,now i can't get the spring back on.Does anyone have any tips on getting the spring back in place,i gave up after several attempts.
  2. D-Max2012

    Stock Center Stand replacement??

    Anyone know of an easy way to replace the stock center stand, without dropping the muffler?? Looks like this bolt and stand-off is stopping the right side bolt from coming out..
  3. T

    What's a good engine stand???

    All, I have my engine prepped and am about to remove it from my 85' for transmission problems and am trying to figure out the easiest way to work on it. Is there a good stand out there for mounting the engine that you guys have used? Right now I'm going to work it on the floor until I split...
  4. effingidiot

    Side stand relay question.

    My sidestand relay is the late 90-07 relay,how can this 4 pin little black box stop my bike from sparking/running running.All there is,is a poss neg in and poss neg out.By shorting the two poss and two neg,should compleat the circuit and should be bypassed should it not.Just a thougth.Thanks.Ps...
  5. effingidiot

    Side stand relays kaput.

    My side stand relay is knackered,what wires do i short to bypass it.I don't want to blow anything by messing about.Cheers.

    Could a good fabricator make a mod for a center stand for Gen 2

    I was wondering with the things that people can make nowadays with plasma cutters just good old welders and knowledge, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a center stand made for a Gen 2. Every Gen 1 I had I used them religiously and I love them. At first it took a little bit to...
  7. Regular Guy

    Motorcycle Stand

    Hey Guys, what's a good (cheap) motorcycle stand? I found some on Amazon but I am not sure if it'll work with our bikes since the exhaust rides below the frame. Here's the ones I've been looking at this morning ...
  8. V

    Rear Stand

    Forgive me for an obvious question, but I really have no idea. I am looking to get one of those rear stands for my 2015 Vmax for when I change the oil. My 1998 has a center stand. Can someone poiint me in the right direction to what I want. I notice some touch the swingarm and others have a...

    No center stand on my 2015 Vmax

    I've always been a center stand guy, I never wanted to come out and see my Vmax on it's side because the kick stand sunk into the hot asphalt. what do you 2nd Gen riders use to prevent that? and where do you keep it while riding?
  10. Barry barker

    center stand

    minor damaged center stand with one bolt. $15.00 plus shipping OBO.
  11. bkuberek

    How to put VMax on center stand?

    Hi there, Is anyone here able to put the vmax on center stand alone? Do you have to be super strong or is there a technic? I don't have anyone to help me with this and I would really like to know how to do it myself. If you have a link to a video that would be awesome. Thanks
  12. L

    Kick Stand Kill Switch Plug

    Hi All, i just realized that the PO has removed the kick stand kill switch. The bike is able to be put in gear even when the side kick stand is down. I just bought a used switch from eBay and wondering where is the plug that I should plug the new switch into? Can somebody please show me a...
  13. SlowBox

    Dragging my side stand in corners

    Any way to fix this? The first time it happened was in my neighborhood and it drug it so hard it bent the tit a little bit. Happened again this morning coming in to work but not as bad. I don't feel like I'm riding that hard, but I guess I need to slow down a little until I can either mod the...
  14. Tommygun4u

    Need to lift bike. Purchased w/o center stand

    Someone please help. I just got a 1990 vmax a month ago and it had no center stand. All of a sudden yesterday the handling got real bad. Steering vey floaty at slow speed. And I can't check anything cause no stand. Right now this is my only transportation and money is tight. Is there anyway to...
  15. D

    Center stand, removal

    So, I want to remove my center stand and while I can easily see the two bolt which hold it on getting access to them is a different story altogether. Any tips? Seems like the mufflers is blocking it on both sides.
  16. Diablotin

    Center stand hitting swingarm.

    Since I replaced my stock exhaust with a full exhaust and added a notched and braced swingarm, I noticed that the center stand touches the swingarm. Since there is nothing holding it lower, it keeps hitting it. The small rubber I guess is there for avoid bumping the stock exhaust, but in my...
  17. Karmakatt

    Bolt Kit.. and removing center stand

    Hi everyone.. Its been months since ive been on the VMF. Ive been riding like a Hooligan and loving every minute. I have a new Samsung Galaxy s4 phone and the VMF and Sean's site don't work well at all.. For example everything goes screwy when I try using search.. Anyhow.. Two questions.. Id...
  18. I

    Side stand

    Hey fellas, anyone ever done a modification to the side stand to get away from the awful upright position when parked on compromising street surfaces ? My 07 I swear would fall over in a stiff breeze in the wrong conditions and it's scarey. It's not like the bike is a challenge to pull up...
  19. 9

    Jack up the bike with no C stand?

    How do you get the bike off the ground with a 4 into 1 and no center stand? just wondering when it comes time for fork seals, tires etc. I have a bike/atv jack.
  20. midnightvmax

    Kick stand engine kill switch

    I just found out today that if your kickstand is out the engine will die if put in to gear. I'm sure most of you know this but I didn't and couldn't figure it out until I was going to park it and call the wife for a ride so I could get my trailer. Anyway, if you didn't know now you do.