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  1. Capt Trogdor

    Starting problem

    I recently bought a 96 and its been having some running issues lately. When i first bought it I had to replace the starter clutch almost immeadiately. At first i thought I wasnt starting because of a weak battery so installed a new battery. I was unable to find a flywheel puller that would...
  2. Capt Trogdor

    Starting problem

    So i got a new to me 96 with roughly 30k miles on it. Found myself unable to start it the day after I bought it. The previous owner made a comment about how he just put a new battery but didnt charge it up. I check it sitting at 12.6 volts then drops down to about 8 while cranking. I got a...
  3. jdeitz1979

    Slow starting

    Hey guys, I’m having some trouble starting my bike. I know it sounds extremely remedial, but that’s my issue. I did extensive work this winter with wheels and fork swap. I did check valve clearance, and re painted a couple covers that needed it. Batter from last year had a dead cell so I had...
  4. G

    Starting issues

    Jeeze. Last september, the bike died right outside of the shed I store it in.. and wouldnt start. I knew the battery was a few years old, and rough.. so I just pushed it into the shed. Well I just replaced the battery, and it won't even crank. I actually don't even hear the fuel pump kick...
  5. Trondyne

    Cold Starting

    Well the temps are super low here....and Max has been having trouble starting...due to the thickened oil stopping the starter clutch from engaging.... Question: Would it be safe to use a 50/50 mix of 10 weight oil with 5 weight oil? Someone suggested that 10 weight is the lowest weight...
  6. S

    Starting problem and wet exhaust

    Hello, I am new here since I got the bike only a week ago (my dream bike!). And I got it for a fairly good price (even though had to drive 9 hours to get it). 1996's model, 143HP V-boost included. (28k miles) Maybe anyone could help me with these issues: 1. Sometimes it starts up...
  7. Jhbox13

    General starting issues

    Hey all. Just got done replacing the pickupcoils for my '85, which thankfully breathed new life into my #2 cylinder. I took the carbs off and found them to be a bit fouled, no more than I would expect from a bike thats been sitting up a few years though. I ran through the carbs and have fuel...
  8. Jeepfreak81

    Starting my hunt for a V-Max

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to be here, looks like a great forum and I've checked out some of the stickies already such as the one in the FAQ section. I'm starting to save up for a new (to me) bike. My current ride is a 1981 Suzuki GS850 G, which I like but I've always loved the looks of the...
  9. I

    Need some starting help.

    Ok ladies and gents, had to bump start this am after an overnight charge on the battery, first gen 01. I'm traveling a lot today so I'll be passing a few autozones and some bike shops. Is there a solenoid that you've found that is usually in stock, Which bike is it for? (Mine is ticking like a...
  10. tinman22

    Middle gear starting torque

    I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my middle gear starting torque. .29-.36 ft lbs is spec. Problem is ft lb wrench doesn't go down that far so I converted to inch lbs (3.48-4.32) but my inch wrench only registers down to 20 in/lbs. I'm not able to find the correct tool for this measurement...
  11. V

    Starting issue after putting on its side

    The TL;DR version of my solution: Always use an actual gasket on the stator cover. I just used RTV at first, and it's spec'ed so tight that it binds up without the spacing provided by the gasket. I leaned it over yesterday to do some work (was having an oil leak near the stator wires, so I...
  12. M

    hard starting after riding

    i took my 91 out started fine.after ten minutes of riding i stopped for gas and it cranked over real slow,then got home about 15 minutes later shut it off and tried restarting it and it spun over real hard for about four seconds and battery was like it was dead.its a new battery and...
  13. Lotsokids

    My Son Starting to Ride

    A new chapter just opened in my life. My 13-year-old son turns 14 this month. He's been riding a quad and 125 dirt bike for a while. Today we started on the street with this 50cc "scooter." It's a Derbi with an Aprillia engine. Very little traffic where we live, so we took the bikes out for a...
  14. H

    Starting Issue

    Over the past 3 years I rebuilt my 89 Vmax top to bottom, after everything was bolted on/plugged back in, I went to start the bike and ran into a problem. All lights come on, fuel pump runs, but when I press the starter button nothing happens. The headlight turns off (signals and tail stay on)...
  15. C

    Odd starting problem

    70 here today, so the mrs and i fired up the v and went out.. Fired right up in the garage, ive had it on a tender in the winter. Ride 20 min. stop for gas, bike sounds like a dead battery. Bump started and ran fine back home. Pulled in the garage, went back out 15 min later, and starts right...
  16. W

    Starting To Warm Up

    Here in Cinci we've got a warm week coming up. Would have ridden today but it was a bit too cool this morning. Everyone ready to ride?!
  17. bboy5818

    Trouble Starting 2001 Vmax

    Hi, * I have cleaned the carbs and changed the plugs of a 2001 Vmax that sat for 10 years. I can get the bike running and it runs great once its been started. It also starts right up if its warm. The problem I am having is with cold starts. In order to get it started cold I usually have to...
  18. W

    Cool Weather Starting Issues

    You guys have any general tips for starting in cool ~56F weather? I've not ridden this bike during the cooler seasons yet so I haven't perfected the cold start. I started this morning out with a full choke start and it would just turn over but never start up. Was a bummer of a day. I've yet...
  19. Born2Ride

    SOS starting engine

    Hi, just put a brand new charged battery and now i have this... there is a strange sound during the cranking, open choke or closed it s the same, after came a light smell of gasoline. What can i do?
  20. T

    Starting noise

    I tried a search for this but could not find anything that sounds like my problem. My '85 while starting makes a loud bank from inside the engine (metal on metal sound). It does it just once, and I immediately let go of the starter button. When I try it again, the bike turns over normally and...