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  1. Poolio

    Front swap

    Has anyone swapped out the front forks and used the ohlins from a Ducati? Curious if I had a set of trees made for it if there would be any issues. Length, spring rate because of the bikes weight difference. Love the look of an inverted front end and the gold look from Ducati
  2. rick67ca

    Motor swap

    Hi Guys, I have an 85 with a bad 2nd gear. I have a line on a 2000 motor with a good trans at a decent price. Will this swap work? Thanks.
  3. jdeitz1979

    Seat Swap

    I have a maxgasser seat, and idk if it's me this year or if I just need a change. I'd like to see if anyone is interested in a trade. Maybe a UFO seat, or a Corbin. Either ' Or, but has to be in good condition......really good condition. I can post more pics of the seat itself. Sent from my...
  4. frank5079

    Venture final drive swap

    Hey guys, I just got this Venture rear diff today and am planning to swap it in place of my stock Max rear. I scraped the plastic off the hole where the shock mounts and there is a stud in there. I'm wondering how to remove it?? Do I use a Dremel cutting disc and cut a groove in the middle and...
  5. S

    Mods required for exhaust swap?

    Hey there! I was out at our dealership the other day and I got to hear the vmax with one of the first UFO pipes they made, its was a 4 into 1. And my god, that sound. Obnoxiously loud, but terrifyingly fierce. This lead me on a hunt to find a 4-1 exhaust system and I came up with the Brock one...
  6. child_of_fire

    handlebar swap

    How involved and or difficult is it to swap handlebars for a gen1 max and what bars do folks recommend?
  7. vmax2extreme

    VMOA Thunder Swap Meet

    ANNUAL THUNDER SWAP MEET FRIDAY JUNE 24 @ 6:00PM We know you have a box of spare parts taking up space at home, so why not bring them to Thunder 2016 for the ANNUAL SWAP MEET?
  8. D

    Swap airbox lids?

    Anyone want to swap a stock airbox lid for a Muscle Jet Kit lid? Still in the process of putting stuff back to stock. Let me know. If we ship at the same time, it shouldn't be more than two days without a lid.
  9. C

    Vmax differential swap

    I have seen a couple things on doing a differential swap from a venture but I haven't found a decent write up on it yet in terms of all what has to be done, what year diff to get, any special notes to watch for. If I could please get some info on this I would much appreciate it. I have a 95...
  10. B

    '98 Carb Swap (Compatible Years)

    Have a broken ear on one of my carbs. What years are compatible with the 98? Thanks in advance...
  11. Fire-medic

    Miami Beach FL Nov. 29 swap meet-free sales space

    Miami Beach FL Nov. 29, free sales space! I've bought some stuff at this event in the past, it usually brings out a lotta oddball stuff and a lot of parts. Complete bikes and project bikes too, for sale. -'fire-medic' Vendor REGISTRATION is open for the FOURTH annual Vintage parts...
  12. jdeitz1979

    Who has a front fork swap and how was it done

    Looking for all of the info possible to make a successful swap, any and all info would be great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. jdeitz1979

    Fork swap!!

    I'm looking to swap my front forks with a spare bike I have, which is a gsxr srad. Any info on what will make the swap easy would be awesome. Not sure what's involved, and sure there is something involved Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hellboy

    back tire washer swap

    I'm mounting my new 170/80/15 rear tire on Tuesday and was looking at fire-medics write up on the washer swap that I keep hearing about. Hopefully, my Commander II won't need it but is it better to just go ahead and do it or wait and see if it's needed? It seems that putting the washer inside...
  15. BigJimi

    wheels swap?

    Any other bikes like the R1, Gsxr, Hayabusa wheels for the Gen 1 , plug and play? Yes I know the 190 tire is to wide for the stock swingarm. Thanks
  16. D

    Overall opinion after carb swap!

    So I traded the Vgas set up to Sean for his carbs w/ vboost and morley's kit/stage 7 needle and spring. His carb rack and intake manifold were in top notch condition where as my carbs could use a good overhaul/tuning. I got his package in last night and quickly bolted things together just to...
  17. M

    VMax to Venture engine swap....

    Long story short... My VMax engine started having a bad knock after runing dry, I layed the bike on its side (had an accident) and with throttle stuck WFO and no oil circulation... Bike also suffered some cosmetic damage, those are fixed, the engine got the worst from the accident.. well if I...
  18. Traumahawk

    Venture engine

    What year venture engine (1300cc) is normally swapped in to a Vmax for a HP increase?
  19. 1986vmonster

    1986 VMAX W/ 1992 Engine - Swap issues

    Hello, I just swapped a 1992 engine into my 1986 Vmax but the coil pick up wiring is different than the original wiring harness connections. Old original engine seized up and new engine came from ebay w/ 17k miles. 55k miles on bike currently. Bike is equipped with the following: Fulll...
  20. J

    How to swap bikes at 200mph

    Amazingly, the rider doesn't appear to be hurt badly - maybe one ankle twisted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgh_nEbZi8s&feature=player_embedded