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  1. Conman

    1 Red Light= Hot and Sputtering

    My bike cruises on the highway fine, with the temp gage just below the black dot, but in slow driving it heats up really quickly. If I come from a 55 to a long red light, I’ll go from below the black dot to most of the way to the first red line. My fan kicks on about half way between the dot and...
  2. spottedsquirl

    Temp gauge

    Hi everyone! I have an 85 max. I need help trouble shooting the temp gauge. I read somewhere on here about it but can't seem to find it again. I just need to know if the gauge is actually working or not from there I should be able to figure it out. What's all the steps and procedures on...
  3. K

    Temp gauge doesnt work

    Any ideas where to start looking? Not sure if gauge in cluster is bad or some sensor somewhere. I am always overheating so need to know the temps. Or can I hook up another temp gauge?
  4. 93max

    Normal operating temp range

    Hey guy's, I finally got me a MAX! I was told by my lovely wife that there will be no street bikes till the 3 boy's were older. Well 2yrs ago SHE bout a Scout ! So that that! After looking at several Max's I bought a 93 with 10600 miles on it from the second owner. She was sitting for 2...
  5. V

    Randomly dying at operating temp

    I know this same type of post has shown up a thousand times, but I've been reading through many of them, and don't seem to fit my same circumstances. Been having nothing but issues on my bike these last few months. The problem is intermittent enough that I think I got it fixed, only to come...
  6. D

    temp sending unit

    anyone know of atemp sending unit other than the factory unit??:ummm::ummm:

    Vmax temp

    I just bought a new 2015 VMAX and put around 250 miles on it over the weekend. Several times it got to exactly 3/4 on the temp gauge in Atlanta traffic. I'm pretty sure I heard the fans come on and it would return to 1/2. Since it doesn't tell me the actual water temperature, is this normal?
  8. huskyman510

    temp sensor

    temp gauge not working, tried grounding out sensor wire but no movement on gauge, tested wire...not broken. does this mean my temp gauge has gone? Is there anything else I should check? Ive ran the bike several times this arvo doing coolant flushes, thermo fan still kicks in. I also tapped...
  9. P

    How hot does the engine oil in vmax run?

    Hi, I'm wondering how hot the engine oil in vmax runs because i recently stripped a thread for a screw that is holding the oil pump while doing the HD oiler kit. The thread was only half stripped so i applied loctite to it. On loctite's webpage it states that a 5Nm torque gives about 24Nm...
  10. davidon

    Temp red line

    Got caught in stop and extremely slow traffic for about 30 min and temp needle was creeping up to touching redline. How safe is it to drive at this juncture? Should you pull over and allowing cooling or is it only a problem if it goes into the red zone for an extended/short period of time...
  11. M

    Koso Analog Tach with water Temp problems.

    98 MAX here. I put a Koso tach on, and I used the Grey wire from the OEM lead. I'm having trouble getting the tach set right. At idle, my clip on tach on a cylinder lead shows 1230 rpms. With the koso set for a 4 stroke 4 piston, the needle is all over the place. Same thing happens when I set...
  12. V

    Another High Temp Thread!

    Yes I know, Eddie wtf is with another temperature thread!? Well my answer is, everything doesn't get covered in just one, topics get off focus and new solutions bring new questions. Per my other thread I am looking to solve my VMAX high temperature issues with a automatic solution. Like many...
  13. V

    VMAX Outlaw - Bad Temp Switch

    So I have my mostly stock VMAX and I've been upgrading some things along the way. Did the crimp fix and indeed I went from 16vdc charging to 17.1 vdc charging. Phenomenal! The thing has been running hot as hell whenever I get stuck in traffic or behind damn Sunday drivers. So I ordered...
  14. V

    rough idle after running at temp

    i have a 1998 that iv'e owned since new...so far i have flushed the coolant and made sure there were no bubbles in the system, changed the oil to mobil 1 synthetic, checked the thermostat and changed the plugs....basically what happens is, the bike starts without a problem, usually no choke, it...
  15. wildweasel_pt

    Do you know PLX Gauges, AFR, AIT, EGT, Px and temp

    Hi all I came across a brand of engine monitor tools that look very cool. I wanted to know if you guys know them and what do you think about them... Looks very practical and multi tasked and easy to fit. Anything you know about them and care to share im all ears (my surgeon says it can be fixed...
  16. R

    temp sending unit

    Anyone have a problem w/ this? I just bought a '94 w/ 16k mi...@ 1st the tach was sticking....then on my ride home I noticed the temp needle never moved...maybe it's the electrical connections..will do an ohm test as per clymer book.
  17. D

    Operating temp.

    Anybody know what the operating temp. or where the needle should be on the temp gauge during normal riding on a 2001 vmax 1200n. My temp gauge sits about halfway mark and during idle it heats up until the fan cuts on, but then drops back down once I start off again. Trying to figure out if I...
  18. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Temperature gauge sensor?

    Anyone know what the thread size is on the temp gauge sensor? I am guessing its M10 x 1.0. I need to figure out a way to install a M6 sensor in place of the original M10 sensor. I was looking for adaptors that go from M10 x 1.0 to M6 x 1.0 but don't see them anywhere. My next idea would...
  19. J

    Idle "lopes" after motor reaches temp

    Hopefully I will find some help here. My 1988 VMax doesn't want to idle smooth after motor reaches operating temp. Here's what I have/have done. I bought the bike 2 years ago with Supertrapps installed. I put a K&N filter and thus had to do a stage 1 kit. I cleaned and sync'd the carbs at...
  20. M

    carb a/f screws seized need temp fix help

    Okay guys here's a tough question. My fuel screws are seized in carbs 1 & 2. The cylinders only fire when I blow through the fuel vent hose which forces fuel into the idle circuit. I adjusted 1&2 carbs vacuum to pull harder, hence pulling more fuel. Now all cylinders are firing but I can't seem...